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20 Fun Things To-Do To Have An Epic Friday Night At Home

TGIF! Friday nights are a blessing for the slogging workaholic. Did you know on average a person works for 13 and a half years in total? Thus making a Friday or Saturday night, the perfect time to unwind at home and enjoy some ‘Me’ time. Read on to know some fun and creative Friday night ideas. No, you won’t get all drunk! 😉

If you’re bored of hitting the same bar every weekend, here are unique and creative things to do on a Friday night at home. We have compiled a list of things to do on a Friday or Saturday night at home to help you with that. They may also include self-care tips for busy bees. Now, do not get stuck in a rut and read on to know how to have fun on a Friday night at home.

20 Things To Do To Have An Epic Friday Night At Home

If you are looking for unique ideas for a Friday night, you are in the right place. Here is a list of awesome Friday night ideas to spend an epic Friday/Saturday night at home:

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1. Bake Cupcakes

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One of the good ways to start your Friday night fun is to set the ovens, and get some baking done! You can bake your favorite cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, or even a cake or pie.

Make your neighbors envy with that aromatic vanilla flavor you add in your baking. 😉

2. Friday Night Karaoke

Friday night karaoke is a fun way to set the mood for your Friday night. Get all bubbly and tune in to some music.

In fact, this is also a fun way to celebrate your Friday night at home if you are alone all by yourself.

3. Throw Backyard Bonfire Theme Party

friday-saturday-activities to do-alignthoughts

Bonfire parties are the best!

They are fun, romantic, and cheap. Get to a place where there are no trees near your backyard and start a bonfire. Toast some marshmallows, get your favorite beer along with your best buddies to share the night. Wow, I need to get going.

4. Prank Call Your Old Friend

With the hustle and bustle of work or studies, we tend to lose touch with our childhood friends with whom we share some of the best memories of life.

Friday night could be the best time to prank call your friend and revive that fading friendship.

Even if you guys are in good touch with each other, take some fun in pulling your friend’s leg and scaring the sh*t out of them.

5. Get Creative And Have Fun

Most of us have a creative side. Some like to write, while others like to draw or paint. Some want to express themselves through dance or music, so when you get some time like

Friday night when you do not wish to step out for a party, have an epic night at home and indulge in your creativity. Try and rediscover yourself. Take a journey and do something creative.

Some examples of creative things to do on a Friday night:

  • Play a treasure hunt game with your friends or family
  • Create a greeting card
  • Write a poem or song
  • Learn how to make candles or soap at home

6. Game Night With Friends

Playing video games or PC games with friends can be a fun and entertaining way to spend your Friday or Saturday nights at home.

Find your favorite games, some pizza, and your buddies and call it a night!

7. Have An At-Home Spa Night

These days, we all have a busy and stressful lifestyle. And Friday night is a good time to take some time off and rejuvenate your body and mind.

How about an at-home spa night? Sounds fun right? Having a Friday night spa night not only sets a good mood for your weekend but also helps you save some bucks by not visiting the spa.

You don’t have to exaggerate self-care as another to-do thing on your list that later makes you anxious for not fulfilling it.

Go get some self-love in the bathtub. Pamper time is calling you, babe!

8. Cleanse, Pamper and Groom Yourself

Once you have finished having the spa, its time to groom yourself and give a small makeover.

Stop scrolling over social media the moment you get some free time.

After the long bath at the home spa treatment, pamper your skin and soak in some aromatic essential oils. You would be fresh and relaxed in no time.

  • Trim and clean your nails
  • Go ahead and cleanse your private parts
  • Make your beard
  • Trim your hair
  • Pamper your oil with a coconut oil massage
  • Apply a face mask

Friday night is a good time to take care of yourself and do things that you tend to miss doing during your weekdays.

9. Have a Party

After finishing pampering and grooming yourself, its time to partay!

Get ready as if you are going out on a date and set the mood. Play your favorite music or even catch up on your favorite show.

Likewise, set the table for one if you are alone and treat yourself with your favorite food from the restaurant of your choice. Have a candlelight dinner in the comfort of your home. It would be epic as you would not be rushed and the conversation and “me time” with yourself can go on.

10. Card Games Night

friday night things to do-saturday night things to do-alignthoughts

If you generally don’t enjoy being alone, you may also invite your gang of friends and have a slumber party or card game night and make it an impromptu house party.

Some pizzas would make it even more delightful.

11. Watch Stand Up Comedy And Lol

Nothing says relaxing and laughing out loud like snacks and watching stand up comedy.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or working a 9-5 job, watching your favorite comedy shows on Netflix or Youtube is a fun way to wind down from everyday stress.

