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Ljupka Janevska

The Ikea Effect: How Ikea Has Changed The Way Of Shopping?

What's first name comes to your mind when you decide to go furniture shopping? If not anything else, the idea of visiting "Ikea" definitely pops into your head. That's the power of Ikea's marketing strategy that they have imprinted...

What Are The Scientific Reasons Behind Disliking Mondays?

After spending a nice weekend, dragging yourself from the bed and getting back on your feet may feel depressing, especially for someone who hates Mondays. Monday blues is a common phenomenon that many of us experience as the weekend...

10 Things Left Handed People Are Good At Than Righties

Wondering what are the advantages of being left-handed? The personality of left-handers is very different from the right-handers. What causes a person to be left-handed? Read on to know more about famous left-handed artists and people. We all speak in...

Daily Habits To Live A Longer And Healthier Life

Life is precious. For some, it lasts short but for others, it lasts longer. This timeline of our life actually depends on us. It is all about how we choose to live or what lifestyle we choose to lead....

Top 10 Adventures Worth A Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Every person’s life is a unique journey. This journey is filled with moments and periods that brings us happiness and sadness. Each of these moments build our own life experiences and persona. But grow older we realize that life is more...

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