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Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar

Ideal Ingredients For The Perfect Dish Called Marriage

Marriage requires effort, dedication, and love, but it also necessitates respect to be truly happy and successful. It takes a lot of effort to build a marriage based on love and respect. Both partners must contribute and sometimes even...

How To Last Your Long Distance Friendship?

Friendship exists in every relation. Be it between a father and son, mother and daughter, teacher and student, older siblings…there is always a small portion of friendship that breathes life. And so in the world full of long-distance love...

Seven Life Lessons You Need To Pick Up Along The Way

Life will serve you lessons as you grow. We pick up these lessons during our journey from one phase to another. These lessons tend to stay with us etched in our hearts for a lifetime. I picked a few...

3 Reasons Why Is It Important To Have Your Own Opinion

How often do you put forth your opinion without a second thought, without the fear of being judged, without the fear of being ridiculed? Not usually right? Because that’s how most of us are brought up. We really don’t have...

How To Fall And ‘Stay’ In Love Forever?

Love is an abstract emotion which we all go through at every stage of life. And if my understanding of human psychology is bang on 100% then you thought about the love of your life first, the moment you...

About Me

Vidhisha is an academic researcher with a focus on climate change and sustainability. She is a Ph.D. professor by profession and a writer from the heart. Writing has been her passion that started as journal writing and eventually found a new path. She is also a mentor promoting critical thinking and truly believes words have the power to weave magic and can paint a picture of imagination.
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