9 Signs You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

It’s February here and love seems to be in the air. For those in love, every day is a love day; still we get extra emotional on Valentine’s Day. Our expectation go up and we forget what does being in a relationship actually mean.

A great relationship is one where there is understanding, communication and appreciation and above all respect for each other. There is no such thing as ‘soul mate’! If you continue to keep looking for that person who completes you, you are delusional. In a relationship you need to choose your fight and compromise to make it work (without it being a burden). No two people can be a perfect match for each other. Every great relationship requires work and effort to iron out the differences.

There are many relationship goals and we constantly compare them with others, with celebrities and internet fads. But it is between two people who want to live together and build a life together. No doubt, relationships are tricky. But it is your gut feeling when you realize that ‘this’ relationships is the best relationship of your life. Take it from a person who has been afraid of commitments, but is enjoying being a part of this relationship for the last ten years. These signs will reinstate your faith.

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9 Signs You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

1. You always speak your mind

In a true relationship, there is no room for hesitation. A relationship, where it is safe to speak your mind without the fear of being misjudged is definitely worth a try. It is the best phase of your life. In such type of relationships, misunderstanding can be easily resolved with communication. If you can be dumb, annoying, blunt, childish and even witty with your partner, then it is for the long haul. Let the conversations flow!

2. You have your space

Everyone likes their own space. Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to be in each other’s faces all the time. If your relationship is great, it would mean that you can grow as an individual. You would miss each other and would like to be together. But at the same time you can enjoy individual activities too.

  • Hang out with your friends
  • Plan a girl’s/guy’s night out
  • Visit your family over the weekend.

This way both of you would enjoy each other’s company even more and become a strong couple. Distances make the heart grow fonder.

3. Comfort level is infinite

Whether it is the weird noises like farts and burps (oops, excuse me) or the loud noises of television, games and music system, you don’t get bothered by them. Sometimes you secretly enjoy them even after yelling at your partner for creating a ruckus. You even tend to share the dirtiest experiences with one another. It is the level of comfort that you share, which keeps the tempo smooth.

4. Life ain’t a bed of roses, but you do not mind

No relationship is just flowers and chocolates. You would fight with each other; you might even hurt each other by your actions and words. But finally you let it go and don’t mind it. You like just being together. At the end of the day, you would want to enjoy each other’s company. Whatever life throws at you, you would deal with it.

5. You plan your future

When you plan your future together and do not see ’I’ or ‘me’ then your partner is a keeper. When you put needs of the other before yours; it is the best relationship of your life.  At the same time none of you should feel neglected or taken for granted. You take the decision together for what is the best for both of you.

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6. You never felt this intimate before

In a healthy relationship, you crave that perfect intimacy and it increases every day. The touch is linked with safety. Being intimate is more than sex; it is about how you feel. It is rather a symbol of love.  When the relationship is toxic this is the first thing that starts to get affected.

7. You like the word “Steady”

A new relationship is quite thrilling. You experience a lot of ‘firsts’ and you enjoy the high you get. But when the relationship comes into the ‘Steady’ phase many partners just bolt. But if you are not scared of the commitment and you do not crave that thrill anymore you definitely have arrived at the best relationship. You wish to build the life together and that is thrilling.

8. Trust and Balance are the keywords

A relationship is doomed when you can’t trust your partner. When it is taken for granted and there is no balance, it is an indicator of poor relationship. When you can share your secrets without the fear of being exposed, when you don’t feel burdened in the relationship by any issue, then your relationship is ‘Happy’.

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9. No boredom

Certain relationships lose their charm when the excitement is over, but when you could enjoy the lazy days and enjoy doing nothing then you would know how fun it is to be bored. You could watch TV and just be comfortable doing even the mundane things like buying groceries. You love it because your partner is the best thing that happened to you.

All relationships are not the same. But the key ingredients of a happy relationship are usually not present in a toxic one. Never compare your relation with another’s and don’t let the fear of being alone make you stay in a doomed relationship.

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