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Benefits of Healthy Relationships: 9 Signs You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

Healthy relationships for a healthy life! Did you know that being in strong, healthy relationships can boost your well-being in the long run? In fact, a study revealed a lack of social connections could be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Hence, social health and relationships are paramount for maintaining a good lifestyle. From lowered stress levels to increased lifespan, a healthy relationship provide many benefits. Let delve deep more to know the importance of relationships and how they can impact your social life!

What Does Being In A Healthy Relationship Actually Mean?

Let’s put it out there, there is no such thing as ‘soul mate’!

4 Pillars Of A Healthy Relationship

Every great relationship consists of:

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  1. Understanding
  2. Communication
  3. Appreciation
  4. and Respect for each other

For every relationship to work successfully, you have to nurture it and put effort into it. Just like how you take care of your health.

Furthermore, a healthy relationship can also occasionally consist of compromise and sacrifices, and these adjustments don’t burden anyone in the relationship either. No two people can be a perfect match for each other. Every great relationship requires work and effort to iron out the differences.

People set relationship goals, and compare them with others on social media. Celebrities and internet fads can easily make us feel overwhelmed about our lives and relationships. But don’t let others paint a false picture on your mind.

To live and build a life together requires partnership.  

A relationship that is healthy for my mind, body, and soul is the one that will help you flourish.

The Importance And Positive Implications Of Healthy Social Relationships

Healthy Relationships benefits-alignthoughts

Several studies carried throughout the years have concluded that the importance of social relationships is beneficial for people across different age groups. Here are the top three benefits research says about the importance of social relationships.

1. Social Relationships Boosts Mental Health

Social connections are directly associated with one’s mental health. Even a report study conducted in a free health clinic revealed that insufficiency in the participants’ social connection had exposed them to increased risk of depression and anxiety.

Hence, social relationships help one combat these negative emotions and connect with others with a sense of belonging.

2. Meaningful Relationship

Every relationship serves a purpose in your life, and having healthy social well-being ensures that all your different needs are being fulfilled through these relationships.

These relationships could be with your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, spouse, neighbors, and mentors.

3. Social Relationships Improves Physical Health

Several studies have constantly proved the effects of social support on our long-term health. A study published by the Harvard Medical School suggests that having a strong social support system improves our overall health and helps us live longer.

Without a doubt, social connections contribute to improved physical health in life. Studies show that even though stress is a psychological/mental phenomenon, yet it can be detrimental to physical health.

These stress-related issues can manifest into physical health problems such as:

  • Weight Gain
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Lowered Immune Function
  • Stress Eating

But, having solid social relationships help people cope better with stress and overcome these health issues in life.

What Are The Benefits of Healthy Relationships And How It Can Impact Your Lifestyle?

health relationships-alignthoughts

A Tinder statistic reveals that 72% of millennials remain single in the hope of meeting “the one.”

If you, too, have been on the fence about deciding if a relationship is good or not for your well-being, hopefully, these signs will reinstate your faith.

1. You Always Speak Your Mind

One of the most prominent benefits of a healthy relationship is speaking your mind out without any inhibitions. In a genuine relationship, there is no room for hesitation. A relationship where it is safe to speak your mind without the fear of being misjudged is definitely worth a try.

Psychologists and relationship experts worldwide believe communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship, whether it’s with partner, family, or friends.

People can quickly resolve any misunderstanding in relationships where open communication is appreciated. If you can be dumb, annoying, blunt, childish, and even witty with your partner, then it is for the long haul. Let the conversations flow!

2. Healthy Relationship Respects Space

Everyone likes their own space. Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to be in each other’s faces all the time.

Dr. Terry Orbuch, a psychologist, research professor at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, attests that the secret to a long-lasting relationship is not sex but giving each other enough privacy and space.

If your relationship is great, it would mean that you can grow as an individual without having to depend on each other all the time. You would miss each other and would like to be together.

But at the same time, you can enjoy individual activities too.

  • Hang out with your friends
  • Plan a girl’s/guy’s night out
  • Visit your family over the weekend.

Also, here’s how you can give your partner space:

  • Never ask for the social media passwords of your significant other.
  • Don’t check your partner’s phone in their absence.
  • Respect their choice to spend some alone time.
  • Whenever your partner wants to spend time with friends, don’t stop them.

This way, both of you would enjoy each other’s company even more and become a strong couple. Distances make the heart grow fonder.

3. Comfort Level Is Infinite

Whether it is the weird noises like farts and burps (oops, excuse me) or the loud noises of television, games, and music system, you don’t get bothered by them.

Sometimes you secretly enjoy them even after yelling at your partner for creating a ruckus. You even tend to share the dirtiest experiences. It is the level of comfort that you share which keeps the tempo smooth.

4. You Love Life The Way It Is

Healthy Relationships benefits-alignthoughts

No relationship is just flowers and chocolates. Constant fights and arguments are an integral part of a healthy relationship as they help you grow as a person too.

According to Psychology Today, arguments help one understand the other person’s needs and gain a new perspective different from the existing opinions. This is a crucial factor if one wants to grow into a better person.

