Here’s How Bullying Affect Your Child And The Ways To Protect Your Child From Bullies

Bullies are all around us, be it at home, in the office, or at the school level. You might have bullied someone, or the other way round. But bullies have a greater impact on the formative years. Sadly, children are more susceptible to it.

It is hard to digest the fact that the act of bullying affects all children. Individuals who are active, brilliant, friendly with others, and easy-going are considered an easy target to be bullied. In short, if your child is more skilled and stands out of the crowd, then the eyes of a bully are on your kid. On the other hand, those who bully are to undergoing mental disturbances. I agree belittling someone, pushing them around is all part of aggression, but we need to understand, the act impacts all children. Both bullies and the one being bullied.

No one can predict who is going to be bullied. There might be some factors contributing to the fact that certain children are more prone to it than the others.

To understand why your child is a bully or a victim at school, we must be aware of the causes and impacts of bullying on these children.

1. If your child is the one who is bullied

A child who might already be a victim can easily be a target because of the child’s low self-confidence. They might feel exposed and vulnerable. The impact of bullying is severe. Parents and counselors can notice them by looking at these signs. Some of the signs that indicate your child is bullied are:

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Negative Self Imaging

Children feel it is their fault that they are being bullied. They start to feel hurt and embarrassed. Because of their vulnerability, they are likely to develop a feeling of anxiety and even depression. Kids who are bullied are lonely.

Growing Distances And Repeated Illness

These children start growing apart from their parents and friends. Some of them even drop out of school. Bullied kids are not able to enjoy even simple activities of interest. Changes in eating and sleeping habits are other potential signs of being bullied. Frequent bouts of illness are not to be missed.

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Socially Withdrawn

The kids feel aloof. They cultivate fear for the things they once loved doing. They become more isolated and communicate as little as possible. Their grades start to drop, and academic achievements start to dwindle. The number of friends decreases rapidly. Some kids experience nightmares too.

2. If your child is the one who bullies

The kids who bully are no different from the rest of the kids. They might seem physically tough, but they are equally weak. They feed on the fear of the ones they bully. But bullying has a deep and long-lasting impact, and the reasons somehow coil around the upbringing of your child.

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A child is said to turn into a bully majorly to seek attention. This signifies that parents do not spend quality time with the child or do not appreciate the child more often. Comparing your child with other kids is also an important reason for a child to turn aggressive and bully other kids.

  • Long-lasting emotional problems
  • Their lack of compassion and empathy leaves them exposed. They are not able to relate to their peers and are prone to violence.
  • Criminal citations and traffic violations as adults are common to those who were bullies once.
  • They are most likely to develop alcohol abuse and even substance abuse when they grow a little older.
  • They get into frequent brawls, vandalizing the property.

Concluding Thoughts,

We, as onlookers, are also responsible for the way these kids develop. As parents, we do not watch out for these kids who are being bullied or the ones who are bullies themselves.

Know the signs and try to talk it out with these kids to share what they feel. Try to seek the help of the school and guidance counselor. When curbed at the right age, bullying can be stopped. It is harmful to our children and for the place we call home.

Leave behind your comments on why a child is bullied and how to prevent a child from turning into a bully at first.

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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