How Peer Pressure Can Effect Negatively On Teenagers?

“If you don’t do this you are a baby!” “Oh come on! Do it! It’s cool!” “I will not talk to you if you don’t do this!” “Please do it for us! For the sake of our friendship!” “Come on, it won’t kill you!”

These are just a few of the many examples of what leads to peer pressure. Peer pressure has been a part of our daily lives. Each one of us, knowingly or unknowingly, has been subject to peer pressure. But the most affected are teenagers. Teens’ relations with their peers play a major role in their overall development.

Sometimes peer pressure can be positive. Sometimes, it inculcates new hobbies, habits, attitudes health conscience, or a strong urge to succeed amongst people and where this happens, it is positive. Positive peers can motivate and help an individual to grow. But negative peer pressure can make an individual’s life miserable.

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Teen experiencing peer relationship difficulties are at a risk for a variety of future adjustment problems as well as emotional problems. According to a survey, between 5% and 10% of children experience chronic peer relationship difficulties such as peer rejection and harassment – both physical as well as verbal.

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Some factors that lead to disharmony of peers are:

  • Different physical attributes such as speech problems. Physical clumsiness or disability
  • Hyperactivity or aggression
  • Shy or withdrawn behavior

Teenagers give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or because they worry that other kids might make fun of them if they don’t go along with the group. Others go along because they are interested or curious to try something new that others are doing. The idea that “everyone’s doing it” can influence some kids to leave their common sense, behind.

Here are some of the negative effects of peer pressure

  1. Forced Change In Lifestyle

Many times individuals are forced to lead a certain kind of lifestyle that they are not comfortable with. This may include late night partying, alcoholism, drugs, excess expense, etc. individuals may lose their identities and in worst cases can even fall prey to depression or delinquent activities.

  1. Loss of Individuality

Extreme peer pressure may lead to follow what peers feel right. The end result is that the individuals blindly imitate the group; one adopts their choice of fashion, clothing, music, hair or general style of living and the others follow. This can force individuals to lose their choice and taste of life and make them imitate someone they are not and live like that.

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  1. Alienation From The family

Individuals just don’t like to be in the company of their parents as they that their values are hindrances in the way of desires. A negative peer pressure is always antagonistic to the values that are promoted by the parents. So initially the teens compromise the values and then indulge in activities that are contrary to them.


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  1. Disinterest In Studies

The education of teens is highly affected. Teens begin to ignore studies and start bunking classes to look cool. Continuation of such behavior can cause grades to fall and in the future can affect the career of the individual.


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  1. Negative Behavior

Peer pressure leads to negative behavior in an individual. They feel hostile and their relationship with loved ones is affected. They also succumb to negative thoughts.

Peer pressure can be dealt with easily. One needs to build their self-esteem and confidence and learn to say no to the things they aren’t comfortable with.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

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