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7 Morning Tricks That Can Make You Happier Everyday

We associate morning with brightness and sun. It is a symbol of a new beginning; a day that you can plan and start fresh.  Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, you would not like to start your day angry and tired. For most of us, early morning hours are the most productive. In the mornings, you are generally rushing to hit the road to work/school. And somehow you seldom allot some relaxing time to yourselves during the initial hours of the day.

The mood with which you start your day continues throughout. Your morning rituals set the course for the rest of the day. If you wake up with a heavy heart, you would have a lousy day. But if you wake up chirpy, your day would be most fulfilling.

The night owls may think that their late-night musings are quite productive; it is in fact a personal choice. I have been a night person myself and thought that since I would not have any disturbances I could get a lot more work done then. But I was wrong; my brain had been so tired to work hard at night. For the change to occur I had to change my sleeping pattern and it felt more like a change in lifestyle. I followed these tricks and found that waking up early and fresh has many benefits.

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7 Morning Tricks That Make You Happier Everyday

1. Early to bed, early to rise

When we were young, we use to hear our parents say this. And as kids, we never believe it. But now as an adult, I swear by it – “Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”. In order to wake up fresh, you need to sleep with your mind relaxed.

Follow 7 to 9 hours of sleep pattern to be able to wake up fresh and energetic.

Avoid intake of caffeine and restrict your screen time right before going to bed. If you feel extra tired sleep an hour early at night rather than snoozing your alarm in the morning. If you do not get enough sleep, it disturbs the biological clock of the body and affects the emotional well being.

2. Switch Off

Switch off your mobile phones, computer, your tabs, and television screens before going to bed. More screen lights mean the brain needs to remain active and you would not be able to relax before sleep. Switch off the lights too.

When you shut off the lights your brain sleeps better. Darkness induces sleep.  In case you need to unwind before going to bed, read a book rather than picking up your mobile phones. You would wake up with a mind that is fully rested and ready to work.

3. Follow a Morning Ritual and Stick To It

Following the same ritual daily enables the brain to register it and save it. Wake up every day at the same time, even if you slept late. Having a set pattern helps the mind to handle things properly. Brush your teeth to get rid of stale breath and bacteria. Drink 2 to 4 glasses of water to kick start the internal organs and take a quick shower to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Other than the normal errands, you could also spend some time meditating or just being by yourself. The ultimate thing is to not just do the things you are supposed to do for getting out of your house. For instance, spend some time reading the newspaper. Having a good morning routine helps your brain stay fresh and rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

4. Create a To-do list

Creating a To-do list helps you to stop procrastinating and plan for the day.

Set the priorities right. You would know what to do at what time. Charting your plan for the entire day doesn’t put an extra burden on your mind; at the same time de-clutters your mornings. Pick out your clothes the night before.

Think about how much more you could do if you do not have to stand in front of your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear?

5. Wake Up To The Light

Light shades in the bedroom and the light flooding in from the window stimulates the brain. Bright and sunny light helps to give a fresh perspective to start your day. Like darkness helps the brain to rest, light helps it to wake up.

It puts the circadian rhythms in order. Light is a better option to wake up than the buzz of the alarm clock.

6. Exercise and Vitamin C

The secret to fresh mornings is to get some exercise and taking Vitamin C. Exercise loosens up the muscles and sends your heart racing. And some orange juice would give you the right energy. Workout pumps more blood and more oxygen goes through your brain, thus making you fresh.

7. Pump Up Some Music

Say bye-bye to yawns and feeling lazy. Just put on your favorite track and dance. It helps you to focus and get the imaginative juices flowing. Music helps to concentrate and maintain focus. Playing some music can improve your mental health.

When you do not have a fresh morning, your brain is usually in a fight or flight mode.  A fresh mind in the morning makes you happier; and successful. Keep in mind the brain needs it to sleep and rest to function properly. Eat healthily and sleep well and meditate!

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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