How Learning To Let Go Will Simplify Your Life?

Letting go of the past emotions and accepting the new life can be challenging. But the truth is, in hindsight, you will be grateful you let go. Don’t you think life is too short to hold on to the grudges?  It is too short to live in the past. We, humans, tend to store all the bad memories, and we settle with them. Living in the past leads to more negative thoughts and adverse reactions. A person’s strength of character lies in knowing what to hold on to and when to let go.

I, like most of you, crave a simple, happy life. For a stress-free life, we need to have a clear mind. We need to relinquish unhealthy attachments-ideas, possessions, memories, etc.

All the negative influences or toxic people only weigh us down. Such emotions or people need to be shown the shut door and not invite in. To enjoy the precious moments of life, it is time to let go and lead a simple yet happy life.

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What Is A Simple, Happy Life?

A life where nothing holds you back; no negative vibes can hold you down.

  • Accepting and letting go of the past,
  • living in the present,
  • and working for the future,

can help you lead a simple and happy life. You open yourself to experiencing wholesome moments.

“Letting go” means never to resist and struggle to hold onto the people, emotions, or experiences. You cannot change the past. Instead, what you can do is accept the past, forget it, and move on.

How Learning To Let Go Of The Past Can Make You Happier In Life?

So go ahead and embrace these six ways to let go and be happy by simplifying your life!


1. Grow Up And Let It All Go

When we grow up, we realize the importance of memories. Our pleasant memories prove to be our strength. Walking away from a tricky situation shows your level of maturity; bring maturity in your thought. Painful memories will bring just that- Pain. Changes are a part of life. They may be uncomfortable, but we need to grow and flourish.

Move out of your comfort zone. Try some new adventure. Have some faith in yourself; it will make you wiser and help you lead a simple.

2. Follow Thy Heart!

Our heart is no fool. It accepts that nothing in life is easy. It is tough to let go and move on. When we move on, we become free from the shackles that pull us down.

Never let fear define your future.

This fear is present only in our minds. Follow your heart and let go of the past and all those memories that take away the chance of a good life.

There will be no perfect moment of positive changes. Let go and seize the opportune moment. Be open-minded and invite in the change.

3. Let Go Of Expectation

The biggest problem with leading a simple life is when we expect. Our expectations from life, from our friends and family and even ourselves, bind us. They hold us down. Life is not about perfections but finding happiness in imperfections. Do not strive to fit yourself into the norms.

Be different, be crazy, laugh, and love a lot. Share love.

When we expect, we are holding on to an image. But when we let go of these expectations, we start to see each day from a new perspective.

4. De-Clutter Yourself To Simple Life

The chaos around yourself mirrors chaos in your life. Thoughts, urges, memories, and ideas enter your mind, unbidden, and uninvited. We tend to accumulate them in our heads. Remove everything extra. Sift and sort them out.

No one can force these memories and thoughts not to enter. But what can be done is to control how much these memories affect you. Never get attached to them.

Meditate and let these thoughts go.

De-clutter your desk and your life. You will surely live a stress-free life. Clutter pulls you down under the water till you can’t breathe anymore. Focus more on experience that enhances you, rather than insecurities.

5. Surround Yourself With Encouraging Lot

People who are supportive and have positive vibes are the best people to be around. Do you know positivity like negativity is communicable? Why not give it a shot?

Let go of unnecessary people-those who do nothing else but drown you. Tune into those who value you.

6. Change Your Perception

Not to forget, our perception needs to be positive. Outlook matters; you can look at a glass half empty or half full. Channeling your discontent into positive action will help in letting go. Look into your own accomplishments rather than shortcomings. All these things help you in a long way.

You must have a will to lead a simple life. Letting go of things that tie you down and not let you grow is the most important thing. When you have a positive mind, you will look at yourself differently, and the world around you would appear simple.

After all, life is simple, don’t complicate it.

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Preeti is a stay at home mother of two boys, who keep her on toes. Writing and paper quilling are her passion. She loves to express herself through these mediums - use of words and paper filigree. Listening to music, watching favorite shows, and reading books are her hobbies that take her to a different plane.