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Here Are The Six Ways To Earn Money Without Having A 9 to 5 Job

A Master’s education, a well-paying job, home to live and home loans to pay and making up for the security deposit for a hassle-free old age. Is that the route to settled life?? How about taking a turn and doing something creative out of the traditional 9-5 workforce box.

Top 6 ways to be your own boss and earn significant money

Let’s get started!

1. Being A Freelancer

Spread the magic of your words

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Freelance writing is one of the best ways to capitalize on your creative skills. When you write as a freelance writer, you neither work for any particular product nor do you confine yourself to one single entity but rather you spread your wings in different directions, choose your time of work, your clients and get paid for every word you mince.
There are sites that pay well for your articles, you can choose your subjects from the list and in some sites, you can also bid the rate per word, per page.

Here Are The Six Ways To Earn Money Without Having A 9 to 5 Job-alignthoughts

Here are some really good freelancing websites to help you grow as a freelancer:

Upwork – Previously known as odesk

This website is a host to a varied collection of freelancing fields right from Radio broadcasting to Still life painting, from sound design to visual arts, from graphic design to concept artistry, this freelancing website has worked for everyone (heaven for creative writers), irrespective of the fact whether you are a beginner or a pro, full-time or part-time.
Choose your short term, long term, weekly or hourly projects and make a living out of the 9-5 clock.

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Freelancer – Another largest hub for writers

But be prepared for the fierce competition because here it’s not just about writing, it’s about being best in the lot with upbeat confidence and some excellent writing skills.

Level of experience, some certified English writing skills, your bids for each project would help you bag a decent amount of work.

The range for earning starts as less as $10-30 (USD) for micro-projects and could go up to $1500-3000 for medium projects. Along with your writing expertise, soft skills and interaction would really boost up your chances to get good projects.

Demand Media – A creative platform not just limited to writers

Reach out and engage the larger audience with your unique content. An hourly contract writer could earn up to approximately $20 (Glassdoor Reviews).

So pull up your sleeves and get set for some serious mind-boggling writing.

Some of the best freelance sites are:

  • MyLot – A quick response guarantees a quick payment

Writing responses to a group discussion on any random general topic is how you work with MyLot. So jump into the discussion, agree-disagree or put up your straightforward opinions and at the end of the day get paid anywhere from $10 to $50 per month.

  • Iwriter – Keep writing articles and upgrade yourself from Standard writer

Premium writer to finally Elite writer. The rate for a normal 500-word article varies from $2 – $20 depending upon whether you are a Standard writer or Elite writer.

  • Constant-Content

If you belong to the grammatically correct excellent writer category, then your first step towards your dream of becoming a writer is here.

This site requires you to be extraordinarily precise with your writing and grammar. The first step is to clear the quiz and gains entry into the team, but the tough part is being extremely well in your writing part and staying in the team. Because once you are out, there is no return (You are banished from the kingdom). Set your own price per word and share the revenue.



If you are good at writing academic stuff, then jump the Writerbay bandwagon and help students and others finish up their assignments while making some good money as much as $20 per page.

2. E-Book

If you are not the two-page writer and the kind of bookish writer, then the e-book is your safe haven and self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle, Nook Press, iBook Authors, Kobo Writing Life, Smashwords, Createspace are your calling, don’t miss them out.

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3. Blogger

Blogging is being your own boss. Write what you like, whenever you like and however you like.
With sites likes Blogspot and WordPress, it is a quick-start-easy-process for any beginner to start a basic blog and play around with words.

Well, your blog could be anything from inspirational stories to some out-of-my-diary poems, short fictional stories to wisdom quotes, food blogs to travel blogs, book reviews to makeup reviews to reviews of all kinds’ right from technology to the house interior. The trick is simple, know your niche, dominate it and grow your network.

If you are an absolute foodie, love visiting every new restaurant taste various dishes and write reviews, or maybe an excellent cook with a penchant to try new recipes, and addition to all this if you know how to twist and turn your taste buds and cooking skills into words, then my friend adore yourself with a food blogger hat.

If you are the wanderlust kind of soul, hone your photography skills and attach your story to every picture. Be the explorer of the untraveled paths and see how many start to follow you on the unexplored roads.

