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How to Move Forward When Feeling Stuck in Life?

Trying to be successful in life can be hard. I will be honest with you guys. I’ve been in situations many times in life where I felt stuck and didn’t know where to go or what to do. There have been times when so much was going on around me that I was overwhelmed and felt as if I was lost then and there. Such a situation in life can be a hard place to stay for anybody. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a 9-5 worker, a stay at home parent, or maybe you’re even a college student. We all have problems in life and eventually get to that point where we feel tired, stressed out, and stuck.

So how to move forward in life when you’re feeling stuck?

Recent research found that only 3 out of 10 people are happy with their lives the way it is. And 69% of people feel trapped in the same old routine. So a vast number of people are feeling stuck.

Recently, I had to learn how to move forward in life despite how overwhelmed I was feeling both at work, and home. I got through it. So, today I am going to help you guys learn how to grow and move forward even when you’re feeling stuck in life.

First of all, feeling that you’re stuck in life is a perspective. Might sound weird. But give it a thought. The first thing you need to do is develop a different perspective. Remember what Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.”

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Why Do You Feel Stuck in Life?

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The main reason for feeling stuck in life is having “false objectives.” These objectives may be related to your job, relationship, family or connected to your own self.

If you live a life defined by society and not the one you desire from your heart, you will always be left unfulfilled making you frustrated and stuck in life. High social expectations and the reluctant heart to pursue them can make an individual feeling stuck in life.

Signs of Feeling Stuck in Life

1. Not knowing what you want
2. You feel drained both mentally and physically
3. You dread waking up from the bed
4. You don’t feel valued by others
5. You think nobody around you understands you well
6. You don’t find joy in the things you used to enjoy previously
7. You feel a lack of meaningful connection

If you at least half of these signs, then you’re indeed feeling stuck in life. So read on to find out how to move forward in life.

How to Move Forward When Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed in Life?

1. Take some time and accept what you’re feeling.

Being defensive about yourself and your life may not help at any time. I know you think this may be a stupid idea. You may ask, “So you want me to stay stuck?”. Well, in a sense, yes. You need to accept the fact that life is not a smooth ride and you have problems just like every one of us. The habit of mastering your mind can become your savior at such times.

When you’re feeling stuck in life, it is important for you to take a step back and embrace your emotions. Trying to force yourself forward on a fast pace can have a negative impact. You may need to move forward, but you also need to recognize where you are first.

2. Get back to knowing what your goals are.

One of the things that get us off track and feeling stuck is losing sight of what we were set out to do and why. Knowing your goals is the simplest way to distance yourself from false objectives.

The most important part of achieving your goals is remembering what they are and why you want them. Don’t just think about what needs to happen now, but take time to remember where it is you saw yourself long term. What is your vision for your life?

Once you have that vision, write it down. Ask yourself what kind of life you wish to live. Align yourself according to those goals and start working on it.

3. Plan out or replan how you’re going to accomplish these goals.

The next step once you have your vision is planning. Write a step by step plan out on how you are going to achieve your goals. Once you have that, you know where you are now, and so you’ll know what next steps you will need to take to move forward. It’s hard to move forward when you have no idea what the next step is and that is why the planning process is so important.

The end destination might frighten you or even seem impossible. But take baby steps, and in no time you would find yourself closer to your goals.

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4. Let go of anything that isn’t benefiting you.

I like to call this process ‘decluttering your life.’ A lot of the time the energies or vibes around us is what keeps us stuck in life instead of moving forward. When you take the time to get rid of things that are either negatively impacting you or merely just a waste of space in your life, you start to feel free and lighter on your feet which makes it much easier to start moving forward.

Letting go can sometimes seem harsh because of a lot of the time. Because there can be people in your life who aren’t bringing anything positive, and you may feel bad about letting them go.

A lot of the time we don’t realize how harmful it is to us to have an environment filled with people who don’t bring anything to the table. So, it may be hard, and I am not saying just start cutting people off, but it may be time to at least distance yourself from stagnant or negative friends that are in your life. Remember to choose your friends wisely as you’re value is the average of the people in the room.

5. Don’t go at it alone.

You do not have to go through this process all by yourself. It is necessary to reach out to those who genuinely care about you to help you. There is no shame in asking for help. Tell the people you care about and trust how you are feeling and tell them what you need even if all you need is a listening ear. Have someone close to remind you of what your next steps are when you start to forget. Having a good support system helps you remain accountable and stay encouraged as well.

6. Forgive yourself.

While feeling stuck in your life, you may want to be angry with yourself. You may feel like you should be at a specific place by now, but because of your being overwhelmed you aren’t moving forward at the pace you thought you would. You may not be as productive as you expect of yourself. That’s okay. Everyone’s life runs on its own clock. Stop comparing your life with anyone else.

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We all have those moments. Nobody is entirely productive all the time. We all get into stages in our life where we just aren’t sure what our next move should be. Forgive yourself for any lack of progress during this period. The longer you stay angry with yourself, the longer it’ll be before you begin to move forward in life.

7. Take action.

Now is the time for you to do something. For you to move forward in life, you have to move with focus. Get yourself outside and walk or just out of bed and start cleaning. You can do this little by little or go full-fledged back into your step by step plan. But once you have taken the steps previous to now, the only thing left is for you to get up and get it together. So, start putting your plans into action. I know it’s easier said than done.

Taking action is by far the hardest part of the process, but it is also the part that truly makes the most significant difference in your life because, without it, everything you did before was pointless.

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed in life can be scary. You don’t know where to go or how to get out of the rut you’re in. Just remember that you are not alone and that we all go through it. It is a normal part of life, and all we can really do is deal with it. I hope that these steps listed above will be helpful to you and help you begin to take that step forward to your success.

What is something you usually do when you are feeling overwhelmed? Did any of these steps prove to be helpful to you in the past? Comment your thoughts down below!

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Rikki Parker
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