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True Experiences Only A Convent School Going Student Will Understand

Did you know that convent schools first emerged in Europe? All my school life, I was studying in a convent school. And I think those were the best days of my life. St Joseph convent school is where most of my cherishable childhood memories lie. Here I am, to share with you the things only convent student will understand and the signs of a convent girl. There’s a mix of attitude, smartness, and nobility in every convent going student.

No matter to which religion you belong to, “Our Father in Heaven” will be the prayer you recite now and then. Participating in mass is not less than any other regular schedule. You can easily differentiate a convent high school girl from an ordinary school girl. The benefit of convent school education is that the convent going students are not only good in communication skills but also excel in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Back in my convent girl’s school, it was no less than a feeling of home. For all those who studied in an all-boys/girls catholic school, one everlasting memory from those days is the dilemma faced by many of us. Discipline was the key aspect of studying in a convent school. The different manners cultivated in my early life is still restored even after being grown up. Right at a young age, my convent school taught me to balance all aspects of life.

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Let us look at some of those bizarre happenings that will transport you back in time. Get ready to go into nostalgia.

1) Reciting The Almighty Prayer After Every Other Thing

From the first thing done at the ring of the school bell till after the last bell rang, before every meal and after eating every lunch, the Almighty Prayer had to be said. As days pass by, you would recite this prayer even when the teacher did not ask you to do so.

2) The Compulsory English Speaking

Though this activity may have improved your English skills, the habit was hard to let go where it wasn’t required. You go out shopping to commercial markets and start a conversation with the street vendor in English. Later you realize that you are no more in a convent campus and you are permitted to speak other languages.

3) Paying Fine For The Pettiest Reasons

Irrespective of the offense, the fine had to be paid. Be it for not speaking in English, irregularities in the homework, unkempt school uniforms or if you are late to school, there was a fine for just about everything.

4) Christmas And Good Friday Celebrations Are Huge

The mass festive period celebrated in convent schools had nothing to do with the majority of the students. While Diwali and Holi were mere holidays, an elaborate celebration and prayer process had to be followed in the school premises for Christmas and Good Friday. Those days were filled with loads of fun.

5) Selling Raffle Tickets Every Year During School Fete/Exhibitions

For some it was the most savage period of their young lives, having to sell tickets which no one wanted to buy. At least for me, where everyone around you was targeting the same audience to sell it. Eventually, many indigenous ways were discovered to sell the tickets, but the most popular one was to make your parents and relatives but the whole lot of them.

6) Your skirt is still shorter than is strictly professional, and those strict uniform lengths drove you crazy

You always wanted to look pretty in school uniform and as you went up on grades, so did the skirt length. It went high on your knees making you out-stand from others in the school. This is by far one of the most relatable things only convent student will understand.

7) Compulsory Moral Science Classes

Though this was not a bad thing in any way, basing moral education solely on the doctrine of one religion did leave one feeling deficiencies in one’s faith and its teachings. Moral science in a convent school was actually more critical class period than the regular science class.

8) You Are Allergic to Grammar Mistakes

things only convent student will understand

You are more strict when it comes to incorrect grammar and pronunciation, and some of your friends hate you for that. But you cannot take it. You are expert in figuring out the difference between, knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

After all, you went through all of that yourself with the school sisters/teachers.

9) Exploring the Convent Buildings

Exploring the building where sisters and trainees used to live was super exciting!

When time permitted, you would take your friends just to check out if you can trace out at least a little bit of their actual lifestyle, of how sisters/fathers stay back at home, what clothes do they wear. Filled in with curiosity to know all these things.

10) You still remember and hum some of your school hymns and Christmas carols

We shall overcome (3) someday…. oh deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome eventually!!

11) Cursive is the only form of handwriting everyone must have

If you remember one hectic experience of being a convent going school, that must be trying to write cursive. If you are anything like me, you must have spent so many holidays trying to complete the cursive handwriting book. I remember my mom used to finish most of the pages of my book and who faked it as if a child had written it. This is indeed one of the things only convent student will understand.

12) Dreaming of becoming a Nun

At some point in your life, you considered becoming a nun and devoting your life to God. You also wore pillowcases on your head pretending you were mother superior. I know I did. I still remember the slap I got.

13) And you tried to peep under Sister’s head-scarf to check out her hairstyle.

14) You still call your teacher Miss/Sir if you run into them on the street.

15) Convent School Girls Find Themselves Working In A Women-Oriented Profession

Knowingly or unknowingly you find yourself in a women crowd, and you feel more comfortable there. You wonder why and realize it’s because deep down we all miss being at school… right?

17) Lasting Manners Since School

Even after all these years, you still can’t forget those manners that were drilled into you, and despite being fun as hell, you can’t forget to be all prim and proper. The morals you learn at school stick with you all through your life!

18) The School Band

This is definitely the piece of cake everybody wants to have. The school band trains us in several musical instruments including the trumpet, drums, piano, guitar, beugel, etc.

Thank you to all my teachers/sisters and my dear friends. No doubt that school life was one of the best phases in life!! What is your favorite experience of studying in a convent school? According to you what are the things only convent student will understand? Leave your comments below!

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