21 Signs That Prove You Are a Badass Woman Who Doesn’t Give a Damn


This one is for all those lovely women who don’t give a DAMN, the ones who aren’t afraid to take the plunge and howl at the moon, the crazy, outrageous lovelies who drink to make merry, and laugh like they mean it. Well they kinda swear like they mean it too!

These are the women who enjoy fine company and know where to find it; the ones who know how to love passionately (when I say love you know what I mean wink wink!!), the kind of women who aren’t afraid of chasing the man of their dreams (or women, or both, I mean I ain’t judging!!)

You know who you are, I see you too – yes you gorgeous flaunting your high heel boots and that flirty smirk of yours, but how can the rest of the world (the sorry souls) recognize your awesomeness?

Lemme share some signs that prove you are a woman who don’t give a damn, beware hunky-hunks this one is truly too hard to get! 

21 Signs That Prove You Are a Badass Woman

signs that you are a woman who doesn't give a damn

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1. You don’t give a damn about following trends – you make trends!

2. You aren’t afraid of speaking your mind – You feel it, you say it. Deal with it losers!

3. You know you are high-maintenance and you make sure everyone else knows it too!


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4. You are not a people pleaser; you don’t need anyone’s approval. You got your own back!

5. You value your time and you don’t waste it on drama and negativity. Helloooo mom-in-law!

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6. You don’t give in to societal pressure of how you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ behave – you make your own rules.

i am a girl who love myself more than anybody else

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7. You are self-reliant you go out for shopping alone, have dinner by yourself, enjoy a movie on your own – A woman who doesn’t give a damn about company.

8. When you are in a relationship you maintain your own identity. You are your own soul mate before being anyone else’s.

9. Your motto is – “Here I come world, get out of my way.”

10. You know how to stand your ground.

11. You are a sexy diva, a risk taker and a sturdy babe – a modern day version of cat-woman if I may say!

12. Sex appeal ✓, confidence ✓, verve ✓, ambition ✓, glam ✓, charm , sensuality .

13. Regret isn’t a word in your vocabulary. Neither is sorry on most days or thank you for that matter!

14. When it comes to romance – you got high standards. When I say high, I mean George Clooney high!

15. Be it work, home or relationships – You always have a plan ‘B’.


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16. People always compare you with badass celebs not that you are any less of a celeb yourself!

17. You create a life that you want and enjoy.


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18. You have never seen a single episode of “Kardashians” or “The Bachelorette”. Even if you did you won’t tell anyone!

19. You appreciate a sumptuous meal. You simply can’t deny the amazingness of a pizza.

20. You know how to take a compliment – by hook or crook or any other means, you’ll get that compliment you dressed up for!

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21. Above all you are the woman I’d want to make friends with! Hell, I’m one of the gang gal!

To cut the long story short

If you belong to the don’t-give-a-damn club, you probably enjoyed every bit of this amazeballs post, if you aren’t one, you probably got inspired to jump on the don’t-give-a-damn bandwagon, I mean who wouldn’t want to live a life where you are the queen bee calling all the shots!

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