How To Motivate Yourself On ‘Off’ Days?


We all have those days where we question – What are we doing with our lives? Due to lack of sleep, excess workload, stress or for any other unexplained reason, we all have those days where you want to sit in one place, do nothing, and feel the energy drain from the body. It is entirely natural to feel like this at times. We all have “off” days where our ‘will’ to go on merely has gone into hiding. The highs and lows of life take its toll on the journey.

On such ‘off’ days we sit and contemplate our lives. I usually get frustrated by each and everything and feel sorry for myself. But at the end of this phase, I realize that the day just went by, and I might have wasted a perfectly good, productive day. On such days, what you need to is lick your wounds, dust off, and get up and play.

For many, this phase doesn’t last very long and for others like me, may need a couple of days to get better. But here are some ways that could help you turn the switch back on and motivate yourself to do well. Read on!

How To Motivate Yourself On ‘Off’ Days?

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1. Take a deep breath

Take a breath and relax. Sometimes we get a bit overwhelmed by our surroundings and the work commitment.

Take a stroll, listen to a great song, spend time with your children or pets, do anything that calms you down.

While your mind is relaxed, try to find out the reason for your discomfort and lack of will. Don’t get anxious about it either. Clear your mind and try to unburden yourself.

2. Make a goal and tell it your friend

Accountability works wonders! When you feel you need to answer to someone, you do not let anything get in the way of achieving your target. You push yourself.

More than admitting failure to yourself, you would not like to appear a loser in front of someone you love or care. When you keep your targets to yourself, there is a scope of getting out of it.

At the same time, if a friend or co-worker is made aware of what you plan to achieve they will help you stay on the track and thus help you not have a low day. You become bound to fulfill them.

3. Start moving

Stop procrastination and move yourself off from the couch or your bed and up on your feet. The most prominent hurdle is to start.

Try and avoid taking baby steps. Go from 0 Kmph to 50 Kmph. Choose a big project rather than smaller ones. You would never get into the grove like this.

Just start rolling.

I find that even when you are having a bad day if you forcefully indulge in some work at one point of time, you would be able to get over your anxiety and do your task with proper dedication leaving justice to what you do.

4. Dress up

If you keep wearing sloppy clothes or are in your PJ’s even after taking a bath, chances are you do not want to get out of this mood.

Put on some beautiful clothes.

Most of the times, our attire sets the right attitude. Wear that dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

When you are feeling low, your looks might give you the push you need. I find that whenever I am having trouble with my self-esteem, it is a great idea to wear a good outfit and put on a little makeup and wear my favorite perfume.

There you go, I instantly feel my usual confident and chirpy self.

5. Be disciplined with yourself

Push yourself to show discipline. If need be, set more stringent deadlines for yourself. Cross things off when you accomplish them.

It motivates you to do better and thus lifting your mood on these small achievements.

Bring some self-discipline will make your life easier in several ways and help you get out of the off days.

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6. Now be kind to yourself

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Don’t compare your accolades with someone else’s. It always seems that the grass is greener on the other side.

You are after all the master of your destiny, so you are responsible for your actions. There might be people who are better than you and many who might not be a good as you.

All these don’t matter because all you need to be concerned is about how to give your best. Do not be obliged, feel free to explore and follow your own path. Ignore others and focus on yourself.

7. Call up a friend

Friends are an instant “lift me up.” Call them and have a nice chat. It does not have to be about any of the problems. Sometimes when you talk to your loved ones, it helps to relieve some pent-up emotions that might be pulling you down.

If your friend lives nearby, visit his/her home. This will help you get of your house as well as the low feeling.

8. Do something you enjoy

Pick a book, go out, meditate; choose to do something that you enjoy. It helps in lifting your mood. Eat a bar of chocolate, it is indeed known to elevate your mood. Do something exciting to pump in the adrenaline. Be in the moment, and you would get back on the track in no time.

Do not worry or get upset that you are having a bad day. It is okay to feel off. But don’t let it take you down. Stop procrastinating and work your way towards a great day. Sleep on it if required!

What your thoughts on staying motivated on off days. What’s your way of getting out of a bad day? Drop your comments below. We love to hear from you. Have a nice day!

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