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Short stories from various genres including horror, thriller, suspense, romance etc.

The Shadow Castle

Part-I The scarlet ball of fire turned into hues of orange and then tangerine, and gradually it merged with the distant hills of Aravalli leaving...
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The Purpose – Short Story

Genre: Paranormal  Abstract: Darren was the man of destiny, who had a special power of possessing animals. Raised in an orphanage and earning his livelihood...

A Mother and a Daughter

“She is all I have, and I want to do so much for her, but I have got so little time left“ thought Sarah. Sarah...
Magician’s Death featured- alignthoughts

Magician’s Death

Magician's death is a short story about a famous magician Hugo Xander who dies during his performance. This fiction reveals a deep conspiracy and...
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Two members of a secret group passed away within a very short span of time. Initially, their deaths appeared to be normal and peaceful; but the circumstances were very much alike; which raised the suspicion of detective Marie Claire.
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The Cursed Book

Part-I “Benedict Farey was a professor of history; he taught at the University of New York and was working on Egyptian history.” Sheriff Jamie Jerkins...