12. Try a New Recipe (Probably From A Michelin Star Restaurant)

A psychiatrist named C. Robert Cloninger said those who seek novelty have a healthy and happy life. Trying on new things will help grow and develop your personality.

Therefore, find a new recipe, something you have been dying to try or eat. Add your personal touch and explore your culinary skills.

If you love cooking or even cook to feed yourself, trying a new recipe can be fun. There are a lot of things that you might like or search online for exciting recipe ideas.

Friday night at home is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and try out that recipe. Put on some music and get in the mood to cook a treat. Cooking and music are quite therapeutic.

13. Invite Your Parents/Friends For Dinner

If you have already got your hands dirty by cooking a new recipe, why not host a dinner party to your close circle including family and friends.

Meeting your parents and friends together is a great idea to connect with your loved ones and spend the evening sharing love, and wine!

This is one of the lovely fun Friday night ideas you must try at least once in a year.

14. Learn To Prepare Mocktails At Home

With the lockdown in place, it’s hard for every one of us to get to bars and follow social distancing. So the best and safe way to spend your Friday or Saturday night is to prepare your own drink.

You can start with the basics and become an expert by exploring new options and recipes. Here are some for your inspiration!

Just in case 🙂

15. Tune In To Beethoven’s Music

The best way to relax on a Friday or Saturday night at home is by unplugging from distractions and tuning in to some of the epic songs of Beethoven. This is a cool idea for those who love music, and can enjoy a Friday night at home even without company.

16. Find A New Foreign Language And Start Learning

Furthermore, you can learn a new language or improve an existing one. Various language learning apps help sharpen your brain. Some of the language learning apps are:

  • Duolingo
  • Memrise
  • LinguaLift
  • Mondly

You might get fluent in a couple of weeks. Find some DIY tutorials online and give it a try or go ahead and create one. They help in grooming yourself by doing something other than just your job and is a great way to bring out your creative side.

17. Cultivate DIY Habits

Gardening is something that brings you closer to nature and would be the best time to start it on a Friday night or a weekend.

Start gardening and you will easily fall in love with this hobby.

For instance, you can get your hands dirty by having a kitchen garden at your home, especially at your balcony.

Pick out some veggies/herbs like avocado, mint, coriander, green chilies, onions, etc. All of them can be grown in your small garden space or even in your pits from scratch.

18. Read a Book

This may sound like one of the common ideas to spend a Friday or Saturday night at home. But it’s not true. We usually don’t read as much as we should and would have wanted to. Often, reading takes a back seat when we are occupy ourselves with other fun activities.

Nevertheless, reading is a great exercise for your brain and relax at the same time.

Did you know that according to Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, reading can stimulate the mind and help in the longevity and health of the brain?

Above all, have an affair, fall in love with the book. Read it from cover to cover. Go in-depth.

A book is supposed to be a time machine. It can transport you. If you have an active imagination like mine, you could have a small vacation without spending anything. I usually fall in love with the character while reading fiction or get motivated.

Even if you do not like reading a book, grab your favorite journal, magazine, or even a newspaper. Just make sure, whatever you learn should not be work-related. Friday night is supposed to be relaxing and fun; it is a perfect passage between working and unwinding.

19. Meditate

If you have tried all the above things to make your Friday night more fun, then its time to cleanse your mind.

Try meditation; it is the best way to detangle and calm your mind, body, and soul. It’s also one of the healthy ways to deal with stress.

Sit in a comfortable place and position. Don’t try and let your mind wander on the things happening in your life. Focus on the moment and concentrate on the point between your eyes by relaxing.

Once you have emptied your mind, relax. Don’t allow any thought to enter. Let only positivity and gratitude peep inside you. Shed all the negativities and feel grateful for what you have in life. By meditating this way, you would cleanse your mind and soul gracefully.

20. Get Organized

Sometimes to unwind, we need to declutter our living space. Therefore, get organized and start from your kitchen and pantry and then move to your living room and finally your bedroom.

Once you clear out the area in your home, you can clear out your mind too and relax!

Concluding Thoughts on Friday Night Ideas,

To sum up, Friday nights are the best. There is a hint of the weekend. You have worked hard during the week. Now you are satisfied. You deserve one night where you can let your hair down. Have an epic Friday night that you can remember over the weekend.

You can choose from a quiet one or a wild, adventurous night. The bottom line is to have fun! Hence, do not put too much effort. Let it be easy and effortless.

In conclusion, these were the unique things you can do on Friday night. Generally, how do you spend your Friday or Saturday nights at home?

Do you prefer partying outside or staying back at home on a Friday/Saturday night? Leave your Friday night ideas in the comments section below. To stay tuned with us for more interesting content, subscribe to us.

Happy Friday!

Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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