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Is Our Universe The Only Universe? Probably Not!

Our universe was born 13.7 billion years ago.

During this period of inflation, the universe was like a giant ‘’balloon’’ of space, time, matter and energy. And, just like any other balloon, this balloon also exploded. But, this was not an ordinary explosion.

The ‘boom’ of the explosion expanded our space and ‘chilled’ our universe. And, when our universe was freezing, galaxies, stars, and planets were emerging.

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Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter were one of the first discovered planets around the Sun. And, today astronomers have also discovered new planets with an ‘’atmosphere’’ of supporting life.

However, there is a difference between the discovery of other planets and the discovery of other universes. This discovery of new universes is also known as the discovery of parallel universes.

Parallel universe or multiverse is the space ‘’bubble’’ of possible universes, including the universe where we live in.

In this multiverse, there are a lot of co-existing realities that offer a different version of events, alternatives, or even a different version of ourselves.

So, the question is: Is there a sign of another YOU in another universe? 

There is DEFINITELY a sign.

5 Scientific Theories That Suggest We May Live In a Multiverse

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1. The Theory of Infinite Universes

There is a link between space and time. The link enables the universe to be seen in three space dimensions and one time dimension. This 4-dimensional space is also known as the space-time continuum. The shape of the space-time continuum, according to some scientists, is flat and it extends infinitely. It is also considered to be its own universe.

So, while the space-time ‘stretches out’ infinitely, the existence of the other YOU also ‘grows’ infinitely. Some of our twins are a ‘copy-cat’ of us and they are doing exactly what we are doing. But, some of our twins are people who ‘walk’ with different ‘life choices’.

It could be the choice of wearing different clothes or the choice of working a different job. However, scientists agree that the ‘sky’ of infinite universes really exist and all universes shine next to each other.

2. The Theory of Bubble Universes

Eternal Inflation is a theory that also confirms the existence of other universes. It was proposed by the cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin.

And, according to this theory, the inflationary or expansive phase of the universe lasts forever.

So, even though some parts of the space didn’t inflate enough, there were other parts that expanded and gave birth to many universes.

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What is a Bubble Universe?

‘Bubble universes’ are universes that individually grow inside the heart of an expanding multiverse.

And, everything that we see through our cosmologic ‘point of view’ came from a single bubble that was in the midst of other infinite bubbles.

So, in this infinite ‘sky’ of universes, our universe is just a small bubble of air and gas, where the law of physics or gravity might be a little different than the other universes.

3. The Theory of Parallel Universes

Paul Steinhardt, from Princeton University, and Neil Turok from the Institute for Theoretical Physics, presented their theory of brane-worlds or parallel universes.

  • Their theory supports the idea that our own three-dimensional universe is surrounded by other dimensions that fly in a higher-dimensional space.
  • But, it also indicates that these brane universes are not always parallel. They might collide with each other and cause repeated Bing Bangs over and over again.

However, the physicist Brian Greene explained in his book The Hidden Reality that:

“Our universe is one of potentially numerous ‘slabs’ floating in a higher-dimensional space, much like a slice of bread within a grander cosmic loaf’’.

So, our universe could be a small ‘piece of cake’ that looks and tastes differently.

4. The Theory of Daughter Universes

The theory of ‘Daughter Universes’ was proposed by Hugh Everett. This theory is based on the theory of quantum mechanics.

The theory of quantum mechanics is the base of modern physics that explains the nature of matter and energy on the atomic level.

But, the idea behind this theory is that every universe creates her own ‘universe twin’.

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The Hidden Reality

In these ‘universe twins,’ every situation has a different outcome. “And in each universe, there’s a copy of you witnessing one or the other outcome, thinking incorrectly that your reality is the only reality’’, wrote Brian Greene in his book “The Hidden Reality”.

So, for example, if we are in front of a road that goes right and left, then in the ‘familiar’ universe we will go right and in the unknown ‘universe twin’ we will go left.

However, this theory is very controversial among many physicists, because the method of her scientific implementation is not exactly clarified or established.

5. The Theory of Mathematical Universes

Scientists have used mathematics as a helpful tool to describe the physical ‘appearance’ of the universe. But, Max Tegmark, the cosmologist believes that math is the universe itself. He considers that everything in the universe, including humans, are part of a simple mathematical structure, because:

“If you accept the idea that both space itself, and all the stuff in space, have no properties at all except mathematical properties, then the idea that everything is mathematical starts to sound a little bit less insane’’, Max explains.

His theory suggests the idea that our nature is filled with mathematical patterns, a series of numbers and that:

There is an elegant simplicity and beauty in nature, revealed by mathematical patterns and shapes, which our minds have been able to figure out.’’

  • Furthermore, he added that the mathematical nature of the universe helped in predicting the existence of planet Neptune.
  • It could also help scientists to predict every observation or measurement in physics.

So, the math doesn’t exist only in our notebooks, but also in the deepness of our universe.

Concluding Thoughts,

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities, where we know what is possible and we know what is probable. And, the possibility of living in a parallel universe it’s an existing probability.

The theory that there are many universes who are different in their physical laws, outcomes, and circumstances it is a tempting theory. Especially when we tend to imagine our own identical twin, who is probably leading a different lifestyle or who is part of the same life story, learning the same life lessons and making the same life choices.

However, for some people, the existence of another universe is just a fairy-tale. But, for some, it is a proven reality. In the end, we all choose what we will believe in.

So, are you ‘blindly’ going to listen to your mind or are you going to ’open’ your mind and believe the possibility of another universe, and another YOU?

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Ljupka Janevska
Ljupka Janevska
Ljupka Janevska is a freelance writer at AlignThoughts with a focus on Science and Technology. When not working, she can be found spending time in nature, exploring new innovations, and reading books.

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