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How To Win At Evolution And Survive The 6th Mass Extinction?

Our species began to evolve 200,000 years ago. Some of them evolved and developed in stronger species. They learned how to adapt and exist in their ‘’wild’’ environment. And, their survival is also known as the ‘survival of the fittest’. But, some of them became extinct, because they evolved too slowly. Their extinction was caused by the rapid changes in the environment that included cooling, drying, and other climate deviations. Today these climate changes are also ‘threatening’ our existence.

Our environment is currently under the ‘’attack’’ of unpredictable weather conditions. These unstable weather conditions are triggering many natural disasters. We are constantly surviving through many earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. And, we are also surviving through the gravity of our own actions and mistakes. So, it is time to accept our responsibility and try to save this planet.

The question is: How can we survive the planet’s sixth mass extinction?

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Below are some ways how you can survive the worst mass extinction, this planet has ever seen.

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1. We Can Survive Mass Extinction By Saving Energy

Energy can exist in two forms. It can be potential and kinetic energy. And, whether she is potential nuclear energy or kinetic chemical energy, we still need to conserve it. The more we save energy the more we save our natural resources like coal, oil, and gas.

Saving these resources not only helps us to preserve them but also to preserve and protect our environment from pollution and future harm. Using less energy or just using our energy more efficiently decreases the need for energy services or the need to import energy from a different country.

So, if we reduce our house heat, and use a microwave instead of a stove or drive our bike instead of our car, then we will start to save some energy. And, only then we can start to save our planet.

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2. We Can Survive Mass Extinction By Protecting Nature

We are all part of Mother Nature and her eco-services. Breathing fresh air, eating healthy and fresh food, or drinking clean and freshwater are all the services this planet provides us.

But, besides enjoying them we also need to nurture them and use them wisely. Using less water, planting trees, or growing our own vegetables can help us sustain more of these natural resources. And, by preserving them we help in preserving the ‘richness’ of our environment.

Creating a healthy and secure environment will not only improve our well-being and our quality of life but also will increase the biodiversity of species. And, when the biodiversity of species tends to increase, then the massive extinction of species tends to decrease.

So consuming less water or planting new trees is the prize we have to pay for saving our dying earth.

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3. We Can Survive Mass Extinction By Preserving Wildlife

The existence of wildlife is closely related to the existence of humans. And, protecting wildlife is equally important as protecting human life.

Unfortunately, today the damage of natural habitats, the hunting of wild species, and the abuse of natural resources have caused a lot of harm to the wilderness of all species. According to the United Nations, 45 % of the forests in the world are murdered.

And, by destroying more natural habitat, we are causing the worst extinction ever since the extinction of dinosaurs.

Fortunately, by trying to think globally and act locally we can preserve a world of wilderness for our future generations. So, creating a friendly wildlife backyard for different kind of species or living in a go-green style, and consuming only organic products will definitely help species to live safely ‘into the wild’.

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4. We Can Survive Mass Extinction By Recycling Products

When we recycle we keep our environment in a good ‘shape’. Converting used materials into new products helps us to reduce the abuse of natural resources.

By reducing the consummation of natural resources we are also reducing the of use energy for new products. And, the less energy we use the less polluted environment we will have.

Buying products that are made from recycled material or products that can be recycled will not only recover wasted materials but also develop our economy.

Recycling a ton of waste is cheaper and it can produce more goods or services. This could also create employment opportunities for a lot of people, who want to be involved in the process of recycling.

So, I think it is time we start recycling, get a new job and be the heroes, who can convert our wasted planet into a new planet.

5. We Can Survive Mass Extinction By Enforcing the Law

Establishing an environmental law is as important as establishing a human law. And, by legalizing the health of our environment we are also legalizing the importance of breathing fresh air and drinking clean water.

The main objective under the umbrella of environmental law is to conserve the use of natural resources and improve the quality of our environment.

  • Clean Air Act,
  • Endangered Species Act, and
  • Clean Water Act

are the most effective pieces of environmental law.

The Clean Air Act was and is meant to be a dynamic statute. There is no doubt that it has saved lives. It can be documented that the air today is considerably cleaner’’ said Frank O’ Donnell, the President of Clean Air Watch.

Furthermore, the Endangered Species Act is one of the few laws that expressly value non-human life’’ indicated Peter Galvin, the director of the Center for Biological Diversity.

And, the last Clean Water Act has also been a success. The implementation of this act has protected a lot of rivers and lakes from getting sick of pollution. And, hopefully, the future environmental law will also protect us and other species from being polluted of massive extinction.

Concluding Thoughts

Creating the sixth massive extinction is like consciously creating a horror movie. In this movie, we are the main characters and we are fighting with our own created evil. Fighting with this evil is actually fighting with our own mistakes and actions. And, it is never easy to acknowledge our mistakes or take responsibility for our actions. But, it is important to try.

Trying to take responsibility will awake other people to be responsible too. And, being responsible and aware will trigger more and more people to engage in this road of saving lives. Because the truth is that life is priceless and every life on this planet matters. Every specie matters. And, if we don’t try to save all those lives, then who will?

Do you have any other ideas on how can we survive the mass extinction? Leave them in the comments section below. Enjoy reading more such articles by subscribing to us.

Ljupka Janevska
Ljupka Janevska
Ljupka Janevska is a freelance writer at AlignThoughts with a focus on Science and Technology. When not working, she can be found spending time in nature, exploring new innovations, and reading books.

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