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Study Shows Heart Diseases Claim 1 Death In Every 38 Sec. How To Have A Heart Healthy?

The number of youth experiencing cardiac issues is on the rise. Every year around 6500 children under the age of 18 get a heart attack due to lifestyle changes. Your heart’s wellness must not be overlooked as it is a crucial organ for survival. Its core functions include pumping blood to the entire body, providing oxygen, and even distributing essential nutrients. Keeping your heart healthy is easy once you start to incorporate nourishing and nutritious foods for your body.

Regular exercise and building healthy food eating habits ensure less stress in different spheres of your life.  But, putting those goals into action, of course, isn’t so easy.

So, what matters the most is how you are putting them into daily practice.

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Here are some practical tips you can follow in your life that make you feel good and promote better heart health.

If you’re wondering if this is a biologically related article, then worry not! We have explained everything in layman’s term so that nothing stops you from leading a healthy life.

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy?

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy-alignthoughts

These are some of the facts about the human heart that most people are not aware of:

  • The average size of the human heart is that of an adult’s fist.
  • The heart when separated from the entire body, can still continue beating.
  • A newborn baby’s heartbeat is more than an adult’s heartbeat.
  • Researchers have revealed that the highest heart attack reports were recorded on Monday.
  • An average human heart beats about 72 times in one minute.

Having seen these astounding facts, you can deduce that the heart is a fascinating organ of the body.

Hence, promoting a heart-healthy lifestyle can help you stay away from heart issues.

Here Are A Few Statistics To Give You Some Insights:

  • The study of the American Heart Association revealed that someone dies every 38 seconds due to heart diseases.
  • According to the research studies, 28.2 million US adults were detected with a heart disease condition as of 2016. And nearly 634,000 people died of heart diseases, making it the principal cause of death in 2015.
  • Studies also claim that those with cardiovascular disease should get detected early and get treatment using counseling and medicines as appropriate.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Heart Healthy?

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 18 million people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, out of which 80% are due to heart diseases and strokes.

Moreover, about 1.13 billion people suffer from hypertension, out of which around two-thirds live in low and middle-income class families.

A diet with high sodium consumption and insufficient potassium intake results in:

  • high blood pressure,
  • and increased risk of heart blocks or strokes.

That is why the WHO stands at a consensus on reducing salt consumption by 30% by 2025.

The heart is a vital organ that coordinates with the brain while pumping blood to all other parts of the body at the same time.

The chambers of the heart must be kept healthy due to the following reasons:

  • To ensure there are no blockages.
  • Sufficient oxygen levels.
  • To ensure a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

Now that you understand the importance of heart health, in the next section, we will see different ways on how to promote heart health with some essential lifestyle hacks.

So keep on reading till the very end!

How To Keep A Heart-Healthy?

The above statistics state that to promote the heart’s health, it needs the creation of public awareness around the subject.

Thus, we will be the voice to educate you on some healthy food habits for a healthy heart since everything that we have, starts with what we consume.

We have been broken down into simple lifestyle changes to make it easier for you to follow through with these practices.

Simple Steps For A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

1. Eat Nuts

Overtime, nuts have proven to reduce the risk of heart failure. Nuts are majorly picked up from fatty plants with zero cholesterol; it is the accumulation of these fats that principally damages the heart.

A tip for guarding your heart and ensuring a heart-healthy lifestyle would be to eat nuts and reduce cholesterol stuffed meals.

Examples of heart-friendly nuts are:

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Cashews
  • Pistachios
  • Brazil nuts
  • Macadamia nuts

As a side note, nuts reduce the occurrence of inflammation and diabetes.

You can consume nuts as a snack, instead of chips to promote your heart health.

2. Vist Your Doctor On Time

A regular visit to a doctor should be an obligatory routine.

You must consider regular checkups with your doctor and carry out tests that include:

  • physical examinations,
  • blood pressure,
  • cholesterol levels,
  • hemoglobin and iron levels,
  • and the amount of sugar content.

The priority should be given to tests like blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. Playtime

We all have heard of the famous proverb, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

how to have a healthy heart-alignthoughts

Similarly, if you keep thinking of following up with doctors for a routine and never implement that thought into action, you’re only exposing yourself to the risk of not having a healthy heart.

