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5 Ways How Social Media Is Killing Your Real Life Relationships

Change is one thing that takes time to sink in for anyone. But this one change that seamlessly embedded into every one of us’...
Factors Influencing Parental Involvement

Ways To Show Parental Involvement In Child Development?

A parent’s role in a child’s education does not end with sending them to school. Right from teaching your kids to walk until you...

10 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day

Reading books is one of the most beautiful hobbies one can embrace. No, I’m not talking about the Kindle books. I am referring to...
Fun Ways To Motivate Kids To Play Outdoors-AlignThoughts

Fun Ways To Motivate Kids To Play Outdoors

Kids seldom listen to us, but they follow us whatever we do. We as parents can share with them how as kids we played...
5 ways to improve your production workflow-alignthoughts

Studio Production Tips – 5 Ways to Improve Your Production Workflow

When it comes to writing an album or EP, it is important to develop a comprehensive solid production workflow.  In this article, we are...

Twenty Everyday Things That Are Killing You Slowly

It is no mystery that most of the things that we use every day aren’t very healthy. Our life has become so stressful and...