Blogging does not only give you the free pleasure of being content and happy in doing what you like, but it also lets you monetize your happiness. The simplest way is to allow ads on your blogging site. It is either cost per click or cost per 1000 impressions, make some decent economical amount at the start, and once the traffic hits peak you will make a better profit. Starting from Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, and

Other ways to monetize through your blogs are to engage an audience and strike the chord with consulting firms, speaking gigs, sell products, private ads, and memberships, sponsorship revenues, affiliate links with your content, review restaurants, new gadgets, spas, and saloons, etc.

4. Consultant OR Coder OR Web Designer

Another platform for showcasing your skill sets is being a contractual consultant, a social media marketing expert, crack a code, and design a website. There are sites like Guru, 99designs, Peopleperhour, iFreelance, Project4Hire, GetACoder.

You may not get hold of extraordinary projects but rather land up having small projects, a limited budget working with start-up clients, but in all sense, this is a start and the best way to build your portfolio at the beginner level.

The type of short-term or medium projects, the clients and the amount of work you put in plus your years of experience are deciding factors for your monetary gains. While website like iFreelance lets to have 100% percent of your earnings, other websites might take revenue shares.

Social media consultants earn anywhere between $15 per hour to $5000 per project for business and venture enterprise. Graphic design could help you make an extra $200-900 per month apart from your routine salary for an average project. A coder, on the other hand, can charge an average of $22$ per hour depending upon the projects and level of experience.

5. Being YouTuber

Youtube-Vlogger – Be a Superwoman (I am her big Fan), Be the tech review-guru like Marques Brownlee or Ranjit Kumar, sing your song like Shirley Setia, cook like Sanjay Thumma and Nisha Madhulika, and dress up and show up like Shruti Arjun Anand, Be satirical like Kanan Gill, Share knowledge like Vikram Yadav

Basically just, Be a passionate performer, Be a Guru, Be a Critic, Just be You

Average monthly earnings from YouTube vlog depends on different factors having similarities with blogging such as

  • Ads before Videos and CPM (Clicks Per Minute)
  • Sell digital products and consulting services
  • Brand- Partner- Pair up with an enterprise and promote their brand
  • Make revenue from affiliate marketing

On average the top 10 channels on YouTube make about $20,000 a month. No wonder being a YouTuber is in Trend and a legitimate profession. But the amount of time, diligence, dedication and quality of content is what makes up for being successful in this venture and eventually is the deciding factor on monetary gains.

6. Being Artistic, Being Crafty

Remember those art and craft classes back in school and how we had fun making parrots and boats from craft papers, or the teddy-bear making lessons and the embroidery sessions, clay-modeling, or the watercolor shades experiment.

Well if you haven’t forgotten those classes and have the nerve to experiment even more new crafty ideas and be an absolute artist, then plunge into the craft world and be a creative magnet.

And there are sites that acknowledge your sense of art and craft:

  • If you know how to get humorous with images then Avanti Press and Funny times are the right spots for you
  • If there is the fire in your jewelry design and papercraft, spit some fire at Artfire
  • If you want your art to be immortalized on a souvenir piece, contact Cape Shore
  • And sites like Zazzle, Threadless and Wild Apple use your artistic and creative design on a variety of products.

But what if you don’t need a helping hand and decide to take it all in your OWN hands. All you need is your creative idea, a Facebook page, a bit of friendly networking and finally uploading the masterpiece. Isn’t that dead simple!!!!!

Your creativity doesn’t need to go from door to door, just figure out the right networking. And the best way is social media.


Creativity simply at its best.

Concluding Thoughts,

There are decent ways to make some extra money and it only requires you to get involved with your passion and become creative with ideas something which you may not be able to indulge in your daily 9-5 routine job.

This creative curiosity is not an easy road, and certainly no shortcut to success. You won’t become a star overnight, you have to build your target audience slowly and steadily, you have to perfect your niche with due diligence and over time enjoy the fruits of the seeds you had sown.

No matter how much you make, the bottom line is if it’s your passion and if it makes you happy then do it. All you have to do is enjoy your work, profit and contentment will follow suit.

Comment below your thoughts and other means of how to make your life easier than just having a 9 to 5 job. Share this article with your friends to help follow their passion and earn money. Also, subscribe with us to not miss any fun.

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Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Vidhisha is an academic researcher with a focus on climate change and sustainability. She is a Ph.D. professor by profession and a writer from the heart. Writing has been her passion that started as journal writing and eventually found a new path. She is also a mentor promoting critical thinking and truly believes words have the power to weave magic and can paint a picture of imagination.

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