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One Bad Chapter Doesn’t Mean The Story Is Over

In the book of life, there are various chapters. A good chapter is always cathartic and can always be followed by a bad chapter of life. But unlike a book that is written by someone else, you can write your own chapters in your story. Fill in the way you would want. Just like a dark cloud with a silver lining, in life, you may face bad chapters but then, when you turn the page, you might find a reason to smile. A new chapter begins when you turn to the next page. It’s time to move and start a new chapter in life.

Nobody likes to go through a bad phase in their life. It is painful and sometimes humiliating too. However we try to avoid the difficulties in life, it is inevitable. What is important is to turn the page, move on, and keep going. The taste of success is always sweeter once you have tasted loss and had a rough patch.

Life’s One Bad Chapter Doesn’t Mean The Story Is Over

life's one bad chapter is not the end of the story-alignthoughts

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 How To Move On And Start A New Chapter In Life?

1. It’s OK To Feel Grief!

Facing a bad chapter in life can take a toll on you, emotionally and physically.

But it’s okay to feel low even disheartened. Cry it out. A research study suggests crying can help you reduce stress and regulate your emotions.

Try to express your grief, never keep it inside all for yourself. Share it with someone whom you genuinely trust.

There is no shame in accepting defeat. It takes time to move ahead. Be happy, smile because now you can move ahead. You would not be stuck anymore.

2. Accept That There Is No Success Without Hardships

Starting a new chapter without a few stumbling blocks is an illusion. These hardships can thus make you confident in life and help you to move ahead.

You would know what and where you have gone wrong and what not to repeat.

These blocks become your stepping stones to make way for your success. You can’t win until you have failed. Begin a new chapter full of determination.

3. Take A Leap Of Faith

There is no point in being sad and disheartened! Remain positive and you would be able to see beyond the haziness.

Take a leap of faith and enhance the way you think, change your perspective. If things have gone wrong, you need to change your point of view. Switch it to a positive attitude.

Risk-taking alongside positive thinking can bring the right kind of change you require.

You can’t help being hurt, but how you get up and move ahead with enthusiasm is more important.

4. Learn Unexpected Life Lessons

start a new life chapter quotes-alignthoughts

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it.

Every bad experience or life’s chapter teaches us something important. Even a chapter where you fought and lost teaches you what not to do in the future.

How well you take it will define how you write the next chapters of life.

If you take constructive criticism as positive feedback, you can improve despite the setbacks.

5. Let It Out, You Ain’t Alone

Never keep your emotions bottled up. Accepting how you feel is very important.

The consequences of keeping your emotions bottled up will lead to severe consequences; which is worse than the failure itself. It clouds your judgment. If you have been unsuccessful, you are not alone.

Many others have gone through it too. Nobody wins all the time. Everyone faces failure, sometimes more than once.

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Vent it out in the right manner. Talk to a friend or seek professional guidance. Try to look at the situation from a different perspective.

6. Don’t Overthink


Don’t mull over the lost situation, rather try to find inspiration and support to be able to turn the page. Start over and move forward.

Try to make a plan, even if it is an imperfect plan. Just put one step ahead of another and never be stuck in the wake of your mistake.

7. Take Action

The plan that you have come up with, however imperfect; it needs action. It needs to be implemented. A plan without implementation is of no use.

Trying to do something is a step towards a change even if it is inconsequential. Take baby steps if required. But take steps nevertheless.

8. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Your morale goes down when you have a setback. But the right thing to do is to be able to gather yourself and just get on.

  • Meditate
  • Work out
  • Listen to some music
  • Hang out with friends
  • and get your act together.

Get the ball rolling and start working to create good things for you because you deserve it!

9. Keep Yourself Busy & Work For Commitments

When you have decided to move ahead, you need to keep aside all the emotions.

Action overtakes our emotions. By keeping yourself busy and actually work on your commitments, you can create a better life.

You would get further motivated when you start getting small success. It means you are doing something right.

Focus on your commitments and let all emotions take a back seat. You would be more driven if you focus on commitments and goals rather than emotions.

Concluding Thoughts,

The past is over and you cannot change it. However, what you can change is how your future looks.

Life is indeed a wonderful book. Never lose sight of what you could achieve. Fulfill all your aspirations and dreams by staying positive and practical.

When it all seems to be over remember there is always a blank page to fill. So whatever the reason, whatever the problem, or whoever the cause, get rid of it by taking small daily actions.

The story is not yet over! You still have time to rewrite a better one. Just turn to a new page and write a new story and write it well!

So roll up your sleeves, and get rolling to create a good life.

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
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