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12 Beautiful European Cities To Visit For Your Weekend Breaks

Looking for a city break in Europe? There are many beautiful cities in Europe. Read on to know how to plan a perfect European weekend getaway.

Those who enjoy traveling are spoilt for choice in Europe. Europe’s most beautiful cities boast beautiful architecture, incomparable history, amazing culture, and much more. Whether numerous sights, pulsating nightlife or fantastic regional cuisine – those who travel in Europe can experience a lot.

AlignThoughts has compiled the most beautiful cities in Europe just for you. All you need is a few days off or a weekend to spend your next weekend trip to the most beautiful European cities.

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12 Beautiful European Cities To Visit For Your Weekend Breaks

1. Berlin

city break in Europe berlin-alignthoughts

Berlin, the German capital, is waiting for its visitors with its concentrated history. German history is not reflected in any other European city as intensively as in Berlin. Numerous memorials such as the remains of the Berlin Wall or the Memorial to the Murdered Jews recall the tragic moments of German history.

As a multinational city of culture, Berlin is always on the move and a cheap travel paradise.

The capital offers something for everyone, from the vibrant nightlife to more than 170 world-class museums, galleries, philharmonic orchestras and magnificent relics that still tell the story of their tumultuous history.

Thus, a lively mix of fashion, design, music, and art-making it the best European weekend getaway.

Highlights in Berlin:

  • Visit one of the many flea markets in Berlin
  • Take a look at the underground station Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain and watch the city and the street musicians
  • Treat yourself to Mustafas vegetable döner on Mehringdamm (or stop by for more food tips in Berlin)

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2. Milan

city break in Europe-Milan-AlignThoughts

Milan is the Italian center for finance, industry, and commerce as well as the international capital of fashion, industrial design, and architecture. The biggest tourist attraction is the bi-annual Fashion Week, which fills the city with famous designers, models, stars, and paparazzi.

But Milan is not only the fashion hub in Europe but also home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper is one of the main attractions of Milan.

The Gothic Cathedral, the cathedral of Milan, is one of the largest churches in Europe. Additionally, La Scala is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

Highlights in Milan:

  • Take a selfie with the giant middle finger statue in Piazza Affari
  • Look at the green vertical forest towers “Bosco Vertical” outside the tourist center
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping!

3. Saint Petersburg

city break in Europe St petersburg1-alignthoughts

The port city on the Baltic Sea is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city center has long been a UNESCO World Heritage site and enchants tourists from all over the world with its many magnificent buildings every year. Within a few decades, it was here that a lot of time had to pass in other cities.

A total of 2,300 castles, magnificent buildings and palaces can be admired in the city center.

Anyone who has been there before will not forget the impression of the city so quickly. If you have not been there, you cannot imagine it.

Especially for art lovers worth a trip to St. Petersburg. In the world-famous Hermitage, you will find works of European fine art until 1917, and the Winter Palace itself, where much of the exhibition is housed, is a landmark in itself.

city break in Europe St petersburg-alignthoughts

Highlights in St.Petersburg:

  • Visit a ballet in Saint Petersburg
  • Discover the copy of the world-famous Amber Room
  • Take a boat trip on the Neva

4. Florence

city break in Europe florence-alignthoughts

Hardly any other city on this globe has so many art treasures in such a small space as Florence. Experience art, culture, and Italian joie de vivre in Florence.

In the capital of Tuscany, there are countless cultural treasures to discover. Museums, historic buildings, palaces, and basilicas. The city of millions, whose center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, makes the heart of every history buffs beat faster.

The dome stands proudly in the center of the city, surrounded by cobblestone streets that you can slowly cross while admiring the breathtaking atmosphere.

Highlights in Florence:

  • Visit the oldest and largest food market in Florence: San Lorenzo and experience the Florentine lifestyle
  • Piazza Della Signoria: Visit the Open Air Museum (Free Admission)
  • Uffizi Gallery

5. Rome

city break in Europe-architecture-Rome-AlignThoughts

Yes, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! It is a perfect location for a city break in Europe. Easy to walk, full of surprises and wonderful monuments! Most of the city is reminiscent of the ancient Roman Empire.

Excellent food, coffee, and ice characterize Rome! General good weather, nice people and a vibrant nightlife complete the picture of the city.

Moreover, Rome’s beauty is timeless. From the imposing Colosseum, which provides a focal point for thousands of tourists, to cozy little lanes lined with Italian restaurants and street performers who show off their shows in the vast public spaces.

Rome is simply one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Highlights in Rome:

  • Take a seat on the Spanish Steps and watch the city happen. However, rather without food, ice cream, or the like. The consumption of food is prohibited on the Spanish Steps.
  • Have some time in the evening for a trip to the Trevi Fountain when the lights illuminate this Baroque masterpiece
  • Visit the Le Terrazze del Vittoriano for a 360-degree panoramic view of Rome

6. Dublin

city break in Europe dublin-alignthoughts

The Irish capital is located on the east coast at the mouth of the Liffey, which also runs through the middle of the city and the image of the city through the many bridges crossing it strongly. Even if Dublin is one of the smaller European capitals, it can keep up with the big ones in a cosmopolitan way.

