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America’s Most Underrated Beaches You Must Visit This Year

Are you looking for the best affordable beach vacations especially in America? America is filled with famous beaches. Read on to know the best beaches in the USA.

Santa Monica, Maui, and Miami are some of the famous beaches in America that are visited by both locals and travelers. However, there are so many underrated beach destinations that America has to offer.

They are those hidden gems that you need to unearth. These underrated beach destinations can make some of the best affordable beach vacations. These beaches are all located conveniently.

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Besides its untouched beauties, it can provide you with a great experience and fun things to do at the beach to enjoy with your loved ones.

To make sure your next trip to the beach is remarkable and memorable, here ten most underrated beaches in America. Read on to know these hidden beaches in America!

Top 10 Underrated Beaches You Must Visit This Year

Here are the best affordable beach vacations at the best beaches in the USA.

1. Texas’s Port Aransas

best affordable beach vacations-famous beaches in america-alignthoughts

How to reach?

Texas and beaches do not go hand in hand. However, this very beach situated in Mustang Island begs to differ. It is easily accessible by public and private transport making it one of the best affordable beach vacations.

You can enjoy some quiet time in this car-free beach located along the Gulf of Mexico.

Things to do at the beach

Besides all the fun under the sun and on the sand, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the protected cove of tide pools or try the hiking trails if you are feeling adventurous.

Roberts Point Park observation tower will allow you to experience dolphin-watching, whereas Lighthouse Lakes Trails offers kayaking with Redfish; the list of things to do here is endless.

2. Oregon’s Cannon Beach

oregon's Cannon Beach-best affordable beach vacations-famous beaches in america

How to reach?

Sick and tired of the overcrowded Atlantic City? Cape Cod located just 15 minutes south of Cannon Beach should be your best bet. Even though the place is not crowded, the growing popularity has made many homes open their place to rent.

You can look into the Stephanie Inn which is a cozy place with a fireplace and library. The location is the perfect choice to unwind when you are done with your sun tanning.

Things to do at the beach

When visiting this underrated beach, do not forget to pay a visit to the Public Coast Brewery to enjoy their wide range of drinks.

3. Rhode Island’s Block Island


How to reach?

Considered as one of the most underrated beaches of the USA, this one occupies 17 miles which is free for the public. The best thing about visiting this beach will be the rich history it has to offer.

Things to do at the beach

  • From the beautiful 18th century lighthouses to Victorian-styled BandBs like Hotel Manisses, there is so much to do here.
  • You can visit the Mansion Beach if you love to surf.
  • This place is a heaven for foodies as well, all thanks to sites like The Oar, Kimberly’s, Dead Eye Dick’s and The Beachhead and their mouth-watering seafood menu.

4. Georgia’s Tybee Island

Georgia's Tybee Island-most-underrated-beaches-in-america

How to reach?

Next in the list of most underrated beaches in America is Tybee Island which is just a 30-minute drive from Savannah. The recent popularity of this beach can be credited to the movie The Last Song as some beach scenes were shot in this location.

Famous For Its Crab Shack

And when you are there, it will be best to check out Crab Shack.

However, it is always crowded with tourists and locals. So, it will be best to book a table beforehand.

5. Michigan’s Traverse City


Michigan makes it to our list of best beaches in the USA. Not only Michigan has got this picturesque hidden beach, but the beach also has got some of the best vineyards that are still under-the-radar.

Things to do at the beach

  • Here you can enjoy a wine tasting evening at the Water to Wine.
  • Go for kayaking along the Grand Traverse Bay.
  • The nightlife of this spot is also great, all thanks to places like Left Foot Charley and Brys Estate.

Best to reach by car

However, it is important to mention that you take your car with you or use a cab service to get to the places as finding public transport can be a problem here.

6. Staten Island’s/New York’s Cedar Grove Beach


Rockaways and Coney Island are some of the best beaches in the USA. They are jam-packed during the summer months because they are popular and they are easily accessible via subways. Many people don’t mind it like New York, and crowds are a typical combo.

If you want to get away from all the hustle-bustle of the Big Apple, then Cedar Grove Beach will be your perfect choice.

It was opened in 2011, so many people still do not know about this place. It is located where once the old beach bungalow colony used to stand.

How to reach?

