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How Working From Home Can Be More Efficient For Both Companies And Employees?

Working from home is a new and upcoming concept with lots of benefits for both, the employer as well as the employee. Many companies, these days, offer work from home options. The benefits of working remotely are huge which is why you must try to embrace this corporate culture at your workplace.

Henry Ford in 1920, first coined the 40-hour workweek principle which led to the 9-5 working culture we have today. These days many employees don’t feel relevant to follow this mundane working culture that was introduced almost a century back.

Increased commute time from home to office (and vice-versa), coffee breaks, office gossip, and many other factors like lack of competitive candidates, low office maintenance costs, increased productivity, etc are forcing both employees and companies to embrace the remote working style.

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Hence, working from home is becoming a huge thing.

According to the WorkplaceAnalytics, larger companies are most likely to offer remote work opportunities to their employees.

People are looking more and more for remote jobs so they can stay at home with their families and still make money.

Some people may think that this is just a way for people to be lazy and not have to do much work for a company which will, in turn, lose the company money.

Working from home can be a positive for both the employee as well as the business.

Because businesses can save a lot of money and increase their sales and/or productivity by having remote working employees.

The advantages of working remote may be hard for some people to believe due to the concept that when people work from home, they can be easily distracted. It also concluded that there would be some bad communication due to little to no face time between coworkers.

However, people working from home can become more efficient in the future.

If you’re wondering how working from home could be more efficient for both the employees and the company, let me break it down for you.

How Working From Home Can Be More Efficient For Both Companies And Employees?

benefits of working from home remotely-alignthoughts

1. Productivity rises.

There is a benefit of increased productivity when working remotely. Companies want their employees to work right?

Well, according to companies who have remote workers show improvement in productivity.

Why? I know you’re thinking that it might be the opposite since people being at home may make them lounge a bit more, but in actuality that doesn’t compare to the time wasted in an office.

Employees who work in offices spend a significant amount of time procrastinating, sneaking personal calls and text messages, and gossiping with their other co-workers.

Being at home cuts out a lot of workplace distractions that the office brings and this significantly helps increase productivity while working from home.

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2. Employees are happy.

Other important benefits of working from home are that the employees are happy. The happiness of your workers is essential for both the company and the employees who work there.

Without happy employees, they will not be able to push themselves to their highest potential.

The comfort of being able to work in the home makes a lot of employees happy. It gives them the ability to spend more time with their families. It gives parents the ability to see their kids off to school and pick them up from school as well. This is beneficial for both parties.

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3. Less money spent on office maintenance and space.

I am sure that this makes companies very happy. Huge costs are saved by allowing employees to work from home as companies don’t need big office spaces.

I have never worked in an office where I didn’t hear the higher-ups complain about missing staplers, paperclips, or other items they have to restock themselves.

Companies save lots of money on items when there aren’t as many employees (if we’re really honest) using up all of the pencils and taking home pens and coffee mugs that don’t even belong to them.

4. Working from remote opens opportunities for perfect employees.

Similarly, working from home benefits employers by allowing them to hire perfect candidates. When your positions are remote, the possibilities for great employees open up widely. You can have an employee that lives across the country.

This means that you can find the very best fit for your company and not just the closest fit of the people who live close enough to come to the office.

This also allows employees to have more open opportunities for jobs that properly fit their needs as well. So it’s a win-win all the way around.

5. Less call outs/sick days.

During winters, when the temperature is severe, it makes more sense for employees to work from home and stay healthy, rather than traveling to work and falling sick.

When people are working from home, employees are less likely to call in sick.

A lot of the time people call in sick when they are too tired to come in, or they have a hangover. Because, most of the time, employees aren’t sick when they call in sick.

Humans are not machines, they need to rest from the mundane working life, which forces them to call in sick. 

Working from home opens up someone’s flexibility. So since employees don’t have to get up and be all presentable for work, they tend to be a lot less likely to try to ‘call out’ from work because they don’t have to go anywhere to clock in.

6. Reduced turnover.

Working remotely from home has a big benefit of reduced turnover. According to, in a survey of over 1,000 hiring managers expect over 38% of their full-time workers to stay in their employ for over a decade.

More people are happy, so more people want to continue at their place of work.

Not to mention that even if you move, working remotely will not complicate your decision to live anywhere else. So that also helps.

7. Better health for employees.

The biggest benefit of working from home is better health. Employees who work from home have less stress and are less prone to sickness. Stress is indeed not a healthy choice of lifestyle. People who spend their lives in an office tend to age faster.

According to the Sloan Center on aging and work at Boston College, a study of more than 19,000 employees at 9 different companies showed that stress was lower among workers who had workplace flexibility.

This gives people take time to care for themselves more efficiently. Healthy bodies equal productive bodies, right?

The remote working train is starting to appeal to more and more people. Also, there are a lot of old people in the workforce, and they want more ability to have a flexible work schedule.

There are more working mothers on this day than any other time and, unfortunately, they are being forced to put their kids in the daycare of other people before they are ready to which is why they require more flexible working schedules to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

A vital benefit of working from home is that it allows flexibility and availability to be present with your family and not put too much strain on yourself that other jobs just don’t.

Key Takeaways on Working Remote

  • Working remotely has a lot of benefits. It helps both companies and employees.
  • A study showed that stress was lower among employees who had workplace flexibility.
  • By not providing a physical space/office location for its employees, the company saves money and gets better quality work. Fewer maintenance costs for the physical office.
  • Employees get more convenience and better health working from home for their employers.
  • Hence, remote work is a win-win situation for employees and the company.

I love working from home, and it is probably the best work I have ever had, and I produce the best output while working from home.

What do you think the benefits would be of having remote employees? Would you prefer to work in an office building or remotely?

Leave your thoughts on the benefits of working from home in the comment section below!

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Rikki Parker
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