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Can AI help save endangered languages? Probably it can. That’s the power of technology. Our technology category contains well researched new updates on technology including the scope of AI, robotics, smart appliances, mobile technology, programming languages, drone technology and much more.


5 Best Smart Car Models on the Market Today

You will easily recognize a smart car on the street. It has a sleek, futuristic design, its engine is quieter than other car engines,...
flying cars-transport in the future

How Will Cutting Edge Technologies Change Transport in the Future?

Have you ever wondered how transport in the future will be like? Will we be able to teleport wherever we want? Will we have...
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How Can Augmented Reality Change Your Shopping Experience?

The benefits of augmented reality technology are spellbound. For some time now, augmented reality marketing experiences have made their way on people’s mobile and...

How Important Is Java In Our Everyday Lives?

Java revolutionized modern programming by combining useful features found in other programming languages and made them available in one piece of software. Java supports...
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Electricity-Producing Bacteria And The Technique Behind It

One of the key issues we face at present is producing more and more electricity to power up all the devices we use on...
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Foldable Smartphones: The Hot Trend for This Year

Have you given a thought about foldable smartphones? Smartphones have become the carriers of our online identities, our personal cinemas, our wallets….our permanent companions...