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10 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day

Reading books is one of the most beautiful hobbies one can embrace. No, I’m not talking about the Kindle books. I am referring to the real books, the ones you could hold, feel, and smell. The actual books possess an extraordinary charisma, unlike the Kindle or online books, which are getting common these days. Reading real books also has clear benefits that cannot be compared with other substitutes.

Printed books may not be environment-friendly. But thanks to recycling we can have the best of both worlds.

Even though the habit of reading is enforced and incorporated by many, the quality of reading is on the decline. Reading these days includes timelines, stories, and statuses majorly. All these are not what enhances your brain and gives you the benefits of reading. These are just a little consumption of your energy and time.

There are science-backed reasons on why you must read books. Some of the benefits of reading books are increased memory, concentration power. And the most attractive advantage is that reading makes you look younger.

10 Reasons Why You Must Start Reading Books Right Now!


1. Increased Memory

Research conducted in Norway states that people who read actual books are better at remembering the stories they read. Whereas, people who read Kindle were not impacted or moved by the story. Hence they did not remember what they read.

2. Reading can help you sleep better

If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep, grab a book. Reading actual books is one of the most effective ways to relax your body and mind. The next morning, you would quickly find yourself lying around on your bed with an open book. And remember to dim your lights before you start reading.

3. Reading reduces stress

Only six minutes of reading can make you forget all your stress and worries. It is one of the best ways to combat stress, next to music, and exercise. Adding to the fact is that reading books will make a smaller hole in your pocket than that of music and fitness.

4. Reading a novel increases brain function for days

Have you experienced that your brain creates scenery of what you are reading? Right from the minute details to the expressed emotions and characters, everything is soaked into your mind forming increased connectivity within brain muscles. Thus, reading novels and fiction plays a vital role in making your brain more smart and creative.

The human brain seems to be more active during the days you are reading a book. When you continue reading after a few days, the brain recompiles the entire story that you have already read and continues to form a connection. Looking back on what you have read, is one of the appropriate ways to improve brain efficiency. This is what teachers do after a lesson. Just going back and revising what you have read in that class.

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5. Good Visual Sense

As mentioned earlier, books help you create a visual scenery of what you read. This can likely happen even while you read a Kindle. But the fact of forming an intimate relationship with an actual book is impeccable. You touch, feel, and hold it. You play around with the pages of the book. You create a unique bonding with it. You hate it when someone else uses your book. A mere Kindle cannot attain all these little yet sensory bonding.

6. You become a more empathetic person

Reading actual physical books makes you more empathetic than any others of its kind.

7. Kindle reduces your concentration power

There have been arguments stating that e-reading has decreased the ability to concentrate and get involved completely. When asked students, in which medium of reading do they focus the most. Almost 94% of the students revealed that they concentrate more while reading the print.

8. Readers have big goals

As reading helps an individual to be in the shoes of many characters, it also helps you relate your life and situations with the characters’.  Hence leading you to follow suit and take actions when faced with obstacles. Every character you read teaches you a new thing about life.

One Day You Will Look Back And Smile!

9. Reading makes you a better writer

If you want to be a good writer, then you must read, read, and read!! This is because the writing skill of the author rubs off your mind. If you want to be a legendary writer, read authors whose writing is remembered even after they die. For instance, if you want to write a novel, first start reading Leo Tolstoy’s work. It’s as simple as that.

10. Reading makes you look sexy and young

Who would not want to look young and sexy, especially without hurting you and your pocket? Embrace reading and see the effects of how young and attractive you turn. The way you communicate improves when you are a reader. You are also likely beautiful when meeting new people.

So why wait? Grab a book and get started with reading. If you are new to reading, take baby steps, and don’t force yourself. Enjoy the process and allocate a specific time, say just 15 minutes of daily reading before falling asleep. Gradually you will tend to do it naturally and more implicitly. What are your thoughts on reading? Leave behind your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you.

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