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Mala Mukherjee was born in Kolkata, India and began her literary career in her mid-twenties when her short stories were published in various websites during Halloween. She is an academician by profession. She has completed her Doctoral Degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India and currently working as an Assistant Professor in a research institute. She is an author by passion, an impulsive writer, who enjoys writing the horror story, paranormal and fantasy fiction.

The Shadow Castle

Part-I The scarlet ball of fire turned into hues of orange and then tangerine, and gradually it merged with the distant hills of Aravalli leaving...
the purpose main - alignthoughts

The Purpose – Short Story

Genre: Paranormal  Abstract: Darren was the man of destiny, who had a special power of possessing animals. Raised in an orphanage and earning his livelihood...
Magician’s Death featured- alignthoughts

Magician’s Death

Magician's death is a short story about a famous magician Hugo Xander who dies during his performance. This fiction reveals a deep conspiracy and...
incubus featured - alignthoughts


Two members of a secret group passed away within a very short span of time. Initially, their deaths appeared to be normal and peaceful; but the circumstances were very much alike; which raised the suspicion of detective Marie Claire.
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The Cursed Book

Part-I “Benedict Farey was a professor of history; he taught at the University of New York and was working on Egyptian history.” Sheriff Jamie Jerkins...
When Dead Wants To Be Heard main- alignthoughts

When Dead Wants To Be Heard

A veil of white hung heavy over the hills and gradually setting over the vales, suffocating every tree at their base, leaving the crests...