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One Day You Will Look Back And Smile!

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” Sigmund Freud. We all have either stood at a crossroad or would be standing at that point in life at a certain time; when you look back and reminiscence, you would either feel regret, or you would smile. If you look back and smile it means you have created memories, made the best out of situations, and lived a great life.

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One Day You Will Look Back And Smile!

We all want to lead a life that is filled with love, care, and adventure. A life that is well spent and has no regrets! Long or short, everyone dreams of a happy life.

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Surrounded by your loved ones and satisfied that you have done well.  It is a basic human tendency to recall our past and think about all the good things and the bad, smaller, or big.

A life that is worth living is one that has fulfilled its purpose. One that has a meaning to it! You would smile because you would have loved one.

Those who believe in God and his powers know that he would never let us lead our lives on the wrong path. However difficult the time may be, just put on a smile and be glad that you got to experience this.

All of life’s journey should aim at one thing and one thing only- to walk on the path of fulfillment. Help someone; bring a smile on their face. Through this, you would realize that this path is one where you live to the fullest, love to the utmost, and have no regrets.

How to live a life that you can look back and smile on?



1. Fulfillment is a path and not a place

In life, you know what you want or what you are looking for. You would either want to do a certain thing or achieve a dream. You wish to take those actions which would help others. Do that, which makes the earth a better place to live.

If your actions can affect even a few, you would have done your bit to heal if you help only a handful of people.

While trying to achieve this, you would either be walking towards your dream or away from it. It is ultimately your path, and how you choose to lead it would depend on you. Let fear not be the reason to stop you from your endeavors.

2. Fear is a big part of it

When you decide to do even a small act of kindness, you will face your enemy. The enemy here is fear. The fear of failure, fear of succeeding, fear of rejection, and above all, fear of what others might feel or say.

Every change is first rejected. Don’t be scared to try new things, even if you have never done it before. The main motive is to try and overcome your fear. One small step at a time leads to a better life.

Here’s how to overcome the fear of failure.

3. Make a commitment and follow-through

A surgeon says that the surgery is only the beginning; the real road to recovery is the ‘post-op.’ How will the treatment depend on how the patient is recovering.

Decide on what you wish to achieve in your life, commit, and then take every step to follow it through. Let no one judge you; the only prize you get is the satisfaction of achievement of fulfillment.

4. Connect with yourself

The best way to have a wonderful life is to connect with yourself.  Have you ever seen a child licking ice cream? He doesn’t give a damn to the world around him. He is so engrossed in it that he just doesn’t care.

Be like that.

Enjoy being you! Enjoy your gut feeling; it is still untouched by the outside world. The inner space is a wonderful place to be. The voice of the child inside you will guide you to do well.

5. Be happy and stay blessed

Happiness is the key to a smile that touches your lips but reaches your soul through your eyes. When you are happy, you make people around you super happy.

Your family, your friends all love to see you smile and cherish every moment of your life. More smiles mean you are at peace with yourself and would naturally do good for others.

6. Be positive

Positivity lets you be connected with your inner self. It helps you to be true to who you are and who you want to be. Being positive would not let you take a wrong turn, and you would never regret any decision.

It is never too late to turn your life around. If you feel you would have done something that you might feel sorry for later in life, it is better to make amends.  Change your way of thinking and change your attitude; your future you would thank you for changing, keep smiling and do good now so that one day when you look back, you would smile!

What are your thoughts about achieving a life that you can look back and smile with fulfillment? Open up in the comments section below.

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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