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3 Simple Steps That Tell You Why Life Is Not About Finding Yourself, It’s About Creating Yourself!

Every individual holds a different perspective about life due to our distinct way of thinking and attitude towards life. With every passing day counting as a valuable certificate of experience, I am becoming a believer of George Bernard Shaw’s quote that “life is not all about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”.

Shakespeare once related human life with a theatre play and adding to that I think it’s up to us to create our role in it. Life is all about discovering our true self, not the one that our society wants or expects from us. It is high time to stop finding yourself and go ahead to creating yourself. Read on!

We want our society to accept us, so we change, we compromise and we start losing our true essence. But when we spend some silent moments of contemplation with a hand on the heart, would we be able to accept ourselves? I hardly think so! Thus it is important that we create our identity.

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Every choice that we make matters in our life. To shape up our life like the way we want, we need to make bold choices and find the path that we want to follow, even if it means taking the ‘road less traveled’ – as described in the famous poem “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost.

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Are you ready to create yourself? If yes then read on to find out how:

Why Life Is Not About Finding Yourself, It’s About Creating Yourself!

1) Follow Your Passion, Not Society

Most people are incapable of deciding what they want from their life so they just start following the footsteps of others, the ones who have achieved something in life (typical herd mentality). But is that a sure shot ticket to success? Not really!

Followers are never able to find the real reason for the success of those they are following. They don’t realize that it wasn’t the profession; rather it was the passion of the person pursuing it. And with time that profession ends up being a success milestone and the passion that the person had is gone unnoticed.

Give it a read to this fascinating article by Ted Rubin “Life isn’t about Finding Yourself. Life is About Creating Yourself.” where he talks about how life is more fulfilling when we create ourselves.

Bottom line – follow your passion, not the so-called money-spinning profession that society thinks is right for you so go ahead and find yourself.

2) Create Your Own Role Not Just Play It

Our parents usually say that you have to live your role, Isn’t it? But here are some questions:

What would you do by becoming an engineer if your heart lies in the kitchen or any other profession for that matter? How would you create those tricky lines of codes if your heart wants to experiment with different flavors and spices?

Believe me when I say; you won’t be able to live a life as an engineer if your heart wants to live like a chef or a cook. So it is all about finding yourself. You need to dig deep within you and look for that passion without which you cannot live.  Once you find it go ahead and start working on it.

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A question that comes to mind is – who decided that role in the first place?

Shakespeare just compared our lives with a play, but he never said it is actually one. There is no director in real life who has to select your role and you have to blindly follow it. You need to become that director for yourself and decide a role that you want to follow and create an incredible story.

“A top chef and a brilliant engineer may differ by many traits, but one common thing amongst both is – the passion”

3) Resist The Challenges And Fight Back

Ahh… this is not going to be an easy sail, you have to face a lot of challenges and fight a number of stereotypes. There is a common saying that “life is going to knock you down”, but you need to stand up and fight back.

The world remembers winners and you need to be one. So, stand up the fight for yourself and be a name that people follow, not the one who follow others.

“Knock stereotypes and follow your passion”

Other Tips To Creating Yourself

  1. Be an expert in something that interests you
  2. Learn the art of communication
  3. Network with people who can take you to the next level
  4. Work your ass off
  5. Think out of the box
  6. Find problems for an audience and try to provide solutions
  7. Never stop learning
  8. Welcome new ideas and challenges
  9. Master the art of getting things done
  10. Take very good care of your health and mental well being

In a nutshell:

Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself – I realize that this is easier said than done. No one knows what curve balls life is going to throw at you, but it’s up to you “How you stand up for yourself and your dreams”. In the end, it’s the person in the mirror to whom you have to answer and justify your decision. It’s your LIFE and you need to CREATE it on your terms.

“The path will not be comfortable but the results will be worth the effort”. After all, magic happens when you are out of your comfort zone.

Do you believe in yourself? How much time do you invest in yourself to create your identity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Kanika Gautam
Kanika Gautam
Kanika is an enthusiastic writer and blogger. She shares her thoughts mainly about positive parenting and workplace trends. She is also a technologist, speaker, educator, writer, and online entrepreneur.

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