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Lucy Bristow

Things On My Bucket List That Are Worth A Try

Every one of us has a bucket list. Even those that claim they don’t have an official bucket list, do have several things they would like to do before they die. A bucket list consists of experiences or accomplishments...

When Do You Actually Become an Adult?

The idea of adulthood, its roles, and responsibilities are changing across countries. Amongst millennials, the thought of becoming an adult can be euphoric for some or terrifying for others, or even a mix of both. The chance for freedom...

Life Skills Every One Must Learn To Be Successful. Are Schools Teaching Them?

School. Love it or hate it; everyone must go through it in life. Some stay in school for longer than others. Some say it is the best years of their life, others their worst. It is the fundamentals of...

10 World’s Best Luxurious Airports That Are Worth A Hop

With the increasing number of passengers flying through planes, airports and air travel is becoming more accessible than before. This has stirred the pot to make the journey enjoyable, so people are more likely to use luxury airport services....

Top 10 Holiday Destinations For A Summer Vacation in America

America is huge and you've got plenty of options for a summer trip. From Alaska to Montana, one could get immersed in nature, have an awesome road trip or just enjoy the sun and the best beaches in America....

About Me

Lucy is a teenager with a passion for travel. She is from a small city called Norwich in the East of England. She was three when her parents took her to Finland. Since then, she has traveled to four different continents, swam with wild dolphins, jumped off mountains, and played tug of war with a tiger. Her mission is to help others travel more by sharing innovative ways to make travel affordable and fun.
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