The Temple Bar district offers a lot of cultures and a varied nightlife and deserves to be on your list of European weekend getaways.

Major attractions include:

  • The Spire,
  • the Half Penny Bridge and
  • the beautiful old library of Trinity College with the impressive Long Room.

And of course, you must not forget to drink a Guinness in one of the quaint pubs? If you like nature, you should allow time for trips to the beautiful surroundings of Dublin – for example to the Wicklow Mountains or Malahide Castle.

7. Budapest

city break in Europe budapest-alignthoughts

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary but also an exciting destination for a city break in Europe. The city is divided into two parts on the banks of the Danube and is not for nothing known as the “Pearl of the Danube”.

city break in Europe-architecture-budapest-alignthoughts

Above all, Budapest is famous for its many thermal baths, where you can enjoy relaxing baths in beautiful architecture.

Other highlights include the Castle District, Margaret Island, the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, the large market hall and the ruin bars.

8. Malmo

city break in Europe-malmo-sweden-alignthoughts

Another amazing location for a city break in Europe is Malmö. This is the third-largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg and the center of the southern Swedish province of Skåne.

Located on the coast opposite Copenhagen and connected to the Danish capital by the Øresund Bridge, Malmö is a bustling metropolis that has much to offer. This European city break could easily surprise you with its charm.

From state-of-the-art architecture to historic sights, many trendy bars, cafes and restaurants, fine boutiques and shopping, to an interesting cultural scene, and thanks to its waterfront location also many beaches inviting for a swim – Malmo is worth a visit!

9. Marseilles

city break in Europe-architecture-Marseilles

The port city of Marseille is located on the Mediterranean coast in southern France and is the second-largest city in France after Paris. Here is a relaxed maritime-Mediterranean flair.

It has a very beautiful harbor and a varied cultural offer (not least thanks to the title of European Capital of Culture 2013, which Marseille shared with the Slovak city of Košice during the year).

While in Marseille, you can enjoy the delicious French cuisine. You should also make a weekend trip to the beautiful coastal landscape of the Calanques National Park, making it an ideal city break in Europe.

10. Reykjavik

city break in Europe-architecture-Reykjavik

Iceland is one of the best travel destinations for a European weekend getaway. Especially the approaching Easter holidays are the best time to visit Iceland. Reykjavik is not only the capital of Iceland but also the northernmost capital in the world.

Therefore, we recommend a trip in the summer months; then it is here for a particularly long time bright.

But if you really want to experience live Northern Polar lights, the dark winter months are the right travel time.

Although only a little more than 120,000 people live here, there are many museums here where you can learn about Icelandic culture and contemporary art.

An absolute must is a relaxing dip in the famous Blue Lagoon. And while you’re here, you should allow enough time to explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland with its many waterfalls, volcanoes, and geysers!

11. Danzig

The Polish city of Gdansk is located directly on the Baltic Sea and is currently one of the most interesting cities in Poland. The port city (and former Hanseatic city) offers beautiful architecture and Baltic charm.

Gdansk is also a university town, and the approximately 60,000 students provide a vibrant cultural scene.

The location directly on the Baltic Sea offers in the summer also an opportunity for a refreshing swim in the sea and relaxing hours on one of the beautiful beaches around the city.

Moreover, Danzig is a perfect European weekend getaway for all those relaxing explorers who want to enjoy the city at their pace.

12. Bratislava

city break in Europe bratislava-alignthoughts

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and lies only about 50 kilometers from Vienna, making it the most beautiful city break in Europe. Located on both banks of the Danube, there is much to discover in the not only economic and political but also the cultural center of Slovakia.

Exciting architecture – from historic buildings such as the city’s landmark, Bratislava Castle, to new designs such as the new building of the Slovak National Theater – reflects an interesting mix of the city’s past and modernity.

Thanks to the location on the Danube and the foot of the Little Carpathians, there are also many parks and forests in Bratislava that invite you to relax.

Other Tips for Traveling Europe

As a bonus, here are some more tips for you while traveling to Europe.

  • How to hire a car in Europe?

Europcar, Kayak, and AutoEurope are some of the car hiring services you can opt for. Importantly, always remember to take additional insurance to be safe.

  • How to Book your train tickets across Europe?

If you’re traveling the whole of Europe, consider taking an EU Rail pass. Websites like Eurail, RailEurope provide train tickets across Europe. Whereas sites like IitaliaRail provide train tickets explicitly across Italy.

  • Avoiding theft while traveling:

Don’t carry your valuable belongings to the tourist attractions, leave them in your room. Also, consider wearing a money belt. It’s much safer and very hard to lose anything in a money belt. So drop your wallet and start using a money belt.

  • Use local cash

Always try to use local cash instead of converting currencies. At the end of your travel, you will save a lot of bucks if you use local cash.

  • When in Europe, you got to walk a lot. So bring a pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Hire a local guide to feel the architecture around you.
  • Additionally, eat like a local.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t over plan your itinerary. Always make room between your travel plans so that you are not stressed.

What are your favorite city breaks in Europe? Let us know your favorite European weekend getaway in the comments below. Stay tuned to our travel ideas by subscribing to us.

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