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Gregoria Petrea

The Impact A 6-Hour Workday Can Have On Your Health And Well-Being

Many people are working 8 hours a day for the last several years. However, in the Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland, the top officials give more importance to having 6 hours workday to promote a better work-life balance...

Shocking Japanese Work Culture vs American Work Culture Facts

We are all familiar with the stereotype that Asians are hardworking. But how much of that is rooted in reality? Well, a lot! Japan as we all know is infamous for its stressful lifestyle and working culture. In fact,...

12 Best Benefits of Freelancing Jobs You Must Know Before You Starting

Like many other big industries, the Covid-19 pandemic has also impacted freelancing. But this time for the good. The demand for good skills via freelancing still seems to be on a high note. Whether you're already a full-time freelancer...

15 Healthy Ways Women Can Take Care Of Themselves When Feeling Stressed Out

Stress in women is increasing. According to research, women, in particular, are more prone to worrying overthinking, anxiety and stressing out. After all, how to deal with stress and anxiety? Read on to know how to relieve stress fast. Stress...

Best Companies That Offer Internships For College Students. What Are The Skills You Require?

Internships are an excellent way for college students to not only give a boost to their résumés but also gain experience in their field of study. The benefits of internships are humongous. For some, an internship degree could smooth...

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