You might go days without talking to each other; you might even hurt each other by your actions and words. But finally, you let it go and don’t mind it.

You like just being together. At the end of the day, you would want to enjoy each other’s company. Whatever life throws at you, you know deep down that you will deal with any challenges with your partner by your side.

5. Healthy Relationship Embraces Teamwork

When you plan your future together and do not see ’I’ or ‘me,’ then your partner is a keeper. When you put the efforts to fulfill both your needs, it is the best relationship of your life.

Teamwork, gratitude, and thankfulness are the building blocks of healthy relationships and holds massive importance in sustaining long-term relationships too.

When you make decisions together for what is best for both of you, it is a positive sign that you’re in a healthy relationship.

6. You Never Felt This Intimate Before

In a healthy relationship, you crave that perfect intimacy, and it increases with every passing day. Being intimate is both emotional and physical. Also, studies claim that women who engage in low physical intimacy activities with their partners are more likely to experience distress in life.

This is because the human touch is linked with safety, and a hug can release the love hormones, aka Oxytocin, in the body, claims psychologists.  Therefore, intimacy in a relationship is instead a symbol of love and affection for you.

7. Trust And Balance Are The Foundation of Healthy Relationships

Trust is a vital component of any relationship. A relationship is doomed when you can’t trust your partner.

In psychology, trust in relationships helps couples lead a fulfilling life, provide a safety net to each other and talk about complex topics like finances, cultural and political values, etc.

If you find yourself trusting your partner without feeling apprehensive about voicing your opinions, then this is a sign of a healthy relationship.

A Healthy Relationship Consists Of The Following Factors:

  • Showing gratitude towards your partner every day.
  • You share secrets without the fear of being exposed.
  • You don’t feel burdened in the relationship.

8. You Are In A Committed Stable Relationship

A new relationship is quite thrilling. You experience a lot of ‘firsts,’ and you enjoy the high you get. But when the relationship comes into the ‘Steady’ phase, many partners just bolt.

A new relationship usually thrives on the honeymoon phase for 6 months to 2 years until it starts diminishing too. This is where many people steer from commitments and responsibilities.

But if you are not scared of the dedication and do not crave that thrill anymore, you have arrived at the best relationship. You wish and look forward to building a life together, and that is thrilling.

9. Healthy Relationships Don’t Fail To Have Fun

Fun is a critical facet in romantic relationships. According to a Utah State University research study, having fun brings the couples closer to each other, induces positive emotions, and increases their satisfaction level.

Certain relationships lose their charm when the excitement is over, but when you could enjoy the lazy days and enjoy doing nothing, then you would know how fun it is to be bored.

Ways couples can bring the “fun” back in their relationship:

  • Take your partner to break out of an Escape Room!
  • Watch a horror movie with your lover.
  • Enroll in a dance class together; for instance, learn Salsa together with your partner.
  • Take them to an arcade fun game night.
  • Karaoke night.
  • Experience new adventures like traveling to off-beat locations.
  • Go trekking.
  • Go grocery shopping together.
  • Bake or Cook new recipes together during the weekend.
  • Spark up your sex life by trying new things that excite your partner.

Concluding Thoughts, 

Relationships are essential to sustain a life full of purpose and meaning. All connections are not the same, but the key ingredients of a happy relationship are usually not present in a toxic one. Never compare your relationship with another’s, and don’t let the fear of loneliness make your stay in a toxic relationship.

Key Takeaways On Healthy Relationships

  • A lack of social connection can induce the same harm as smoking a cigarette 15 times a day.
  • That is why having healthy relationships in life is so important.
  • A healthy relationship promotes better physical, psychological and emotional well-being.
  • In a healthy relationship, an individual can speak their mind out without any fear of judgment.
  • Most importantly, a couple in a healthy relationship understands the importance of space. Hence, they both allow and give each other the required room to grow as an individual.
  • When you’re in a healthy relationship, your comfort level is infinite, and you love life as it is.
  • Also, you ensure that both your physical and emotional needs are met through the beauty of intimacy.
  • A healthy relationship provides you stability, and you’re always on the lookout to have more fun with your partner.

What are the signs and benefits that I’m in a healthy relationship?

These are several visible benefits that signify if you’re in a good healthy relationship. Among them, a few are mentioned below:

  • You can express your opinions without the fear of judgment.
  • Respecting the importance of space and privacy of each other.
  • You know that arguments in relationships are good for resolving conflicts.
  • Planning for the future together with your partner.
  • There’s a sense of stability in your relationship.
  • Your relationship is based on trust.
  • You and your lover are always discovering fun.

Is it true that social relationships promote better physical and mental health?

In the 21st century, stress is a major contributing factor that deteriorates one’s physical health as well. Stress-related health issues like heart diseases, anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes can be prevented and coped with better if one has meaningful social relationships.

According to you, what are the essential factors in a healthy relationship? Please drop your comments below to share with us. And do not forget to subscribe with us for more such interesting articles. Follow us on our social media channels for more updates!

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Preeti Bhandari
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