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Kamapala Chukwuka

7 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach You Probably Didn’t Know

There are several benefits of drinking warm water in the morning. But, sadly, many of us start our day by rushing for a cup of coffee to help stimulate our body. One of the biggest benefits of drinking water...

Surprising Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

To all chocolate lovers, including yours truly, I come bearing good news! Eating chocolate, especially dark varieties, with more than 70% cocoa, is good for your health. Before delving into those fantastic health benefits, here are some impressive statistics...

How To Have An At-Home Spa Night?

Are you tired of your monotonous life? Do you need some me-time to rejuvenate your body and mind? Or perhaps you're just bored spending time in quarantine. I've got an easy and cost-efficient idea for your problems. Spend your...

How To Eat Healthy on a Budget? Smart Tips On Eating Healthy Everyday

For many of us, eating healthy can be quite expensive and can easily go out of budget. So we result in cheaper unhealthy alternatives. This doesn’t however, have to be the case because there are many useful and helpful...

Best And Easy To Prepare Meals For Guests At House Parties

Easy To Prepare Meals for House Parties The festive season is fast approaching and you know what that means right? It’s party season! If you are like me, then you’d probably be hosting a few parties of your own. I...

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