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Are You a Multipotentialite Career Switcher and How Do You Deal with It?

Let me start this article on multipotentialite careers with a few interesting statistics:

  • US citizens hold on average 11.9 jobs throughout their active life according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics;
  • During the ages 18-25, Americans will change half of the total number of jobs of their entire career;
  • 50% more Americans had a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, and a Doctorate in 2018 compared to 2000, according to the Census Bureau.

What is the connection between these statistics and a multipotentialite person?

The answer is: multipotentialites contribute a lot to the average number of career changes and college degrees.

What Is a Multipotentialite?

A multipotentialite is a person with natural talents and interests in various fields. Also, there is little or no connection between these fields of activities. For instance, a multipotentialite can be passionate about math, creative writing, engineering, and geography.

Although this term is quite modern and has a certain buzz factor, multipotentialites have existed throughout the history of humanity. At a certain point, the term “Renaissance person” described them.

And, indeed, during that period in human history (between the 14th and the 17th centuries), sciences, arts, philosophy, and literature developed at a fast pace.

At the same time, people wanted to learn as much as possible about all these topics.

How Can You Know If You Are a Multipotentialite?

multipotentialite careers-being a multipotentialite

First of all, I want to explain that there is a difference between having a natural curiosity for various topics and being a multipotentialite. Many people are interested in cars, for example. But not all of us are passionate about learning how a car works and how to fix it.

In a similar manner, a regular person can enjoy reading literature, philosophy, or learning the history of arts. A multipotentialite has a talent for writing, debating on philosophical issues and creating art.

Thus, you might be a multipotentialite if:

– You have many hobbies and change them frequently:

from tennis to knitting to keeping a blog and then to gardening. You always enjoy doing something different. Every new hobby is exciting for a while, but then you feel an urge to move on to something different.

– You read several books at the same time:

Reading just one book does not satisfy your literary and learning cravings. You are frequently found reading a novel, a book of poetry, a sci-fi story and a technical book all at the same time;

– People see you as a Jack of all trades:

you are the go-to person for help and advice on various issues. For instance, from fixing a leaky water tap to repairing a crack in the driveway and removing a nasty virus from a computer, you can do it without problems;

– You have switched college majors:

After one or two years of studying applied physics, you realize that you are more passionate about astrophysics or calculus. Your drawers are full of various certificates from courses and online classes on a wide range of topics.

– Your resume reads like an adventure novel:

For a multipotentialite, careers are as boring as hobbies. You worked as an environmental engineer, then became a technician in a computer repair shop, and then moved on to managing a small family restaurant.

What Are the Challenges of Being a Multipotentialite?

It is only fair for me to tell you that there are good points and not so good aspects of being a multipotentialite.

Positive Aspects of Being a Multipotentialite

1. You Will Never Be Without a Job

The job market evolves tremendously. Many jobs disappear because robots perform you. But for a multipotentialite, career options will always be available.

With your natural skill and flexibility of mind, you can always learn something new. Thus, you will consistently be in demand in the job market.

2. You Are Never Bored

For many people, those rainy weekend days when all their friends are busy with something are the epitome of boredom. Not for you. If you are not trying to demonstrate a math theorem, you are designing a new doghouse or writing a blog post on a recent hot topic.

Next, you are reading the latest best-seller for a bit and then moving on to fixing a creaking door that annoys everyone in the house.

3. You Are Made to Be a Leader

Multipotentialite careers tend towards a leadership role. Your flexible mind allows you to embrace change, empathize with people, find creative solutions, and continuously seek ways to improve the status quo.

These are some of the most critical skills a leader must have.

Negative Aspects of Being a Multipotentialite

1. You Are Easily Distracted

Multipotentialite people tend to switch quickly from a mode of thinking to another and from one activity to another. This may also affect the way you relate to others. They may feel that you are not paying attention or do not care about what they are telling you.

2. You May Never Find Success in a Career

For a multipotentialite, career changes are second nature. While this means that you are very adaptable, it also means that you will never grow in a career. You will never reach a high level of specialization and receive the recognition of being an authority in your field.

3. You May Suffer from Burnout

With your attention spread out in so many directions, you may reach a burnout point. You don’t feel like giving up any of your interests, but they are all demanding your time and mental focus. At a certain point, something will give.

Famous Multipotentialite Personalities

In the end, I would like to boost up your self-esteem as a multipotentialite. You are in good company. Some of the most famous multipotentialites across history are:

  • Avicenna – his real name is Ibn Sinna, a Persian scholar who lived in the 10th century. His interests covered medicine, astronomy, and writing. During his life of 56 years, he wrote 450 works, out of which only half have survived;
  • Leonardo da Vinci – painter, sculptor, inventor, writer, engineer, architect, musician, mathematician, astronomer, botanist….need I say more? Leonardo da Vinci is widely recognized as the ideal example of the Renaissance man;
  • Benjamin Franklin – inventor of the lightning rod, Founding Father of the United States, author, scientist, inventor, humorist and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin was definitely a multipotentialite;
  • Sir Isaac Newton – besides discovering how the law of gravity work, the British multipotentialite was also a mathematician, astronomer, theologian, and author. He is, without doubt, one of the leading scientists in all human history;
  • Brian May – everybody knows him as the lead guitarist of the iconic rock band Queen. But this famous multipotentialite holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics, is the co-author of two scientific papers, co-author of an astronomy book with Patrick Moore and between 2008 and 2013 served as Chancellor of the Liverpool John Moores University.

So, instead of being overwhelmed by your gifts, be proud that you are a multipotentialite!

Are you a multipotentialite? Do you find it easy to switch careers being a multipotentialite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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