However, studies have also shown that one can have a healthy heart if they spend their time in things that make them happy and less stressed about life.

So, to promote better heart health we advise you:

  • take a walk with your dog
  • play with family, friends, or kids whenever possible
  • do fun activities or something that you enjoy
  • and have a good work-life balance.

Learn these healthy ways to deal with stress.

4. Workout Regularly

While eating healthy foods is essential, you must have heard that continuous exercise also contributes hugely to maintaining heart health. Cultivating good daily habits can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Do you know the right exercises the human heart needs?

Let’s know them.

Aerobic Exercise

This exercise ensures that the blood is pumped throughout the body, which then lessens blood pressure. Spend at least thirty minutes doing this exercise for five days or more in a week.

For example, swimming, hopping rope, running, and quick walking are forms of aerobic workouts.

Flexibility Workouts

This workout routine helps immensely in improving joint muscles that ultimately aids the heart. You can do this workout every day.

Examples of flexibility workouts include yoga and Tai chi.

Strength Training

Strength training helps you reduce body fat (like belly fat). You can try out weight lifting by using dumbbells and barbells. Do this as much as you can in a week.

5. Watch Your Pleasures

Pleasures in this context refer to your smoking habits or misuse of drugs.

To not put your heart at significant risk, it is advisable to avoid drugs or smoke, and if you must drink, make sure it’s a moderate amount.

Like the popularly saying goes- prevention is better than cure.

6. Observe Dental Hygiene

Did you know that your gum health contributes to heart health?

healthy lifestyle for heart-alignthoughts

Surprisingly, there is a theory that those who have gum disease are prone to heart disease too.

Dr. Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, explains that the bacteria solely accountable for gum disease can cause poor heart health if left untreated.

Therefore, it necessary to look after your oral health and go for regular dental checkups.

You can take care of your oral health by brushing your teeth full 2 minutes twice a day.

7. Get Sufficient Sleep

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get sufficient sleep hours.

Experts suggest eight to ten hours of sleep with a healthy lifestyle is right for your heart. Less sleeping hours can cause adverse effects on your heart health.

8. Reduce Saturated Fat

Diets consisting of highly saturated fats do your body little or no good.

As a result, it increases your cholesterol level, which raises the risk of heart diseases. Fatty food increases your chances of gaining weight, reducing your flexibility in the process, and poses a threat to your heart as well.

Hence, it’s imperative to focus on eating heart-healthy foods.

9. Clean Up

Cleansing your system would is an essential factor for a healthy heart. This includes lowering fatty foods and incorporating clean diets like fruits, vegetables, and plant foods.

For a healthy heart, it is recommendable to reduce soda intake and drinks with a high quantity of sugar.

Try to consume fewer beverages as they do not have any nutritional fiber that your body requires.

Instead, eat fruits as they are heart-healthy foods that are rich in fiber.

On that note…

What Foods Are Good For Your Heart?

Practice the above steps regularly, and you are already on your way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for your heart health.

Now, we will look at heart-healthy foods so that you can eat to stay healthy and have a better lifestyle routine.

1. Fish

Fishes are known for their enormous amount of protein, and the protein found in fishes strengthens and fixes body tissues, which helps reduce heart disease.

Fatty fishes (sardines, crab, trout, oyster, salmon, tuna, and lobster) are perfect for your heart as they contain omega-3, which is nourishing to your body.

2. Nuts

Nuts are a good source of fats that can make your heart healthier. For example, you can consume a thumb-size of almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, and macadamia nuts.

3. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables will never do you any harm. The nutrition value found in fruits and vegetables protects you from any potential heart disease. Also, if you eat heart-healthy foods regularly, your skin will glow as a bonus.

For example, oranges, berries of various sorts, whole grain, avocado, etc. are a few food items you can include in your daily meals.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a high level of fiber that your heart requires for better functioning.

Also, research conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims that cocoa, which contains antioxidants named flavonoids, coax the body into making more nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels, thereby promoting heart health.

Know more Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate.

5. Whole Grains

Studies have shown that consuming whole grains does a load of good. Whole grains have high fiber contents like germ bran and endosperm.