The following routes have public transportation from New York to Cedar Grove Beach.

public transport from neyyork to cedar grove beach

You can even book these bungalows for your stay and when booking request for a room with a view of the Manhattan Bridge.

7. Hawaii’s Kailua Beach

Hawaii's Kailua Beach-best affordable beach vacations

One of the underrated beach destinations in America is Hawaii’s Kailua beach. Finding a peaceful and less crowded beach in Hawaii can be a problem. And this is the reason why this beach is considered by many one of the most underrated beaches.

How to reach?

It is located near Kaneohe Bay’s Marine Corps base. Kailua Beach Park is the stop you can reach by public transportation. Several buses can drop you at the beach with lines Bus: 57, 70 having the nearest stops. You can also easily reach Kailua by car.

The ease of public transportation makes it one of the best affordable beach vacations in America.

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Things to do at the beach

From paddleboarding to Kayaking; there is a lot to do in this beach town.

Accommodations at Kailua Beach

If you are planning to stay here for a few days, then make sure that you book the room beforehand as there is not a lot of options, and so many places have no vacancies.

8. Florida’s Sombrero Beach

This is another of the famous beaches in America that you must surely visit.

beaches-in-florida-alignthoughts-best affordable beach vacations

How to reach?

On the Overseas Highway just near Marathon at Mile Marker 50, you can find this underrated beach of Florida.

Sombrero Beach will be a great option if you are craving tropical sandy beaches.

It is accompanied by mesmerizing palm and mangroves trees, white sands, and the turquoise Atlantic waters.

Accommodations and Keys

Indeed, there are not many places to stay near this beach. So, it will be best to start early and enjoy the whole day trip. And then walk or drive back to the Keys in the evening to enjoy the nightlife Keys had to offer.

9. North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach

North Carolina surely has famous beaches in America. most-underrated-must-visit-beaches-alignthoughts.jpg

Do you know around 14 million people go to Myrtle Beach each year?

How to reach?

Now, if you are looking to avoid this kind of crowd, then all you need to do is drive north for around 2 hours and you will discover Wrightsville Beach.

Things to do at the beach

Even though many people are not familiar with this place, still there are enough hotels, restaurants, and kayaking/surfing classes to keep you occupied. This is a family-friendly beach which offers parking facilities as well.

When to visit?

It is open all the year through; however, if you genuinely want to enjoy some peace then go during the offseason like in April or September.

10. New Jersey’s Asbury Park

best affordable beach vacations-New Jersey's Asbury Park-AlignThoughts

Considered as one of the most underrated beach destinations, New Jersey’s Asbury Park has something for everyone, as both the beach and the Asbury Park boardwalk has so much to offer.

Things to do at the beach

  • Enjoy surfing, fishing, swimming, sunbathing at the beach or take a stroll on the sidewalk and shop till you drop.
  • When visiting this place, check if anyone of the restaurants is organizing live music and other attractions to truly enjoy your holidays to the fullest.
  • And when there, do not forget to go to the mini-golf park.

Key Takeaways On Best Affordable Beach Vacations

  • Unlike Santa Monica, Maui, and Miami these beaches are hidden gems that you need to unearth. This list of underrated beach destinations can make some of the best affordable beach vacations with your family and friends this year.
  • Texas Port Aransas car-free beach located along the Gulf of Mexico offers experiences dolphin-watching, kayaking, and many other fun activities to enjoy.
  • Oregon’s less crowded Cannon Beach is the best choice to unwind when you are done with your sun tanning.
  • Rhode Island’s Block Island offers mouth-watering delicious seafood.
  • Most of these beaches like New Jersey’s Asbury Park are family-friendly beaches that offer good hotels/accommodation, restaurants are organizing live music and other attractions, activities like surfing, swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, etc, along with less crowd and more fun with your loved ones.
  • So this summer consider visiting these underrated beaches and enjoy a good vacation.

Final thoughts,

There you have it, the 10 most underrated beaches which America has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Pick anyone from this list, call your friends, and starting planning for your next beach adventure!

Do you know any other underrated beach destinations to recommend? Which is your favorite from our list of famous beaches in America?

Let us know your thoughts on the best beaches in the USA in the comments section below. You can also stay tuned to more of our content by subscribing to us. Follow us on our social media channels for more fun!

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