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Learning To Become A Classy Lady? Here’s How You Can Be One!

Being a classy, sophisticated, and successful woman is beautiful in many ways. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a woman who handles her business simultaneously smartly gets things done. There’s only one thing that’s more astounding than a boss lady. That’s a boss lady with class. Women often wonder how to be classy and elegant ladies.

One thing we ladies have that is unique is the essence of elegance and class that sets us so far apart from others. Yes, men can have class, and it is desirable, but nothing compares to seeing a classy woman come strutting down the street in all her classy glory. Whether you’re a woman in the tech industry or fashion, you’ll get a lot further ahead of carrying yourself with class. You’ll also gain a lot more respect that way.

So, what makes up a woman with a class? How do you carry yourself as such? Here is how to be a classy lady.

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How To Be A Classy Lady?


1. Speak Without Using Vulgarity

Using curse words and inappropriate speech is a pretty big sign that someone does not carry themselves with class. Would you walk into a business meeting or speak to a potential client dropping f-bombs? It doesn’t sound classy at all.

A sophisticated woman speaks without using vulgarity. Being mindful of how you speak while in public is essential. You never know who you may come across, and you don’t want to give off the wrong impression that you’re a dirty mouth.

2. Be Courteous

Common courtesy and manners are becoming an endangered species in this day and age, but a classy lady proudly speaks with unwavering behaviors. This makes a woman elegant and sophisticated.

She doesn’t just say Yes or No, while questioned. Additionally, she says things like “No, Thank you” and “Yes, Please.” She smiles and speaks confidently to people. She also brings along charm when she enters a room.

She replies with classy gestures like “yes, sir” and “no, ma’am” to respect elders and strangers, especially when she doesn’t yet know who they are.

Embracing these simple habits that successful women display can help you being a classy lady. Yet, some women refuse to do so, while classy ladies will strive to be courteous to others.

3. Do Not Be Quick to Anger

You will not find a classy lady screaming at her significant other or friend in public. She will not be found fuming or complaining over a petty thing. It is essential to control your emotions and be more critical of your reactions.

There have been many times that someone did something or said something that made me less than happy, but I had to learn to practice control and patience so that I didn’t haul off snapping at people in public and compromising my character.

A classy lady responds to situations calmly and without losing her temper.

It is easy to scream at the fast-food worker who doesn’t seem to understand the definition of fast, but it takes control and class to be patient and then still smile and say “thank you” when the food does finally arrive.

The person who is kind to the fast-food employee is the same person that could get food for free or even get a surprisingly good reaction and attitude from the service worker.

4. Don’t Be Prone To Violence

An elegant woman is not prone to violence. You will not find a classy lady brawling in the streets. There is always a calm, non-violent way to solve issues if there’s one. No man or internet beef is worth giving up your self-respect and getting out of character.

A classy lady will not respond with violence but either ignore or respond with love instead.

5. Take Pride In Your Appearance

classy woman-what makes a woman elegant-alignthoughts

Taking pride in your appearance doesn’t mean to be materialistic or self-absorbed.

But a classy lady knows how she carries herself represents the type of person she is.

A classy lady wouldn’t leave the house without making sure she looks presentable.

She may not have money for fancy and expensive items, but her clothes are always clean and neatly pressed. Her hair will always be combed and healthy-looking,  and she will make sure she has taken care of her oral and physical hygiene so that she smells nice when she goes out as well.

To be a classy lady, never step out without fixing these things:

  • Clean and combed hair
  • Good oral and physical hygiene
  • Clean nails
  • Clean and neatly pressed clothes

6. Be Kind To Others

A classy lady is the one you’ll find uplifting and encouraging other people, especially women. We are often found tearing each other down and hating each other for dumb reasons. Kindness makes a woman look sophisticated and elegant.

Classy women choose to show love and respect for their peers. They support those striving for success.

A classy and sophisticated woman will be the one who walks into a room and brings joy and happiness to those around her because she’s smiling and speaking to everyone with ego or jealousy.

7. Classy Ladies Don’t Gossip

Sitting around and talking about others is truly a waste of time. However, women are known for gossiping because it is something that we often do. Sometimes without even thinking about it, I will find myself listening to the tea that may come into earshot.

However, a classy lady doesn’t have an interest in drama or lies spread by other people. She doesn’t believe everything she hears and won’t be covering it around.

She will defend someone who she hears being allowed on, and she will not allow hateful speech on strangers or acquaintances to be recognized in her presence. That’s one of my favorite characteristics that a classy lady possesses.

8. Be Punctual 

A classy woman is respectful of other people’s time and will be where she says she will be when she says she will be there. She is responsible enough to get ready because she doesn’t want to leave people waiting for her.

9. A Classy Lady Is Well Educated

A classy lady isn’t just a pretty face who dresses well and is polite. A woman with a class is also a woman who is educated and intelligent. She can hold a deep and intellectual conversation and engage with anyone she meets. She reads often and is always looking to learn more. This is probably my favorite classy lady attribute!

A classy lady is easy to spot. She’s a fearsome being to behold.

Class may be less popular these days, but it’s no less powerful, influential, and definitely no less noticeable.

A lady boss is much more likely to succeed and leave a mark as a classy boss lady. Apart from these, other signs that make you a classy lady are good table manners and etiquette.

What do you think it takes to be a classy lady indeed? I’ll be honest. Sometimes I do fall short on the classy side. Do you consider yourself to be a full-time class act? Share your thoughts on what makes a woman elegant down below!

Key Takeaways On How To Be A Classy Lady

  • Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a woman who handles her business simultaneously smartly gets things done.
  • A certain characteristic makes a woman classy, elegant, and sophisticated.
  • A classy woman is punctual and is respectful of other people’s time.
  • You will not find a classy lady screaming at her significant other or friend in public.
  • Similarly, kindness makes a woman look sophisticated and elegant.
  • Moreover, a classy, sophisticated woman is mindful of what she speaks and how she speaks.
  • A classy lady stands out of the crowd as she exhibits confidence and command.

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Rikki Parker
Rikki Parker
Rikki is a blogger and writer who is all about self-empowerment, positivity, and growth. She loves writing and inspiring people. She also writes on her personal blog and runs a YouTube channel. Helping other people drives her, and Rikki loves doing it full-time!

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