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Incredible Women Activists Every Feminist Must Know

One of my favorite things to talk about is female role models or women activists in history who changed the world. Today, you see many empowered women embracing their power and doing something about it. Think about how phenomenal that is. A hundred years ago, women were mostly staying at home doing their domestic duties. A job, by the way, which is heavily slept on because it is a busy and tiring job just like any other. However, now we have shown that not only can we do the things that men can do, but we can excel in fields nobody wanted to let us even be a part of. Don’t believe me? These famous female leaders have proven themselves throughout history. They are the pioneers who taught us how to stand up and be the change you want to be. So let’s take a look at some of these badass women that stood up, voiced their opinions, handled their business, made a difference, and changed history.

Empowered Women In History Who Dare To Speak Up And Get Things Done

1. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks-American Activist-AlignThoughts
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Rosa Parks is one of the pioneers of female activists in history. Every feminist must know her achievements for what she did was not only daring but also changed history.

The phenomenal thing about this highly known woman is how she didn’t really intend to make such a difference. All she wanted to do was go home in peace.

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In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up to white personnel on the bus in Montgomery.

This woman’s simple defiance made her the First Lady of Civil Rights.

Again, all she wanted was to go home in peace! She was tired, and instead of doing what she was expected to, she stood up for herself by staying seated. She refused to be walked all over.

Due to this woman deciding that she had just as much right to a seat as the next guy, the African American Civil Rights movement took an entirely new turn.

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A woman all alone standing up in a situation where most people would have felt powerless. She wasn’t backed up by a group of her peers, on the downside was surrounded by men who are probably threatening her and calling her names. It is perhaps one of the most bravest things a woman could ever do.

2. Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline_Pankhurst_women activists-female leaders in history
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Emmeline Pankhurst was one of the famous female leaders history has ever known. She saw injustice and decided she was going to do something about it.

Emmeline was born in July of 1958, growing up in a time where women did not have as many rights as men, not even close. As she got older, Emmeline realized that women were not treated with equality and Mrs. Pankhurst was not ready for it.

In 1903, she and her daughters founded the WSPU, the Women’s Social and Political Union.

She had a great impact on getting British women the right to vote. Emmeline didn’t do it quietly and behaved. Instead she stood up for her rights loudly and proudly and refused to let anyone tell her different. Now, that is an empowered women in history whom you can follow.

Unfortunately, she passed away weeks before the law was passed giving women the right to vote. But her efforts were monumental in this happening. Moreover she also got the chance to see some women gain their rights before her death.

3. Billie Jean King

Billie_Jean_King_Female Leaders In History
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She is one of the most empowered women in history. I find it a shame that people don’t recognize this powerful woman more. She played tennis in the early 70s and fought for women to be seen as equal opponents in the court.

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This was fifty years ago, and women were still, despite our phenomenal accomplishments thus far, seen as less than men in many accounts.

Billie Jean King was darling to change things like this. She was a women’s rights activist. In 1973, she took on a man and won. This victory meant a lot for women at that timeS Billie Jean continued to knock down the walls of the oppression, and lack of respect women had in the industry.

Without her, sports like tennis might’ve looked very different today.

4. Lorraine Hansbury

Lorraine_Hansberry_famous female leaders in history
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This beautiful woman is famous for the play she wrote: “A Raisin in The Sun.” She was the very first black woman to have her play produced by Broadway. She was also the youngest American to win a New York Critics’ Circle award.

Lorraine Hansbury is an empowered women history could ever have. She was women known for her civil rights activist movements and worked with people like James Baldwin. Lorraine went on to push for her right to share her art with the world.

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Her grandmother was a freed skate, and she was passionate about having rights both as an African-American and a woman.

She was stopped at every turn and told she couldn’t do the things she did. Yet she ignored all the nay-sayers and continued on her journey to fight for her rights. In doing so, she knocked down wall after wall, as did these other amazing women.

5. Katherine Johnson

Katherine_Johnson-empowered women in history-women activists-alignthougths
PC – Wikipedia & NASA

Katherine made several monumental differences in society. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who she was until Taraji P. Henson played her in the movie “Hidden Figures.”

Afterward, I became slightly obsessed, and all of the amazing things she was able to accomplish in her time. This woman was one of three of the first black women to integrate West Virginia’s graduate school, according to This is only the beginning of her awesomeness.

Later, she went on to work with NASA (then called NACA) doing things like analyzing data for flight tests. In other words, working as a “computer” at the time.

She helped work on a plane crash investigation caused by turbulence. In 1957, Katherine did some of the math for the famous Document “Notes on Space Technology.” She did so much work to help further NASA’s technology DESPITE being an African-American Female in the sixties that many others were not to keen to work with when she started.

She stood up for herself and outworked all prejudiced candidates so much so that the astronaut going into space, John Glenn, in 1962 wanted her approval before going forward with his mission according to

Katherine Johnson is indeed one of the famous female leaders in history who is known for her work and achievements.

Concluding thoughts,

There have been so many women with so many different talents and abilities that have come out and made a huge difference. The one thing all of these women had in common was that they were courageous and they were confident in their talents as well as confident in their knowledge of right and wrong.

For instance, Rosa Parks wasn’t violent and hard. But a woman of strong-will as the rest of them. This shows us that no matter what your niche in life is, you can stand up, fight for it, and get things done.

Your thoughts,

These women inspire me to stand up and be a boss just like these beautiful women before me. How about you? Comment below and do let us know!

Who is your favorite women activits or famous female leaders in history? Which one of these empowered women in history is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

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