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5 Ways To Tell A Woman, She Is Attractive

You love them, you hate them, and you definitely can’t live without them! That is the aura of a woman. Do you wonder how to tell a girl she looks good? Beauty, grace, gorgeous are some of the terms that are synonymous with women all over the world. The description might be different, but it means just the same. Women know this and would gladly embrace it. Plus, women also love compliments! Understanding more about women and how they approach things can help you tell your girl that you love her or just that you find her attractive.

For example, a classy lady approaches things in a certain way compared to other women.

Complimenting women without sounding desperate is an art in itself. Not all men can nail it. A woman’s dressing sense, her fragrance, or even her personality, sense of humor, and work are worth every word of the praises to tell her that you like her!

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But today when you tell a woman she is beautiful. It could go either way. Either she will react positively to your compliment and think you are sweet, or you are a pervert, wanting nothing more than a purely physical relationship. So be careful and pay attention to the body language signs of attraction.

Pay attention to her personality and not just about her looks. Capture her essence and don’t comment superficially, show her that you are observant, kindly do not objectify via your comment.

According to the Crime Survey of England and Wales, 1 in every five women has been molested once in their life. It is not shocking at all and thus to fish out a genuine person is hard. The #MeToo movement has made it very difficult to compliment a lady on her beauty.

There are subtle ways to tell a girl she is beautiful. She can see right through you when you bare your soul through your comment.

Here are 5 ways to tell a woman she is attractive without sounding like a pervert.


5 Ways To Tell A Woman, She Is Attractive

1. Don’t be redundant, just go with the flow

Telling a girl you love her can be very challenging. But it is all in the gesture and expressing your true feelings.

Approaching a woman may seem like you are violating her personal space. Never use a corny or a cheesy pickup line, try to build a rapport first. Never put up a show, just be yourself.

Tip to tell a girl you like her: Women prefer men who are grounded, innocent, and truthful.

They have a sixth sense to know what the guy is up to, so don’t stick your lounge out and follow her around. Ease in and then let the conversation flow. Telling a woman she is beautiful in words is redundant. Your gestures can do it too.

Make sure that your timing is right while taking the first step. If she is busy, it is not the time to put your best foot forward. Interruption is a strike one against you, so choose your time correctly.

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2. Confess it in writing

At this age sending a message has become quite easy. You can send a text message (to a girl you already know; otherwise it is plain creepy). But there is still some charm left when you put your feelings on a paper. It is in no way going to make you look less “macho” but only more romantic. It is a sure-shot way to make a place for you in her heart.

You have made an effort, and it can be seen in the carefully crafted message. You can use a small poem or a passage that describes your feelings perfectly (try Shakespeare or Lord Byron).

Old school is a great way to showcase your true feelings and make it more permanent.

There are certain texts too that can help you say – ‘You are Beautiful,’ without sounding clichéd. Do not use big words or dialogues, rather be original and express from the heart.

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3. Choose your words wisely

“You are astounding and gorgeous but it is the least attractive thing about you.”

Choosing the right words to mean the right emotion is way more important than the timing.

Never be sleazy while commenting. Women dig those men who are respectful and sincere.

“Your eyes are hypnotizing,”

“You complete me”

“I feel safe with you”

“I like the way you carry yourself”  or “Nice haircut, you look cool”

“You make me feel home”

“I am mesmerized by your alluring personality”

and my favorite- “You are a woman with a beautiful heart. And it’s your heart that attracts me to you, not just your looks.”

These are a few things that women love to hear as compliments.

Compliment your girl in such a way that it does not make her feel uncomfortable and wait for the reaction to make your point.

If you think she might not be interested, then leave it there and move away, if she is interested she would like to follow up the conversation. Choose your words wisely depending on where your friendship is!

4. Say it with a gift


Small gestures go a great mile. You do not need to be elaborate. Buying her a piece of jewelry, or the latest smartphone would not do the trick. You need to make her feel cherished and loved. You can create a playlist and put it on her phone.

Present her with just a flower or even if you need to give her a jewel, give her something small, not all girls are materialistic. Be thoughtful while gifting.

For example, my husband knows I do not like flowers; he would instead gift me my favorite chocolate. It is enough to show me that he was thinking about me the whole day and that he still finds me beautiful.

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5. Go with your gut!

Finally, go with what your heart says. Look out for the signs, and you would be able to notice the changes or hints the woman is giving if she has taken your compliment.

If you know what is her idea of a perfect day, then arrange one for her and make it special.

Play it cool, do not get self-conscious and start fumbling. Just be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly.

Sweat and stutter are the biggest turn-offs! How well have your words affected the lady, you will find out soon enough. It is generally a play of gestures and body language. So follow your gut feeling, it is never wrong. Your heart speaks merely out what and how attractive you find her.

In the world of MeToo, giving a simple compliment can sometimes be problematic. Objectifying any gender is an offense. Respect the woman and her boundaries. Perfect timing and an apt compliment can win you points.

The game of attraction is not that hard to play. You should well be aware of your true self. To be able to take the relationship further, you need to build a comfort level. Never be nervous and say what you feel!

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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