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Travel Guide And Tips To Plan Your Trip Around The World

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Don’t you wanna read the entire book? Travel is a mantra to lighten your mood; it is a way to live healthily and the eye opener to the world full of new cultures, languages, food and just new ways of living. The waterfalls in Iceland, the vintage streets in Paris, the witty sex streets in Amsterdam, the gorgeous lakes in India, the ancient buildings in Rome, the sunsets in Bali, the beaches of Australia; all are waiting to spend time with you! Let go off all your mundane life and break the trend of following the same routine. We all travel around the world to experience different cultures, see different landscapes and taste delicious cuisines. Here’s the best travel guide to help you travel light and safe and be informed about the do’s and don’ts while traveling around the world. Make the most of these travel tips to have a memorable trip!

Take off from your work. Plan a vacation and leave your country at least once every year to explore a new world of fun. Look the world with a new perspective. Be a better person when you return home.

We bet that these travel tips will help you make your journey a memorable one!

Best Travel Guide and Travel Tips For Beginners


1) Pack Light

This is one of the primary travel guide tips for beginner travelers. Did you know that the size and style of your bags showcase your class and status of life? Imagine a prosperous business merchant, carrying a big bag full of essentials right from a moisturizer to that favorite pair of shoes. Sounds bizarre right? That’s the biggest mistake people do while traveling – carrying along with all essential things.

You are not going to Mars, where you can’t find the things you need on a daily basis. So do not end up making your trip painful by having way too many things inside your bags. This is highly important for back-packers. Keep it brief and to the point.

You are going to experience a new city, so why to carry along your usual things. Give yourself a chance to thoroughly dip into the new city life. Just don’t visit a city, but live there!

2) Do Your Homework Before The Trip

Start with finalizing which cities you want to visit. And then plan the best route possible to cover those cities. The best route here means both economical and time efficient. One of the hacks is to take cheap flights to save money and travel wisely.

Generally, over-night flights are cheaper compared to flights that run in the daytime.

If you are considering to drive a car or take public transport, it is highly recommended to study the local rules and regulations of the country and check the prices for public transport.

For instance, if you are staying in Paris for more than three days, a carnet of  10 tickets will be your best companion to travel on public transport. Whereas while traveling in Iceland, hiring a car is more convenient.

Yet another tip to plan your trip is to prebook tickets online to some of the tourist attractions.

E.g tickets to museums, aquarium, theme parks, local attractions which always have a long queue. Eliminate wait time in queues by booking these tickets online.

While in Paris, we omitted all the waiting time by purchasing a skip-the-line ticket for major tourist attractions.

Hiring a local travel guide can be a very smart idea as it enhances the quality of travel enormously. These travel guides share the history or the story behind every tourist attraction or place you visit. Such local guides even help you experience the best of the city in a very short span time.

In short, research about the place you’re visiting and it’s basic rules before you travel. This increases your confidence to go on with your plans and reduces last minute panic.

3) Explore Local Food

Exploring local food is one of the primary things every traveler must do. Local food is one of the best foods in the world. You will not know the real flavor of a country until you taste the street food. Every state has its unique flavor of local food, and it is a must when you travel.

Travel without enjoying food is like watching a Football match without a goal.

You may not enjoy to the fullest when you have missed the local food. Get into a restaurant where there is a massive crowd of the locals; it means they serve the best of the local cuisine. Treat yourself like a king. This is one of the travel tips for Europe.

4) Bring Out The Photographer In You

Photography is one of the most used inventions in the world. Photographs genuinely create memories and perhaps we mostly capture only the good memories with pictures. It helps you cherish the best moments you’ve had and brings back a smile on your face even after years when you see them.

Try to click as much as you could, where ever you visit. Not only do they create memories, but you can also start blogging about your experiences.

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5) Practice Back Up Of Documents

Be it your identity proof, birth proof or nationality proof documents; make sure you carry several copies, both hard and soft copy. Also make sure you know few emergency contact numbers of your family and friends, just in case things screw up.

Don’t rely on smartphones and the internet entirely. Instead, keep some information like phone numbers in your diary.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

6) Say Yes To Cash

Technology has shown a massive leap especially in the field of currency. This is one of the key things to remember and add it to your travel guide. We have already got so many forms and digital currency and these days you could even withdraw Bitcoins from an ATM. But the rate of trust and reliability is still in question.

So, follow the old school way of physical cash, as it is the most trusted form of holding money. Doing so you can also avoid waiting in long queues and make the most of the city you are traveling.

7) Communicate Friendly With The Locals

Communication always does not mean speaking fluently. Your eye contact, smile, walk, body language. All this counts for excellent communication with the locals. All that it takes to know more about the people and place where you are is to make the first step to initiate a conversation. And there begins a brief, unexpected friendship on your journey. Be wise about whom you talk to. You need to develop the skill to identify people’s intention from how they behave.

Locals can help you guide when you’ve lost the way. Or even share some travel tips that only local residents of the place might know. After all, communication can be the key even when in a new city.

Your thoughts,

Do you any other interesting travel guide or travel tips that you wanna share with us? Let us know your favorite countries to travel. Have a safe journey and happy traveling!! If you’ve enjoyed this article give it a thumbs-up and share it with your friends.

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