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How Millennials Are Struggling Between The Generation Gap And Lifestyle?

The Millennials is a name given to the generation born between 1982 and 2004. The millennial generation faces a lot of problems and grunts of their elders and society for trying not to follow their seniors to bring change. Every new change is first opposed and then gradually accepted. We are the millennial kids struggling due to the generation gap and major economical shifts that happened when we grew up. It seems Gen X and Baby boomers have all sorted compared to younger generations.

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We are often caught in the crossfire of our parents and our own true calling. No doubt we are exposed to generational character assassination, but we are stoically building a new social and economic model for future generations. In fact, the Gen Z generation is reaping all those benefits that we millennials struggled for.

The struggle we millennials face is real and impacts our decision making largely. The millennial generation is under the constant scrutiny of their parents for not choosing a lifestyle that is similar to theirs.

On the other hand, millennials are trying to build a society that will make the future safe, secure, and easy for the generations to come.

On one side, millennials wish to fly high to achieve their dreams, but on the other hand, we struggle to stay rooted.

Here Are The Problems of Millenials That Impact The Generation Badly

millennial struggles and problems

The ultimate millennials struggle is between the generation gap and adapting the progressive lifestyle, and only a millennial can understand it.

1. Millennial Are Good At Saving, But Bad At Investing 

Not even 1 in 5 millennials have an investment account. Less than a third of millennials are taking their 401k plans seriously.

But on the bright side, a survey conducted by the Bank of America showed that one in six millennials have saved $100,000 or more.

Even though millennials are super savers compared to their previous generations of Gen Y and Baby boomers, shying away from investment can put millennials in trouble during their retirement.

2. Millennials Get Fired Often

With an increasing quantity of universities, the quality of education has been decreasing. Hence Millennials ended up studying useless degrees and are also deemed to be poorly skilled compared to the previous generations.

With the changing lifestyle, new jobs and skills were required in the market that was not taught to the millennials. For that reason, even talented millennials keep getting fired.

Companies must give a chance to their millennial workforce to prove their abilities before even rejecting them for the job.

3. Increasing Demands From Gen X- The Struggles Of Being A Millennial

The millennial generation has a bad reputation on account of not being the right consumer. Due to high student loans and increasing demands for new labor skills, millennials are not active home and car buyers.

They do not want to settle down easily by following a pattern in life as their senior generations did.

4. The Digital Generation – Technology Is a Boon Yet Barrier At The Same Time

Millennials got their name from the Millenium, which is the timeframe when millennials grew as young adults. They are also called ‘digital natives’.

We are truly the digital generation. Millennials have witnessed the boom in the telecommunication industry, digital marketing, and many alike businesses.

Millennials are the pioneers to explore the new and uncharted territory of the internet leveraging the digital community.

For us, the digital community is critical. We love to speak up issues that bother us. We have grown a huge community digitally that many businesses today run on.

Breaking stereotypes, embracing women empowerment, creating gay or lesbian friendly rights, millennials have done it all. They have been actively participating in uplifting local communities.

We are also devoted to our digital community. Frequent interactions and finding solace in anonymity is part of this digital community.

We get instant feedback, and thus the working is faster and more accurate. The mobile generation relies upon the digital family as it is more interactive and thus helps in bringing the change that faster.

5. Less Physical Interactions Creating More Introverts

On the downside of digitalization, social life and books are taken over by social networks and eBooks/e-readers. They no longer communicate face to face but via Facebook or Instagram. Very few millennials have reading books as their hobby.

Rather than direct face-face communication, Millennials felt comfortable over:

  • text messages
  • email
  • instant messaging

More people from the younger generation experience loneliness at the workspace, with millennials having the highest population of loners.

A study revealed that 47 percent of Millennials feel lonely at work, compared to 36 percent of Gen X.

They want their own space, and yet every aspect of their life is out in the open for everyone to read. They would rather chat with a friend than meet them face to face.

From no reachability to instant reachability, millennials have seen it all.

4. Millennial Generation Is Less Committed

Millennials are less attached to their family and they love a changing landscape. We always seek for change and hesitate to commit to one single house, or one single car, or even one committed relationship.

In 2018, less than 60% of millennials aged 25 to 34 lived with a partner versus 80% in 1967.

Our elders do not approve of it because their generation was different. But with the changing pace, we like to change too. We avoid investing in long term relationships due to the fear of settling in.

We would rather like to move around and settle where the needs are suited and not based on the whims of society. There is definitely a generation gap and millennials are struggling with it.

Marriage and family have taken a second stance on our freedom and lifestyle. We simply wish to grow without any liabilities and responsibilities acting as hindrances.

7. Millennials Are Action Oriented

There is no doubt that the struggle we go through every day is different and challenging.

It is hard to choose the type of education, and the degree will result in job security. But our desire to accomplish is far more durable than any other struggle.

We would instead make a portfolio and business connection rather than choose a degree.

Concluding thoughts,

Millennials are aware that society and its norms are changing, and so to be able to move forward, we need to evolve with the time. Every generation has its ups and downs, and we would like to be remembered as someone who paved the path for the future generation to wise up.

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