How To Stand Out Of A Rat Race & Define Your Own Identity?

Are you stuck in the rat race of life? Do you want to find an escape route to get out of the rat race and stand out from the crowd? There are several reasons why one might be caught up in the race. For instance to achieve financial freedom, to get out of the 9-5 job, to gain fame or be on top of the success ladder. On the contrary, you can have achieved financial freedom and success without getting caught in the rat race. When was the last time you had a relaxed evening or a day that you spent away from social media? Did you ask how your family is doing? Have you called your parents recently? Call it the peer pressure, society’s norm, or family’s insistence. You actually can’t recall the moment, when you stopped living for yourself and became a part of the RAT RACE. Read on to know more about escaping the rat race and stand out from the crowd to feel content in life.

What Does It Mean To Be In A Rat Race?

Wikipedia defines the rat race as the competitive struggle to accomplish a futuristic goal in life.

We live in this real world where we supposedly need to:

  1. Earn more
  2. Own a bigger house
  3. Buy a new, better car and
  4. Own more fashionable clothes.

These are status quo symbols. The more money you earn, the more stuff you own. Once what was a luxury, now becomes your requirements. After all, there is no end to all this.

There is no finish line; we keep on running in circles where we do not get any medals at the end.

How To Know If You Are Stuck In The Rat Race?

You are that rat in the lab who keeps running on the wheel, the whole day long but never reach anyplace. Getting stuck in the rat race means you don’t feel content with what you already have and constantly chase happiness and it eventually becomes an illusion.

Gradually, your life just gets buried in paying bills, mortgages, and future expectations in order to uphold a decent lifestyle forgetting the present.

Back in the days, there was a time when you could find happiness in the drops of rain and a simple movie. While in school or college, you could survive the entire month in your pocket money. You were happy in even the smallest of things.

But, now even the largest of them could not provide you that happiness. This is the moment when unknowingly you have joined the rat race.

Escaping The Rat Race & Simple Steps To Embrace In Life

Here are simple things that you can embrace to escaping the rat race.

  1. Live in the present
  2. Celebrate small wins
  3. Acknowledge and show gratitude towards what you have in life
  4. Set realistic goals
  5. Spend less than you earn
  6. Love yourself
  7. Embrace minimalism
  8. Learn to create something
  9. Do things that you love
  10. Learn the art of making money without trading time
  11. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people
  12. It is okay to ‘Say No‘ to things/people that don’t motivate you


Stand Out From The Crowd With These Simple Steps & Escape The Rat Race

how to get out of the rat race-alignthoughts

1. Be The Best In What You Do

Being the best in what you do is the most effective way to stand out from the crowd.

There can be many tennis players in the world, but No.1 can be only one person. We don’t remember who is the second or the third.

The same is the case with the landing of the moon. We all know the fact that Neil Armstrong is the first person to step foot on the moon, but very few of us know Buzz Aldrin who landed a few minutes after Neil.

So the idea is to be the best in what you do, and set foot before someone else does it.

2. Add To The Quality Of Life

Try to add quality to your life, and not just quantity.

What does that mean?

It means that you simply need not purchase 20 pairs of shoes just because they are available at a cheaper price on sale.

Instead, consider buying only the things that can genuinely add quality and improve your life.

We are the ultimate consumers and advertisers feed on us. They are able to earn big because we have the money but no sense of differentiating between what we need for improving our quality of life and things that are useless.

We rather add on to our junkyard, thinking it is important.

In the whole process, we forget to ask the very important question- “How it is going to improve the quality of life?”

3. Invest In Your Own Health And Happiness

It is more important to take care of your health that you think. Because when your body starts creating health problems you cannot reverse it, instead you can only fix those problems temporarily.

Also, look after your parents, your partners, your kids, and your family. These are your squad of people in life. They shall always be around you.

Invest in your own health and happiness. Stand out of the rat race, let others win, and make a fool of themselves. Don’t live your life in regret that you did not make time for yourself.

Yes, that’s more important. Make time for yourself and do things that you love. Rather than collecting money and wealth, try to collect moments and smile. Buy things that you cannot buy it with money.

4. Save & Invest Now To Reap Later

Saving and investing your time, and money in the right place early in your life can work like a charm.

Quitting the rat race would be much easier if you save more than you spend. And invest your time and money intelligently.

You work hard and thus you should be able to reap its benefit once you retire.

Don’t follow the trend of earning more and spending even more.

Accumulate your wealth and save and invest it wisely for the rainy day. Buy only what is necessary, don’t create necessitates or excuses to shop more.

5. Strike A Good Work-Life Balance

You wake up each morning and go to work and you come back home late. This is the work scenario nowadays. It is monotonous and tiring and cannot help you in quitting the rat race.

Instead, try to have a healthy morning routine. Do things that make you feel good to set a productive and happy tone of the day.

Don’t limit yourself to the working hours. For instance, if you are a working mom based on your convenience you can work only for 6 hours a day. Or better, try working from home.

Striking a good work-life balance can help you in quitting the rat race.

Try not to get caught up in only the work, that you are not able to take out time for your health, hobbies, or your loved ones.

6. Define Your Own Work Timings

And take out time for your personal activities.

Let some part of it be dedicated to building quality of life and some to develop new work platforms rather than maintaining the existing ones.

Work out the priorities and shake up the routine to best fit your lifestyle.

7. Invest In Your Children, Gift Yourself A Vacation.

These are the things that would make you happy.

Don’t be the rat on the wheel where you do not achieve anything till you grow old. Do not regret your life decisions.

Stop running after the materialistic things rather accumulate the memories of your childhood and your children.

Get out of the race for which you are running blindly. Stop running and start living!

Are you planning on quitting the rat race? Do you have more thoughts on how to escape the rat race and stand out from the crowd? Leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

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Key Takeaways on How To Stand Out Of The Crowd & Quit The Rat Race

  • Depending on what your ideologies are, and what you want to become in life, standing out from the crowd can be an effective way to attain a successful life.
  • The human brain is programmed and thereby captivates the different from the common man.
  • Standing out from the crowd also aids in quitting the rat race.

What makes a person stand out?

  • Standing out from the crowd begins with self-awareness.
  • It starts by knowing who are you, what you are good at, and what are the things you have to improve. It is important to know what are the things that make you happy or sad.
  • Because at the end of the day, you can stand out from the crowd only after learning who you really are.

Is it better to stand out or fit in?

  • In general, to stand out from the crowd is a good option. For people at work, it is better to stand out while fitting in.
  • While at work, it is crucial to understand at which level you are and what type of behavior suits the best for your role.
  • Data from sources also suggest that while in a workplace a combination of both is recommended.
  • The idea is to find the right balance between the two to be a part of the organization yet bring new ideas to the table.
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