How to Discover The Right Career That Will Bring You Joy And Purpose?

Be it a 9 to 5 office job or fieldwork jobs, many people around us keep grumbling, “I hate my job.” There is no doubt that finding the right career which brings happiness and purpose can be challenging.

Shakespeare once wrote, “to be, or not to be; that is the question!” It was definitely in a different context but held in a situation like this. We all would like to work in a field that brings us joy and meaning.

At the same time, we want to be financially secure. Sometimes we cannot match both the expectations and regret our jobs or get irritated when we do not make enough money. Read on to know how to find the right job for you!

Surprising Stats On Work Life

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report, 40% of the workers feel that their stress is work-related.

According to Global Studies, 79% of the people in the corporate world feel that their work and efforts are not appreciated and thus would instead work somewhere else.

These stats clearly tell us we are all stressed about our ‘Work.’ Our jobs provide us with the means to meet our daily needs. This is one primary reason why people stay in one place without loving what they do. They are usually stuck by sitting on a desk for 8 to 9 hours a day!

By staying in a job that doesn’t satisfy us, the chances of growth become less, the level of motivation goes down, and eventually, we all settle in our monotonous lives. We do not realize that life without passion and a job without love will suck all the life out!

Millennials do not want meaningless existence. We would rather have freedom, passion, and a purpose. We ask the existential questions:-

  • “What makes me happy?”
  • “Do I hate my job?”
  • “What drives me?”
  • “What am I passionate about?”
  • “What should I do with my life?”

Ultimately we all deserve a life that gives the content. A job that is fulfilling, challenging, and above all, that makes us happy. Embark on a journey with me, and perhaps we can discover the work you love that brings joy and purpose.

Here are 4 core things that will help you in finding the right career path.

  1. SKILLS: What are your personal strengths and weakness? Using SWOT analysis, find your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to discover the right career for you.
  2. PERSONAL INTERESTS: What subjects and activities do you generally find interesting?
  3. WORKING STYLE: What is your ideal style of work environment? Do you prefer a desk job or you love to work outdoors?
  4. CORE VALUES: We all have things that we do/don’t want to do. Identity what core values are important to you in your ideal career? Can you work in the betting industry, or do you want to work in a company that serves a social cause?

How to Discover The Right Career/Work That Can Bring You Joy And Purpose?

If you are someone who constantly mutters, “I hate my job” or “Am I in the right career,” here is how to find the right job that can help you feel content.

how-to-find-the-work-that-brings-joy-and-purpose1. Curiosity Never Killed the Cat

Who said curiosity killed the cat? In our case, it just made the cat more aware. Remove the pressure of finding the thing that makes us happy, try to explore the possibilities. Anything that might kindle a small spark of passion might go far!

Are you wondering, ‘how to find the right career for me?’, then take this quiz.

I once wanted to be a musician, I could never sing or play an instrument, but my passion for music still helps me relax. Unfortunately, I could not change it into a profession, but I found something good in me!

The list of childhood dreams and the possibility of the following something did not help me find out a job that I would love, but the exploration helped me know myself. I found out a lot of things that were making me sad.

I also discovered the things that made me smile and light me up from the inside. The journey to find the work that I love is long, but liking your job should come from inside. It is the journey that we all must take to rediscover ourselves.

2. Possibilities Should Never Cease To Exist

Once you’ve started to explore yourself, going to the same job becomes tough. To examine the opportunities, you need to create some space.

Take out time from your current work to do something about your passion. If you love to play the guitar, then learn it! Allocate time for it! If cooking makes you happy, treat yourself! Hence, this way, you can find the right career for yourself.

Every day we forget that we satisfy our daily needs to survive a decent life. You may not find the job we love in a day. It takes time and patience. Recalibrate your life, and try to follow your inner guide and let it inspire you. Additionally, take out time to listen and follow your heart.

3. Joy Has No Price

Even though people keep saying, “I hate my job,” they stay back for the money. Money always plays spoilsport. Everything boils down to it. How to meet our expenses, mortgages, and lifestyle choices? Most of the time, our passion may not let us earn enough income to help us survive.

We exchange our dissatisfaction with our ability to satisfy our materialistic objects. The so-called rewards like holidays, dining out have become a necessity. We keep wondering how to find the right career path meant for me.

  • Living to Work vs. Working to Live – Where Do You Stand?

And, to fulfill them, we got stuck in the same crummy jobs and caught up in the cycle. If only we can invest in ourselves to find joy and happiness within us, maybe we would not have to be sad in dead-end work.

Jobs should not be done to compensate for our consumption. It should be done to make us happy and not for needing the ‘Stuff’.

Changing your course of life may or may not be lucrative. However, finding a job that would make you feel peace would bring the joy that all the mundane things may not give. Nurture yourself by investing in yourself and not the things around you.

4. The Purpose of Life Is to Be Happy – Dali Lama

Happiness is a relative term. To be happy, make a choice every day. That is our purpose! Open your heart and follow the passion, and you will choose to be happy every day. The transition may not be straightforward.

Sadly, it may not form into a career at first. Finding the right career path can take time, but it isn’t impossible. But what is more important is that the transformation should happen within before it can happen outside. Be willing to change your course.

You will discover the job you will love by merely discovering yourself, and once you have found your path, commit to it. Similarly, make sure that whatever job you chose is the one that is making you happy.

It will take time to be able to get your life on track, have patience. No one else can choose for you, make it, and finally commit to it.

In conclusion, your joy and passion are in your hands. Therefore, you need to rediscover yourself and have patience. Following all these things will help you how to find the right job.

Key Takeaways On How to Find The Right Career 

  • 40% of the workers feel that their stress is work-related. So clearly most of us are stressed about our ‘Work.’
  • To find the right career that brings happiness and purpose can be challenging.
  • Money always plays spoilsport. But instead of just hating your job, take action, and improve your skills.
  • Remove the pressure of finding the thing that makes us happy.
  • Have a side project, and try to explore new possibilities.
  • Take out time from your current work to do something about your passion. Take the quiz mentioned above in the article to help you find out what your passion is and the right career.
  • Recalibrate your life and try to follow your inner guide.
  • To be happy, make a choice every day. Remember to feel content every single day. If your job doesn’t help you feel content, then there is definitely room for a change.
  • Be willing to change your course and accept challenges.
  • Lastly, finding the right career path can take time, but it isn’t impossible.

We hope that you have now learned how to find the right job. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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