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How To Fall And ‘Stay’ In Love Forever?

Love is an abstract emotion which we all go through at every stage of life. And if my understanding of human psychology is bang on 100% then you thought about the love of your life first, the moment you read the title or even the first line of the article and that was one obviously prompt reason to click on the link and give a quick read. Here’s how to love your partner truly and unconditionally. It’s time to fall in love, my friend!

Sadly, we live in a generation of quick easy love, something that happens just at the snap of your finger, anywhere, anytime. The hookup culture is so common. Be it an office colleague, college friend, an old school mate reunited on social media, love blossoms over WhatsApp and Snapchat, from messenger to Instagram. And with changing features of social media, love fades away.

There is a thin line of difference between falling in love and ‘staying’ in love forever.

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And it is always the latter that is the toughest part; to love someone truly and unconditionally.

You fall in love when you adore everything that is absolutely perfect and visually appealing. But you stay in love when you learn to love the other person with flaws and imperfection.

You fall in love when every adventure, every trip, every coffee date is clicked and filtered through social media is cherished before finally becoming memories. You stay in love when even a simple dinner over a marathon of movies at home late night feels soothing and the phone is left untouched for hours. Finally its “Our-Time” over “Face-Time”.

You fall in love when you open up different layers of your personality during dates and endless Snapchat. You stay in love when you start finding content in those 3 AM conversations, where you reveal the most vulnerable and fragile part of yourself that is hidden from the world.

You fall in love with smiles on a bright sunny day. But you stay in love with the tears and still learn to smile when the sun is on the other side.

You fall in love when you start to find out ways to surprise them and make them feel loved and special on occasions. But you stay in love when togetherness and selfless choices for your partner’s happiness make every single moment special in its own way without any reason.

You fall in love when you make space for the other person in your life, when you try to merge your life and living with them. You stay in love when you give space to them to be their own kind, and when you yourself are nothing but just “You” and yet you both are entwined with each other every moment.

You fall in love, when being together is a social media status, when looking good together in pictures matters, when dressing up and partying out on weekends matters. You stay in love when you are simply comfortable in those loose t-shirts and pajamas, those unkempt hair and beard looks, and all those silly habits that you leave behind closed doors.

You fall in love when present matters all the time, you only look forward to the next meet, the next phone call, the next time you would be together. Staying in love is when you envision a future together without a doubt of how it would unfold.

You stay in love, when you embrace the past, enjoy the present and build a future hand in hand without a question because your trust in love and togetherness overpowers the uncertain questions of the future.


Falling in love is absolutely fine, but staying in love matters and all it takes is a small effort from us.

How To Love Your Partner Unconditionally And Stay In Love Forever?

Here’s how you can not just fall in love, but stay and enjoy the feeling of long-lasting love forever.

1) Love yourself first and fill yourself with love that you can give to others

When there is anger, resentment, hatred, and frustration inside your own self, it is difficult to appreciate the good that comes your way. You will always be clouded with negativity and there is no way would you be able to give out positivity.

2) Being compassionate is the key

Compassion is very important in a relationship. You may have an endless number of stress factors to trigger your nerves, but you must remember and acknowledge the fact that when you come back home to your loved ones, they are your stress busters and not punching bags.

You have to leave your worries outside the house and step inside with love, positivity, and compassion for the people who love and care for you, who are waiting to spend time with you.

All you need to do is a small effort to fill yourself with compassion and step forward towards self-love first. Remember you can serve nothing from an empty plate.

3) Communicate not on social media, but in real-time

Listen to comprehend the emotions and understand the situation rather than hitting back with a defensive argument.

Communication is key in every relationship, but given the virtual status and company that we live in today’s fast-paced social media age, it is often difficult to find the right words to emote yourself when hundreds of emoji’s stand in the queue as an option.

Whenever we are upset over something we had rather put up a sad status or a cryptic tweet serving the platter of emotions to the world that is ready to eat you up, than sit up and talk to the ones who love us without any bias or judgement.

So cut down on social media splattering of emotions. Simply just go up to your loved ones and talk to them, without any fear, without any hesitation. Trust me they will never judge you, and you will always have their back.

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4) Learn to give space

Trust enough to give them wings to fly. Love is generous and with generosity, trust follows suit. Be considerate of the other person’s needs, they need their lone time sometimes, they need to be with their friends too sometimes, they need their own time and space. It need not be always with you, it need not be always about you, sometimes it is totally fine if it is just about them.

  • Don’t try to mold a person according to your needs; don’t try to forge a relationship according to your formula.
  • Trust enough to let your loved ones be their individual self.
  • Trust them enough to let them be an equal part when making decisions.
  • Love them for who they are, not how you want them to be.
  • Be patient and learn to love without any terms and conditions, to live together and yet have individual lives outside of one other.

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5) It is important to understand that love is unconditional

Though it may kick start with superficial beauty or appeal, over time love grows when you actually love someone and turn out to be soulmates. When you know simply sitting together and talking everyday-trivial-stories makes you feel better, then it means you truly love that special someone.

That’s when you experience happy moments in the real-life and not just click or upload on social media.

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Concluding thoughts,

Just like being happy is a choice, being in love and staying in love is a choice too. Don’t just make a choice; make an effort towards it hand in hand, together as a team. Nurture your love; don’t scroll it down like a status update. Life is not the screen you are looking at right now.

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Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Vidhisha is an academic researcher with a focus on climate change and sustainability. She is a Ph.D. professor by profession and a writer from the heart. Writing has been her passion that started as journal writing and eventually found a new path. She is also a mentor promoting critical thinking and truly believes words have the power to weave magic and can paint a picture of imagination.

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