How To Master The Art Of Getting What You Want

With the increasingly demanding lifestyle these days, it is really a daunting task to achieve what we want. We often relate achievements with luck or a particular set of skills. The answer to the existential question might be simple which many of us fail to see it. It not only guides our behavior but also feeds the self-help industry.

We try and try but fail to understand that in order to achieve what we want, we face a lot of resistance: both internal and external. The external resistance can be worked through but when we lose hope and lower our confidence that proves to be our bigger hindrance. The most important goal for self-accomplishment is that we should not allow internal resistance to come in the way of achieving what we want.

Many advisers promise the way of getting what you want is closer to home within us. It is right in front of us, through:

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  • Confidence
  • Proper planning
  • Perseverance

In order to achieve what our heart and soul desires, follow these simple yet achievable rules to master the art of getting what you want with confidence

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How To Master The Art Of Getting What You Want

1) Set Goals & Achieve Them

Setting goals is the first step to achieve what you desire. When we talk about goals, it is good to be more specific. Goals can be classified as follows:

Small Goals

These are the goals that are pragmatic, achievable, and lay the foundation to achieve your actual goal. And hence are the first step to achieve that ultimate goal.

Write down your actual goal and point down what skills will actually help you to achieve it. And then frame time, let’s say within 1 month, what can be done in order to accomplish it. These will be your small goals.

Bigger goals

something that is bit difficult and would make you work hard for it. For instance of your goal is to win a marathon, the bigger goal would be to actually practice running the complete distance in a given time as required by the race. Definitely, that needs a lot of hard work and commitment.

The Ultimate goal

The real and ideal goal of your’s that you wish to achieve. By the time you reach here you can work hard on it. And it might not seem that distant.

Set another new goal

never cease to dream if you want more. Once you have achieved one particular goal give yourself another challenge and start all over again. Always move forward and keep competing with yourselves. Do not let negativity slow you down.

2) Be Unapologetic

If you know exactly what you deserve, no one can stop you. It might seem difficult at first to stand your ground while talking to authority, but you must never start by saying-“I am sorry to bother…” it shows a lack of confidence. Be strong-willed and confident while putting your point of view.

3) Ask and It Will Be Given

Ask yourselves what makes you really happy. Ask what you want out of your life. It is better said than done. But until you ask for something, you would regret not trying.

Most of us shy away from asking. You can’t lose what you never had and you would not achieve without first asking. Be specific while asking, no one can read your mind! Be confident while asking for that position you deserve or the raise you want.

But first, you need to figure out exactly what you want and never beat around the bushes.

4) Pick Up And Start Over

Never be affected by roadblocks. Be encouraged by small setbacks. Never give in to the circumstances. Fall down seven get up eight. We have more setbacks than success, but undoubtedly these setbacks make the success sweeter. Because of the all struggles we tend to celebrate our smaller wins. Reward yourself quite often. We should never fold our cards easily.

5) Try A Different Route

While walking on the same path day in and day out, you would arrive at the same place. If you are not able to achieve your goal, it’s time to change your path. Take a different route to arrive at your destination.

Einstein’s well-known quote adds up to this point. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Change your approach, take an off trodden path. Life may surprise you. We must never be stick to the humdrum, rather mix it up a little.

6) Be Smart, Confident, And Persistent

Do not let anyone fool you by showing a short cut or changing your dreams. Irrespective of the setbacks, with confidence, you get up and move ahead. If you want it badly, you would always find a way. Perseverance is the key to success. It really is!!

Do not let complaining be a part of your journey towards achieving what you want. Stop procrastination and work towards achieving your ambitions. I am sure with the above steps working towards getting what you wanted was just a piece of cake. 

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