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Why You Do Not Have Many Friends And What Are The Advantages Of It!

You may get a serotonin boost when you look at the number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in this internet age. You may even go as far as calling them your friends!

Because I do, too!

However, on the days when it’s cloudy, how many of those friends can you expect to be with you?

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Or maybe, hardly a few whom you can count at the tips of your fingers because you know the small group of friends you have in real life will always be there when you need them.

And when I realized this truth, did it make all the more sense why it is okay not having too many friends and that there’s nothing to feel bad about it.

Trust me; you are not losing out on something! I blame the whole idea of FOMO, the abbreviation of what you call the “fear of missing out,” for making us think we are losing out on things for something as trivial as not having too many friends.

This makes us get carried away, further leading us up erasing the line that differentiates acquaintances and real friends.

A new research study has revealed that teens who have more extensive social networks are more prone to mental health problems like anxiety in their adulthood.

Definition Of A True friend

A friend is someone who shares a part of your life, who knows you better than yourself, and is always there to guide you in tough times.

We believe that we have comrades worldwide, but they are mere acquaintances – people you might not even meet in real life. Thanks to the internet and our growing number of friends’ lists, personal contact with them remains a question.

But did you know that solitude is bliss and can do wonders to your overall wellbeing?

There’s nothing in the world that I would trade my valuable time on someone else other than spending them on people close to me. I love to catch up with old friends from school but hardly find the need to meet them personally.

I am happy and content with my limited number of friends. In my opinion, more friends do not contribute to more happiness. 

Having more friends mean social isolation and loneliness because social media makes you feel less satisfied.

The popularity these days is glorified, so much so that we often associate health and happiness with it. Popularity, in no way, means health and happiness.

The more popular we are, the better will be our overall health. But is it true, though? Are we brushing the famous saying “quality over quantity” under the rug so that we can paint a happy image of a false reality that being popular brings one?

We all know quality weighs more important than popularity. And yet, we strive to be somewhat more popular than build close relationships.

But is it right?

Friends enhance who you are. They help in your self-growth while you also help them the same way to grow as a person. It’s an unspoken mutual pact that you both share and understand very well.

Having to maintain a social life is an entirely different thing. It’s more meaningful to share your life journey with the selected few than get distracted to show up every time for your long list of “friends.”

Here are a few of the advantages of having a close-knit group.

The Advantages Of Not Having Too Many Friends

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1. Not Many Friends Mean More Clarity On Priorities

Throwing a huge party is excellent, but who stays behind to help you with the after-party scene is the one who cares for you. They are your true friend who helps sort out your life in a better way. They allow you to remain focused on what is essential and not waiver away from your goals.

You need to be conscious about whom you’re spending your time on. And having too many friends would only ask for your undivided attention. So lesser friends mean more time for them as well as yourself.

2.Remembering Dates Isn’t Difficult Anymore

I can hardly keep track of my to-do-lists, let alone those important dates of my friends!

When you have a handful of friends, it’s not mandatory to remember all those dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and so on since you already become a part of those special days.

Since your buddies are already very close to you, remembering little things about them comes naturally.

Above all, wishes on these occasions are more cherished when received from your dear ones than those online friends who only wish you on your Facebook timeline.

3. Having A Large Social Network Can Lead To Depression

A study conducted by the University of Nebraska explores how large social networks can lead to depressive symptoms in young boys and girls.

The study confirms that adults with lower acceptance from their friends on Facebook and social circle had more depressive signs. And on the other hand, people with more approval from their close-knitted group felt better about themselves and experienced healthy overall well-being.

So, having too many friends can do you more harm than good.

4. Fewer Friends Mean Lesser Gifts

Gifts are personal and something which reflects love to the person who’s receiving it.

However, when you have too many friends on Facebook or in real life, it becomes an obligation to present gifts or greet them out of compulsion so that you can meet their expectations.

With a long list of so-called friends, you have to buy gifts for even those who do not mean special to you.

On the other hand, you need not spend too much money on your closed ones as you can buy memorable gifts and reflect real emotions towards them. Therefore, as brownie points, you end up saving more money.

5. Small Social Circle Means More Time For Yourself

Few friends mean more time for yourself!

