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How To Last Your Long Distance Friendship?

Friendship exists in every relation. Be it between a father and son, mother and daughter, teacher and student, older siblings…there is always a small portion of friendship that breathes life. And so in the world full of long-distance love stories, let’s have a look at how a long-distance friendship survives the odds and evens of life and stays strong.

I am still in touch with my senior grade school friends, and some of them are now widespread around the world. I have a distinct affection and attachment to school days and the people who made it memorable, and maybe that’s why I always go the extra mile in putting effort into staying in touch.

When we are young and bubbling with curiosity about how life is going unfold, we often don’t understand the value attached to friendships. Silly fights, ego clashes, miscommunication, and then finally sinking into the daily routine add-on to the virtual distance along with the geographical distance in friendship.

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New friends in college made me forget my school friends. With social media platforms coming into the picture, I again came back in touch with them. But eventually, with time, I got married, and then I lost touch with most of my school and college friends. I again made new friends, but there was a void. I initially couldn’t figure out what, and then one day I turned back to look at some old pictures, and that’s how I started getting back to old friendships and understanding the value of long-distance friendships.

I must say social media did play a decisive role in letting me get back and keep alive my long-distance friendships.
Here’s is what I learned in the last five years of my long-distance friendships. I continue to grow, unravel and understand little things about it every day. And it amuses me that how friendship grows along with us and changes colors and meanings like seasons and manages to leave a profound impact every single time.

How To Last Your Long Distance Friendship?


1. Give Time and Effort

Time somehow forms the most necessary ingredient in every relationship and in long-distance friendship it is the much-needed break. Take out time to catch up or to talk about everyday things. We discuss everything right from random stuff to personal matters. And this somehow manages to relax your nerves, de-stress, and make you feel better.

While I was in the US and my best friend was in New Delhi, Fridays used to be phone date days. It was some of the kind of ritual, an unspoken deal between us. We used to be ready for the call. And I used to continue doing my cooking work while talking to her over the phone. These calls are our favorite moments in this long-distance friendship to date, and this hasn’t changed in the last four years.

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It’s not that we chat every day, sometimes due to work or other issues we might not be able to catch for 2-3 weeks in a row. But this realization always keeps popping up at the back of our minds, and we both keep trying to find out at least ten mins to call before bed. No matter how far we both are the affection only keeps growing. I

It feels so good to talk to my friend. Even random things about the world would make us laugh, talking about quotes, poetry, old songs, lost friends, work, family, and a lot about ourselves.

Baring your heart without hesitation to your best friend, in my opinion, is the best way to detoxify yourself and indulge in some healthy peaceful relaxation.

I have realized one thing that you need to make a little bit of effort to stay in touch. It is not at all challenging to prioritize your priorities and people. And at the end of the day you do know in some corner of the world a few souls make an effort to have their presence in your life and your presence in their life is equally appreciated.

There are ways you can stay in touch. I usually prefer to send meaningful quotes as morning messages. I have a habit of reading quotes before bedtime and save them to be sent to a few friends the next day morning. This ritual has been going on since 2014.

I love writing letters, sending greeting cards. I still do them. Birthday messages are never forwarded ones. I prefer to write a personal note. All of this takes just a little amount of time and heart. And all I get back is love in abundance and friendship for a lifetime.

2. Be More Than Physically Present

That’s the best part of long-distance friendship. You are not close to each other within reach physically, and yet you cross mountains and seven seas morally during tough times being the most strong shoulder holding their scattered pieces together.

I remember during school and college days we don’t always stand up for our friends all the time. But growing up we hardly realize when our friendship changes from sharing ice-creams to sharing worries.

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It is when you have a long-distance friend you do understand the literal meaning of ‘Just a phone call away.’ Yes indeed de-stressing yourself, letting your worries fly outside the window, gaining belief in your dreams is just one phone call away to your long-distance friend.

I have lived these moments, when I have laughed till my stomach aches, when I have been the patient listening ear to silent despairs, where happy moments are always equal to screaming your lungs out over the phone and grief is shared in silence. But you are always there, and it holds true all it takes is one minute to make a call and to make a difference.

3. Your Place is Special

Your friends’ news feed and Insta stories will be fascinating with other people tagged in the picture. But you will always be on their favorite list or speed dial. And then there are the different categories of friends too who never forget to tag you in the most hysterical memes on social media or spam your email with forwarding junk mail. And the best ones are the ones who drunk-dial you to let you know how much they love you.

For true friends, distance strangely has a reverse effect here. The more the distance; the higher is the affection and the urge to meet. You keep planning days, events, places to attend and imagine how it would be meeting your friend after decades. And when you do meet finally it is just a fountain of overflowing emotions and an epic reunion where you forget to check your phone, pick up a conversation like it just happened yesterday and memories are flipped like pages of a book. And slowly you sink into the feeling of finally being together.

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You don’t proclaim your friendship in words; you assert your love by being there without a care for the world because it is them and the camaraderie that matters.

Concluding thoughts,

Friendship changes its definitions and meaning every day with you growing as a person. You evolve and define what holds the essence of fellowship together. You will move places, explore new areas, make new friends, but no matter how busy life gets, always try to take some time to be in touch with your long-distance friends. A little bit of effort promises a lifelong fulfilling soulful friendship standing firm against all the odds.

Do you have a long-distance friend? What are your tips for maintaining a long-distance friendship last? Drop your comments below. We love to hear from you!

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Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Vidhisha is an academic researcher with a focus on climate change and sustainability. She is a Ph.D. professor by profession and a writer from the heart. Writing has been her passion that started as journal writing and eventually found a new path. She is also a mentor promoting critical thinking and truly believes words have the power to weave magic and can paint a picture of imagination.

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