An analysis of about 45 studies confirms that eating three or more servings of whole grains daily was associated with a 22% lower risk of heart disease.

Examples of whole-grain foods are brown rice, popcorn, lentils, wheat, bread, pasta, etc.

6. Seeds Are Magical For Heart Health

Several studies have shown that adding chia seeds, flaxseeds, and hemp seeds to your diet can help in promoting heart health.

Incorporating seeds in your diet can avoid risk factors for heart conditions, including inflammation, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Another study claims that eating 30grams of flax seeds every day for more or half a year lessens the systolic blood pressure by an average of 10mmHg and reduced diastolic blood pressure by 7mmHg.

From all the statistics above, we can conclude that seed consumption is the right way of maintaining a healthier heart.

A Genius’ Tips To Ensure Your Heart Is Staying Healthy

  • Smartwatches help in tracking the heart rate. For a grown man, your heart rate is expected to be between 60-100 beats per minute.
  • A DIY way of promoting heart health is to get an electronic device that states blood pressure readings. You can get this device from a local store or turn to a pharmacy to get tested, schedule a meeting with your doctor and check it during your visit to the clinic.
  • Check yourself for consistent tiredness, fatigue, or a constant rundown feeling because it indicates whether the heart is pumping out enough blood as it ought to. This method is not a standard yet, but it works for self-inspection.
  • If your blood sugar rises (till you develop diabetes) over a particular time, this increases the risk of having heart disease, which should be a matter of concern. You are fine if your sugar level is around 100mg/dL after a minimum of eight hours of no food.
  • Lastly, your workout routine should be inclusive of a treadmill or a spike bike. To check your heart rate, you would need to do 180 seconds on the treadmill or spike bike. If it is close to 70% or 85%, you are good.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, hopefully, we could make you well informed on what heart hygiene is, how to keep a heart-healthy, and what foods items you should include for promoting better food habits.

However, we would still suggest you consult your doctor before taking any medication or starting a diet.

Key Takeaways On How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

  • Your heart wellness must not be taken for granted.
  • Get exercise, eat a balanced diet, include heart-healthy foods, have a good work-life balance, and stress less.
  • Not having a healthy lifestyle can increase the rate of heart diseases and cause early deaths.
  • Approximately 634,000 people die of heart diseases every year.
  • It is recommended to have antioxidant-rich food, including nuts, fish, dark chocolates, green vegetables, and fruits, to avoid heart diseases.
  • Also, it is advisable to have regular doctor checkups, consuming heart-healthy food, regular exercise, and avoid eating saturated fat food.

Is heart disease genetic or lifestyle?

While some heart diseases can be genetic, it eventually depends on what lifestyle you follow for the healthy functioning of the heart.

Also, the food you consume plays a significant role in promoting better heart health.

What are some of the healthy habits for the human heart?

Some of the primary heart-healthy habits are:

How to improve overall heart health?

Improving the heart’s overall health demands a combination of a healthy lifestyle coupled with healthy foods and aerobic exercises.

What foods are bad for your heart?

If you eat highly saturated foods, sodas, and drinks instead of consuming heart-healthy foods, you’re already exposing yourself to the potential disease.

Apart from that, smoking and excessive drinking are detrimental to your heart health too.

What three foods cardiologists say to avoid?

For a healthy heart, most cardiologists suggest to avoid:

  • sugary drinks,
  • fried foods,
  • and foods with saturated oils.

Which fruit is the best for the disease?

  • Fruits like oranges,
  • berries of various sorts,
  • whole grain,
  • avocado, etc.

are best for heart diseases.

Can obesity cause heart disease?

Yes, obesity can be one of the reasons that cause heart disease.

Are potatoes heart healthy?

Potatoes being rich in potassium can help lower blood pressure ant the high fiber contents can lower the risk of heart disease.

It is, however, recommended not to eat deep-fried potatoes as a part of heart-healthy foods.

How do you take care of yourself? Do you take your health seriously? Read on to know, why is it so important to take care of your health?

Also, check how to boost your immune system naturally amidst a covid outbreak.

Take care and stay safe!

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for any professional advice. We suggest you consult a professional before starting any medication or diet plan or making any major lifestyle changes.

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