Having a life apart from your friends is a necessary aspect of your personal growth. So when you have fewer friends, it becomes feasible to focus on your development as well.

And you’ll see those who value you will also respect your boundaries for spending your time in solitude.

Hence, no more planning and drinking with those who do not respect your choices. And those who do will always understand your need to spend alone time.

You can enjoy your life while also maintaining good company with your best pals.

6. Fewer Friends Mean Your Life Your Rules

You do not need to compromise on your life to please other people. You can plan your life the way you want and choose your friends wisely. We are already living a busy life, and the last thing you would like is for someone else to interfere in your personal space.

Spending time alone once in a while feels liberating, and it’s essential to take a pause sometimes.

Moreover, you find yourself not comparing to your pals because you know deep in your heart that whatever you do and wherever you’re in life, they will never judge you.

7. Nomore Pleasing Others

Pleasing others just for the sake of being friends with them is the most hurtful thing you can do to yourself.

It’s important not to lose your self worth to please others. Always steer clear of people who make you feel less because real friends will still appreciate your strength and guide you on overcoming your shortcomings.

You will never have to prove your friendship to them because they value, respect, and love you for who you are as a person.

Indeed, it would help if you put effort into your friendship because that’s an essential element for every healthy relationship.

So why not just be cozy and enjoy yourself with the friends you already have?

Here’s how to be a real true friend.

8. Fewer Friends Mean Few Heartaches And Gossip Stories

Keep the drama away!

That should be your mojo in life. Keeping distance from the unnecessary drama is crucial if you want to maintain a peaceful mind. And let’s accept that the giant circle you have, the more you become a part of the unwanted gossip.

When you have a small group of friends, you completely accept each other and share a bond that is so strong that it’s impossible to break it.

9. No Bias

When you have few friends, you genuinely show equal care towards them. There’s no place for partiality or bias between you and your friends.

In life, we may come across many people, but only a few will stand beside you in times of need. It would be best if you chose people wisely who can bring out the best in you. After all, you’re the average of five people you surround yourself with.

So why put your energy into someone who doesn’t value you in the first place itself?  Cut off from energy-draining vampires and spend time with people who inject your life with full of positivities and love.  Don’t lose them as they are the real keepers.

Key Takeaways On Why Not Having Too Many Friends Is Good

  • Having too many friends on Facebook or any social media for that matter can be detrimental to your mental well-being.
  • Exposing yourself to a larger social circle without any need can lead to anxiety issues.
  • According to a study, validation from social media friends is one of the significant causes relating to depressive symptoms among young people.
  • You save yourself from spending money on people who don’t value you in real life.
  • If you have fewer friends, it will help you in getting clear clarities about your priorities.
  • You don’t have to compromise with your comfort level to please others for the sake of being friends.
  • Maintaining distance from negative people is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • You learn to rule and live life on your terms, and your loyal pals will always respect you for that.
  • You realize that staying away from drama gives you immense mental peace.

Is it okay to have no friends?

It’s never okay to have no friends, but it’s alright if you have fewer friends. Human Beings long for emotional connection and having friends who understand your emotional vulnerabilities is always good for your personal growth.

Try to meet new people and see if your vibe matches with theirs. If not, it’s OK to take things at your own pace.

How many friends do you need to be happy?

You need one person who respects, adores, and values you. Having one person who truly cares for you is always better than having hundreds of others who probably don’t even watch out for you.

Why having a lot of friends is a terrible idea?

Having too many friends can, at times, cost you mental peace and lead to exhaustion. It would be best if you had to find friends who align well with your goals and visions and not someone who’s into partying all day.

What are the disadvantages of having many friends?

These are a few disadvantages of having too many friends in your arsenal:

  • Less time for yourself.
  • No emotional bonding.
  • It can cause anxiety and other mental health issues.
  • You’ll have to live up to other’s expectations always.

Are you one of those who has only a handful number of friends? Share this article with those dear buddies and have fun. Do not forget to subscribe to us for more articles. Stay tuned and align your thoughts!

Are you one of those who has only a handful number of friends?

Comment your thoughts and share this article with those dear buddies and have fun. Do not forget to subscribe to us for more articles. Stay tuned and align your thoughts!

Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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