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20 Cool Facts About The Periodic Table

Periodic Table Facts

To classify information about the properties of all known elements present on earth, they created a framework known as the Periodic tableEvery box on the periodic table comprises information about each element’s chemical symbol with their name, atomic mass, and atomic weight. This periodic arrangement of elemental information was not as easy as it is today.  Please see below some of the key points discussed later in the article.

Periodic table facts and elements on the periodic table.  Atomic weight and atomic weight table.

Dmitri Mendeleev took most of the credit for the development of the periodic table. There were several other scientists across Europe who made vital contributions which helped Mendeleev construct the Modern Periodic Table.  He also then studied the atomic weight and elements table as well.

The Journey of Periodic Table

The periodic table has continued to take shape 75 years into its inception.

periodic-table-interseting-facts-atomic weight table

  • Dmitri Mendeleev, known as the “Father” of the Periodic table, was a little bit cranky professor. He taught at the University of St. Petersburg.
  • Mendeleev arranged the elements in the order increasing atomic weight.
  • The Periodic table had metals as the most common element.
  • The Periodic table edited in the year 1958.
  • The metals placed to the right of the periodic table.

Fun facts about the periodic table and the definition of periodic table fun facts

Elements Played A Key Role

  • The element that shared properties with some metals and non-metals called Metalloid.
  • The reason why some elements are at the bottom and are not attached to the rest is to save space. It also lets the table to be as comprehensive.
  • Technetium was the first element which was not natural.
  • The periodic table has room for 118 elements.

periodic-table-new-elements-scientistImgSource – independent.co.uk/

  • Many consider the Table as a “clean sheet” as it has several valence electrons above each column.
  • Argon was denied as an element because it did not fit in Dimitri’s column.
  • The names of the elements at the bottom of the periodic table got named after the famous personalities. (Ex: Bohrium. Niels Bohr)
  • The periodic table has only two liquids.
  • Diamonds compromise of carbon.


  • Most of the Elements are, in fact, invisible.
  • If you search for how to memorize the periodic table on Google, then you will find more than 121,000 results.
  • With an atomic weight of 1, Hydrogen is the lightest among all the elements on the periodic table. This is the reason why its located on the left corner of the table.
  • Ever wondered why they named it as the periodic table? That’s because the row on the table is called periods.
  • The heaviest elements on the periodic table are Uranium with an atomic weight of 238.

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