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Fun Ways To Motivate Kids To Play Outdoors

Kids seldom listen to us, but they follow us whatever we do. We as parents can share with them how as kids we played in parks, played around the neighborhood, how we played sports by watching our favorite sports star on television. We also have to see that we don’t become too authoritative towards them but at the same time send across our messages more amicably. One of the best ways to motivate kids to play outdoors is we as parents should become a role model and involve in physical activity.



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Make The Kids Do What You Want Them To Do Without Being Pushy

In the present generation, it is undoubtedly an arduous task to motivate kids to play outdoors because for them it is easy to play games on their iPad providing them comfort compared to going out and play.

Merely telling them to play outside will not work but we need to motivate them to do so, as parents we should go and play our favorite sport in the nearby playground where the kids can see us playing.

Thus, we need to practice this activity regularly then its more likely that kids will observe this and would develop interest and join us eventually.

Present Gadget Era Kids Are Losing The Pleasure Of Outdoor Games

The current generation kids are far away from outdoor activities compared to our times because now the screen time has replaced the real-world activity. Kids are slowly getting addicted to these online games which makes them lose the real pleasure of playing outside because this serves them lot of excitement.

Technically speaking, a rush of dopamine releases in their brain making them come to it again and again.

Proven Benefits For Kids Who Play Outdoors

It is proven that playing outdoors with good physical activity will help kids stay away from many health-related problems like:

  • childhood obesity
  • diabetes
  • hormonal imbalances like PCOS/PCOD.

16 Fun Ways To Motivate Kids To Play Outdoors

Fun Ways To Motivate Kids To Play Outdoors-AlignThoughts

• As parents, we must motivate our kids by taking them out for trekking to a hillside. Educate them to spend more time with nature which will eliminate the screen time to some extent. Being outdoors will bring in a lot of humility in them they will learn to be more respectful to other kids and elders around.

Visiting a farm nearby

This is also something you can try. Tell them about farming that will bring in a lot of curiosity in them. As parents, you need to be involved with them and become a kid yourself if it’s required then you will see how kids will do what you want them to do without sounding preachy. The whole idea is to keep them occupied with some physical activity.

• A chat session along with their friends can bring in lot excitement you can discuss with them about the benefits of playing outside. Once their friends come and play then your job becomes easy. The kids will get influenced and would play out once they see their friends doing the same.

• Sometimes kids fear of playing in the mud thinking they might catch some infection that is because sometimes parents instruct them to stay away which somewhere hinders their natural state. So it is critical that you should not give them such impression instead set them free, give them their own space and tell them that it is acceptable if they become little shabby while playing.

Organizing a trip to a nearby park is something you can frequently do. You can ask them to call their friends which will create a sense of bonding. They will interact, play in a group which would be quite encouraging for every kid.

Let them jump around the trees, run on the hill but if you are concerned about their safety then keep an eye on them while they enjoy. You can check with them promptly if they are safe and not hurting themselves. The best idea would be to join them while they are having a good time.

Take them to an actual sporting event where they can watch their favorite sports star in action.

Enrolling them for swimming classes is also an excellent idea to make your kids get outdoors and be physically active. It is sure that you as a parent cannot replace the screen time altogether; instead, you can give them access to the gadgets only for a limited time. Maybe you can set a timer. This way they will be more disciplined.

• One more way to make the kids play outside is teaching them about gardening, the best way to do is to get involved, get your hands dirty. It is an extreme form of physical work which will keep them engaged moreover they will be closer to nature. You can show them how to plant a tree, water it every day so they would see it growing day by day which would bring a lot of excitement in them. The kids will try to run their imagination as to how big the tree will grow.

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Visiting places such as mountains, lakes, deserts, is a good idea to make kids play outdoors in nature. You can narrate stories related to these scenic beauties. As an example, you can tell them if one has the right kind of mindset and determination then they can even climb the mountain by pointing towards it. You can give some examples of legendaries who climbed the iconic Mount Everest.

Taking them to a beach is also a great idea

You can teach the kids how to build a castle with sand lying there. Tell them stories about the ocean that how big it is, stories related to the fisherman who struggles every day for a living by catching fishes and how sometimes it is tough for them to fish due to the ocean currents. By telling them stories related to what they see will create longlasting impressions on their minds, they will develop a never say die attitude.

Go for an evening walk with the kids

While walking you can explain them about how our nature is so unusual by pointing towards the sky showing the moon, the stars how everything is so in sync and how mother nature takes care of all this.

Cycling with the kids

It is also a great idea to help your kids play outdoors; you can cycle around with them which would also take care of your health.

Take them on a picnic

Arrange picnics to some nearby open parks where you have a lot of greenery, carry stuff along with you like football, badminton. Run around with them. This activity will make them understand how much fun it is to play outside.

• You can brainstorm about games which they can play outside, for instance, whoever runs faster or does more jumps will get to savor their favorite snack. This type of healthy competition will shape up their personalities and prepare them for more significant challenges in life.

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• Even having an aquarium at home is a fantastic idea to bring your kids closer to nature. Ask them to feed the fishes, if you are cleaning the aquarium take them along with you and show them the importance of cleanliness that without it even the fishes cannot survive.

In the aquarium, you will see a different type of fishes so you can tell them what makes them unique. Your kids can grow up to love oceans and fishes thereby trying to save the dying oceans.

Keep a pet at home

Kids love pets, and even the pets get along very well with kids. Amongst all the pets undoubtedly dogs are the best.

So sometimes when they are not in a mood to go and play the dog will easily persuade them to go out, and after a while, kids will love to play with the dog. They can become great friends.

Concluding Thoughts

These are some excellent ways to motivate kids to play outdoors and needs to be applied before the gadget era takes over. We as parents must walk the talk and listen to them more than we speak. Kids are like clay; we can mold them the way we want, and this is the ideal age when we should try.

As a parent do not compare your life how it used to be back then and what they are experiencing now. By doing this, you will unnecessarily burden them with comparisons which can prove to be overwhelming for them instead explain to them how being physically active is beneficial, how they can become stronger like their favorite sports stars. Make it a point to compliment them even at their smallest achievements in life. If as parents, we include this in our behavior then playing outside will come naturally to them.

How often do you take your kids outdoors for physical activities? Let us know your outdoor activity ideas in the comments below. For more interesting content, stay subscribed to us.

Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali works in the health and wellness domain for the past ten years. Currently working as a freelance wellness coach, he helps his clients with their fitness goals by improving their lifestyle and enhancing their self-esteem. Shekhar loves to educate people about health and wellness by writing articles as it gives him an outlet to share his thoughts on the subject.

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