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Best Companies That Offer Internships For College Students. What Are The Skills You Require?

Internships are an excellent way for college students to not only give a boost to their résumés but also gain experience in their field of study. The benefits of internships are humongous. For some, an internship degree could smooth their path towards the bright career they want, and towards landing the job, they have been seeking.

Becoming an intern at companies that offer internships for college students is also a fantastic opportunity to build or strengthen your network in the niche you’re in. Being connected to people with years of experience will help you learn from the best and then apply those skills you polished in your future career.

Benefits Of Internships

The benefits of internships for college students and graduates run deep. Some of them are:

  1. You get the chance to explore your field of interest and gain valuable and robust work experience.
  2. Moreover, you can refine your skills and expand your knowledge, which in turn, will help you to become more confident when applying for a job.
  3. Entering the job market can be a convoluted and complicated process, but with internship experience, you will be ahead of others and more secure with regard to your potential.

The Truth About Internships And How To Find The Best One For Your Future

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But What Are The Requirements For Applying To Top Internship Programs?

Potential employers are looking for more than excellent research and data analysis skills.

Most of them believe that to really succeed at a job, you must be ambitious, tenacious, and just passionate about what you do.

There’s no shortcut to attaining the career of your dreams. If you marry these with excellent communication skills and flexibility, then you’re more than good to go.

Some employers also believe that being committed and keeping yourself focused on long-term goals will give you an impressing head start. Other requirements include the capacity to collaborate with other interns or co-workers as well as demonstrating time management skills. If you think that’s too much for a college student to bear, don’t worry.

Sometimes it’s crucial to remember to highlight your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Just make sure you reap all the incredible benefits of an internship, and you will have gained a lot in the process.

But which are the best companies that offer internships for college students? We’ve compiled a list so that you’re prepared when the time comes. You’re welcome!

The 11 Best Companies That Offer Internships For College Students

companies that offer internships for college students

1. Facebook

We’ll start with the media giant that is Facebook. Let’s not forget that a group of college students developed the earliest version of Facebook and was a platform only for college students. So it would make sense for interns also to be a big part of it.

Although Facebook competes with other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, it remains one of the best platforms that offer high-quality internship programs.

How Much Can You Earn At Facebook’s Internship Program?

A software engineer monthly intern at Facebook can earn up to $8,390/month.

2. L’Oréal

For those who are fashion and beauty industry lovers, L’Oréal might be your most exceptional choice in terms of internship.

If you’re aiming at a career in this field, becoming an intern here will give you the chance to work on real projects and explore your creative side. Being passionate is one of their top requirements, so start applying!

Pay Scale At L’Oréal’s Internship

According to Glassdoor, an intern at L’Oréal might earn up to $26 per hour.

3. Google

Google with its incredible journey is definitely one of the best companies that offer internships for college students. One of the things you need to do to get in is to stand out from thousands of applicants.

They require creativity and critical thinking and are looking for interns with a vibrant personality who can make a difference within their field.

How Much Does A Google’s Internship Program Pay?

Sources report that the average Google intern makes $5,678 per month or $68,136 per year.

4. Mayo Clinic

According to US News & World Report, Mayo Clinic is the best hospital in the country.

But don’t worry if you don’t intend to get a medical degree. There are more internship opportunities than for those interested in the health industry, such as public affairs or engineering.

Their selection process is a bit strict, but don’t let that interfere with what you want.

Do your research and pay attention to their requirements.

Pay Scale At Mayo Clinic’s Internship

The average hourly rate for an intern at Mayo Clinic is $15, says Glassdoor.

5. Apple

Getting an internship at Apple might just be your golden ticket to a solid career in this field. Although the competition is severe and the process rather rigorous, once you become their intern, you will realize it was worth it.

What Can You Earn At Apple’s Internship Program?

Not to mention Apple offers the highest salaries for interns. According to Glassdoor, the average total pay at Apple is a whopping $83K.

You may check their official careers page for more information.

6. Teach for America

Internships at Teach for America are an incredible opportunity for college students who wish to make a lasting impact in the real world.

If you’re passionate about education as well as traveling, why not combine the two?

Being an intern here will give you the chance to teach abroad, work on your language skills, and become culturally immersed in the country you’re visiting.

Also, you will get the chance to earn up to $3,000 per month!

7. YouTube

Who wouldn’t want to work on YouTube?

If you want to hit the jackpot, then get ready to compete with potential interns from all across the globe.

Due to fierce competition, only the most suited candidates will be accepted. What matters is that you prepare well in advance and show them you have what it takes.

How Much Does YouTube Pay To Interns?

If you are the chosen one for the position of a software engineer, for example, you will get to earn between $7,000 and $9,000, according to Glassdoor!

8. Vogue Magazine

What can be more glamorous than working for Vogue Magazine?

If being part of the fashion industry is what you’ve always wanted, then applying for an internship is definitely the breakthrough you need.

You may even get the chance to work with fashion icons and meet celebrities.

Do you wanna know an interesting way to crack the Vogue internship?

Participate in the Vogue Talent Contest and win an exciting chance to get featured in their magazine.

The icing on the cake is that if you’re a runner up, you gain access to meet the editors, which is a step closer for you to grab the internship.

9. American Airlines

American Airlines offer exquisite internship opportunities in several fields. They include industrial engineering, finance, and planning, passenger sales, or aircraft maintenance engineering.

Most of their internship programs are during the summer, from June to August. One other perk of working here is that interns get free flights.

How Much Does American Airlines’ Internship Program Pay?

Interns here are also well-paid – for example, an engineering co-op could earn up to $3,000 per month.

This benefit of an internship couldn’t be ignored so easily. Take advantage of it!

10. The Daily Mail

Students who want to pursue a career in journalism could get a real treat from becoming an intern at The Daily Mail.

Being familiar with local and international affairs is a prerequisite.

Because they are seeking to train the next generation of journalists, you will need to prove you have the appropriate skills, such as great attention to details.

11. Mashable

Students who are into media and entertainment can apply for an internship at Mashable, one of the most successful media and tech companies.

They promise a fun work environment and career opportunities that range from entertainment fellows (yes, this is a job title) to editors, content writers, in the fields of technology, business, and, of course, social media.

Mashable’s Internship Pay Scale

And they offer decent pay too, according to Glassdoor: up to $12 per hour.

Which is your favorite company to join as an intern? What is your dream job is? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Gregoria Petrea
Gregoria Petrea
Gregoria Petrea is an academic with a background in Cultural Studies living in Australia. She is a blogger, poet, writer, and editor. While not at work, she can be found listening to music, painting, and exploring gender studies.

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