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How To Fight Depression? 5 Things People Do To Come Out Of Depression

Depression sucks. That’s the only way that I can describe it. I have suffered from depression most of my life. It takes a toll on just about everything you do. However, allowing depression to stand in your way of success and healthy relationships isn’t something you could let. So, you must learn how to not only fight depression but also come out of it. According to the WHO, globally 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. So if you’re suffering from depression, you are not alone buddy!

Overcoming depression isn’t necessarily easy. But after researching and practicing different habits experts suggest, I’ve discovered it’s simple to overcome depression and is the best way to promote your happiness and well being. With practice, mastering the techniques, I’m about to describe to you won’t be all that difficult.

Read on to know more about this mental disorder and take a leap to fight and win it.

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Types of depression

types of depression

Based on the frequency and severity of symptoms, there are two common types of depression.

  1. Recurrent depressive disorder
  2. Bipolar affective disorder

Recurrent depressive disorder

The recurrent depressive disorder involves repeated depressive episodes whose effects can last up to 2 weeks.

If you’re experiencing this type of depression, you have a depressed mood, less enjoyment, and also feel anxiety during these periods.

Bipolar affective disorder

This type of depression involves both manic and depressive episodes separated by periods of normal mood.

Such manic episodes show symptoms like lack of sleep, irritable mood, and unreasonably high self-esteem.

causes of deprssion-how to fight depression

5 Things People Do To Come Out Of Depression

come out of depression

1. They focus on the positive

This is probably the most cliche advice you’ve ever received, right? I know. I used to hate when people told me that, but the truth is this really works. Whenever you feel yourself getting to that negative dark place, think out loud for a minute about every good thing that has happened that day or even that week if you have to.

Even if it’s something small, things like you got extra change back at the grocery store, or they gave you an extra chicken nugget sauce at McDonald’s. I don’t know about you, but chicken nugget sauce is good news for me. Even though it’s small, remembering those good things happen to you on a regular basis does help with keeping the negative thoughts out and overcoming depression. It also helps to consider how you overcame your last negative situation. It helps remind you that you’re stronger than you think you are and if you got through the storm once, you can do it again.

2. They Exercise

People don’t realize how directly your physical health affects your mental health. Have you ever noticed how people who are always in the gym or who eat healthy on a regular basis tend to be more positive?

Yes, indeed staying physically active and taking care of yourself does help with fighting depression.

I don’t know the scientific reasons as to why (something about endorphins?) but I both know and have experienced firsthand how exercise can uplift a person’s mood and mindset. When I am regularly doing my yoga and eating my three meals a day with my two healthy snacks, I also find myself smiling and filled with more positive energy. Being physically fit and healthy can keep your mind clear and free of all negative vibes.

depression by gender-women get more depressed

3. When they need to, they take a break

When you’re depressed, a lot of times the very LAST thing you need is social media. Seeing other people who seem so happy when you’re not don’t help. And seeing negative posts and vibes don’t help either. One thing that helps coming out of depression is merely unplugging from the world. When I’m depressed, I will delete every social media app from my phone, put it on do not disturb, and go outside.

Enjoy nature or meet up with a friend in person and socialize a little bit without the stresses of laptops or cell phones distracting you. There aren’t too many things more therapeutic than that. Sometimes you need to take a break from your friends or your family. Do not feel wrong about that.

I am an extroverted introvert (only other extroverted introverts will truly understand that this is a thing), and with that, I tend to be extremely social and friendly, but after a while I need complete isolation.

By taking a break, I cut communication for a few days (of course letting loved ones know I’m okay and just going to be out of touch for a while) and spend some quality time alone with myself because I need that.

I almost always leave parties early because forcing socialism will only put your spirits down and worsen depression.

4. They are honest

If you’re depressed or down, don’t pretend to be. You aren’t helping anyone by walking around with some fake plastic smile but still carrying negative energy. If you’re sad, say you’re sorry. If you’re angry, say that you’re mad. People who come out of depression are always honest with others and ESPECIALLY themselves about how they are feeling.

They recognize what is happening inside of them because they know that is the only way to deal with those emotions honestly. Nobody is happy ALL the time. Acknowledging and accepting those negative emotions for what they are is one of the healthiest things you can do for your mentality.

5. They let go of ALL toxic relationships

This is a big one. The sad truth of the matter is: misery loves company. When you’re depressed, one of the first things you should consider is if you have anyone in your life who kicks you when you’re down. Is there anyone in your life who makes you feel even worse about yourself or your situation? Is there anyone in your life who lashes out at you when you’re depressed because they don’t like it when you ‘mope’ around?

The people meant to be in your life will understand if you need to spend some time to yourself or if you’re not exactly up and preppy at the moment. Those are the relationships you need to have in your life, and anyone who negatively impacts your road to self-healing isn’t someone you need around.

Final thoughts,

So these are my ideas for coming out of depression. I’ve noticed from others and my personal experience that coming out of depression is hard, but the steps are simple. Nobody wants to be depressed. It isn’t fun. And I know that sometimes life gets you down and in the dumps and to put it frankly, life can suck sometimes. But you don’t have to let that negativity drown you. You can fight back and push positive vibes forward.

What do you do to come out of depression? Does anything in this list work better for you than others? Don’t forget to share! Leave behind your comments below.

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