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Mala Mukherjee was born in Kolkata, India and began her literary career in her mid-twenties when her short stories were published in various websites during Halloween. She is an academician by profession. She has completed her Doctoral Degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India and currently working as an Assistant Professor in a research institute. She is an author by passion, an impulsive writer, who enjoys writing the horror story, paranormal and fantasy fiction.
The curse of resemblance

The Curse of Resemblance

Part-I Everything started with a mere joke. My son Alex picked up a pebble from the road and said, “Dad, it looks like Aunt Martha.”...
The Rubik'sCube killer story - alignthoughts

The Rubik’s Cube Killer

Part-I When Tanya entered the room, she found Marie in deep conversation with Sheriff Jamie Jenkins. She noticed a pair of plastic wrapped Rubik Cube...
deadly crossword main alignthoughts

Deadly Anagram

Part-1 It was almost half past six; Marie was going to shut down her desktop. Her assistant Tanya had already left. Marie was about to...
The Talking Doll - alignthoughts

The Talking Doll

  Part-I It was a hot and sultry day, Ira was feeling exhausted, but still, she had to cook for the evening’s party. Her daughter, Sohini’s...
death trap featured - alignthoughts

Death Trap

Part-I Marie and Tanya were standing before the artificially made skyscraper which was built for Albert Newman’s action movie. She looked at the summit; it...

Extra Coach

It was half-past four when Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani finally arrived on Mumbai Central, and I felt a bit relieved to see that my ticket on...