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7 Home Workouts to Build Strength and Muscles

Most people believe that the only thing they need to build their muscle is by registering for an expensive gym membership, but results have shown that there are other wonderful ways to get this done. There are tested and proven exercises you can do on your own to build muscle and look great.

You have no reason to skip a workout. Whether you are putting long hours at work or working overnight shifts or spending downtime with friends after a stressful work time or you feel you don’t have time to hit the gym. Whatever is the case, there is no reason to skip workouts.

You can create some time to build size, strength, and muscle at home. To get your desired shape, you can get yourself occupied with weightlifting, and training with minimal equipment.

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Here are seven home workouts to build strength and muscles

7 Home Work out to Build Strength and Muscles - alignthoughts


1. Bodyweight Spiderman

Do all the exercises A, B and then C as per your body requirements.

(A1) Split squat jump

Start in a split distance, switch legs, squat down, and then gradually explode in the air. You can gently jump as often as you can at every time.

(A2) Feet pike pushup

Get into a pike position. Stretch your arms and legs like a box. Lower yourself slowly, and then drive back up.

(B1) Spiderman crawl

Start in a pushup position. Take a large step with both your right and left arm simultaneously. Make sure your body is kept on the ground, alternate sides, and then crawl backward. While resting, ensure you calculate BMR to see the results.

(B2) Spiderman pushups

Start in a pushup position. While you lower yourself, ensure you pull your one knee in the same direction. Bring your leg back as you rise. Repeat this process frequently and keep alternating.

(B3) Single-leg box squats

You can begin by facing away from a box or bench. Sit on the bench and lift one of your legs, without putting the other leg down. If you want to make it a bit harder, then try to lower the bench.

(C) Alternating side-plank

Put your forearm on the ground lie by one side, and let your body be perpendicular.

Pull your shoulders back, your glutes squeezed and body straight. Don’t allow your hips to sag, switch your arms, and twist your body on the ground.

2. Burpee Finisher

Make sure you perform all the exercises in A, B and then C.

(A1) L-pull-ups

Get a pull-up bar, lift your legs in front of it so that your body can form an L. repeat this position frequently as you perform your pull-ups.

(A2) Feet-elevated pushups

You can do a regular pushup with your bench or a small box.

(B1) Skater squat

Start from one point, and gently bend one foot behind you. Allow your torso to lean, and as you are trying to descend, reach your arms forward.

(B2) single-leg box squats

You can begin by facing a box or bench. Lift any of your legs up, sit back in the bench, and then try to come up without lowering the other leg. Lower the bench, if you really want to make it harder.

(B3) Valslide lateral squat

Put any of your valslide. Push and squat your sliding leg, while squatting down on your stationary leg. Then focus on sitting backward on your heel with your weight, keep a neutral arch and your chest tall.

(C) Burpees

Start in a pushup position. As you rise, do one pushup. This will surely place your feet under your chest and your knees towards your chest. Repeat this process as often as you can.

3. Crunches

Crunches are a good work out session. This is something you really need to do if you want to develop core strength. It is highly recommended for your muscle building and guarantees overall body strength.

It is very easy to do this workout. Simply lie on a carpeted or mat surface for comfort, use your abdominal muscles and lift your shoulders up. Do not lift your back off the floor- this can cause back strain. As you go up, try to exhale abs.

4. Walking lunges

To build up thigh muscles, you really need to engage in walking lunges. From a standing position, bend your knees at 90 degrees; keep your knees over shoulders and ankles. Repeat this process until you are tired. Also, try to engage in cardio work like walking or hiking, then while resting try to calculate BMR to see your achievements.

5. Triceps Dips

To do this effectively, you don’t need to use weights or dip machines, instead use your body weight. Keep knuckles pointing forward, put your hands on the edge of the seat, and then lower your butt on the floor.

Keep adding pressure to the heel of your hands. Keep trying this until triceps fatigue. Don’t forget that before you start any exercise routine; make sure you consult your doctor.

6. Pull-ups and chin-ups

Pull-ups and chin-ups are essential exercise routines for advanced athletes and novices. This is why it is regarded as ‘the upper body squat.’ It is important we understand the difference between the two:

Both pull-up and chin-ups are done with your palms. The former is done facing away from you, while the latter is done facing you.

This is an exercise you really need to do if you want to build your strength.

7. Plank-to-push-ups

This is something you do for a complete pushing exercise; it engages your triceps, shoulders, chest, and core. If you can do a basic push-up, you can migrate to diamond push-ups and then one-armed push-ups subsequently.

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