How Modern Labs Are Run?

It’s not just studying hypotheses and conducting experiments that define the core of a given laboratory. Certainly, the purpose of science is the study, discovery, breakthrough, and normalization of new knowledge. However, at the core of modern labs are the facilitation of cogent management protocols.

Such management requires two key qualities: strategy, and diversification of laboratory concentration. Here’s the thing, the most promising study can lead to a dead-end. If it does, both the time and resources devoted to that study are ultimately lost. Thomas Alva Edison may say scientists have merely found “another way X cannot be done,” rather than failing. However, when you balance the books financially, such optimism likely won’t be apparent.

The key to overcoming such dead ends is to design your laboratory such that it is constantly pursuing a ubiquity of possibilities.

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You don’t know which one will ultimately end up yielding “pay dirt,” or “gold,” as it were. So you need to diversify that which strategically defines your laboratory.

On top of that, you need to trim the fat from operations in terms of technological utility, innovation, and the elimination of negative redundancies. Positive redundancies would be things like multiple backups. Negative redundancies would be things like repeated bureaucratic processing of information for reasons of politics or policy, either of which could be changed for better operational fluidity.

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Three Prime Technological Innovations Defining Modern Labs

A great way to get over unnecessary operational complications is to find ways you can reduce such exigencies wherever possible. You might use RFID tags to categorize and manage test animals rather than older methods which take longer, like ear-tagging and written logs. With RFID, you can get the numbers instantaneously, reducing the time necessary for data processing.

Expediting animal study data through high-quality lab animal management software like Studylog can help your lab be at the top of its game as well; according to the site, this software is used by the world’s leading academic, government, biotech, and pharmaceutical labs in dozens of countries to run and manage animal research studies.

Something else which modern labs use with increasing regularity is Big Data protocols through the cloud. Already cloud computing apps are characterizing diverse business solutions. Especially when it comes to laboratory exploits, there is prime potential for cost-effective optimization.

With the cloud, you can totally outsource internal servers, which will save tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of dollars annually. Additionally, this allows you to reduce personnel costs. Those who would traditionally manage an internal server solution are no longer necessary.

Additionally, cloud computing solutions that provide DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and DaaS (Device as a Service) can allow scientists to access and update data wherever they happen to have a solid internet connection.

Also, the end-user device operatives update form can be traded out without additional cost should it malfunction with Device as a Service, which functions as a sort of rental solution in terms of end-user devices.

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The Right Approach Will Yield More Actionable Data

These things can also free up operational space, which can then be used to process more in-depth experiments.

Cloud computing is a true game-changer, and as it becomes increasingly involved with IoT devices.

Laboratories become increasingly effective through operational optimization.

Consider your laboratory as it stands currently. Are you running it like a modern lab, or are you stuck in the fifties? Optimize where you can in terms of technology and management, diversify operations, and be strategic about it all.

You don’t want to change everything at the same time unless you’ve got the resources to absorb this cost. If you take an approach like this, your lab will be more effective and competitive over time.

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